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lovebaltor hat mir Props gegeben für my articles
i have... a lot of things going on lol

but they are all very exciting, so it's not like they're a drag to do! a lot of it will benefit my career, so :-) i've teamed up with a psych prof and a couple other psych students (who are close buds of mine) to help complete her personal research on intimate partner violence, and the causes and characteristics of victims. we just wrapped up the lit review & we're cleaning the data now. her hope is that we'll have an Artikel published!!! [...] gepostet vor 6 Stunden
lovebaltor Kommentiert…
so i'm super excited about that!! for another class, i'm working with this non-profit called the american foundation for suicide prevention (AFSP for short). we're collecting data on the people's perspectives on suicide, and we want to find out how prevalent stigma is even today. at the end of the semester, we're going to host a conference called 'Talk Saves Lives' where people on campus and in the community will come to hear about the conclusions we made and ask Fragen about AFSP and what we did. vor 6 Stunden
lovebaltor Kommentiert…
& then i'm president of our campus' Pride organization so getting all of those events ready to go is always... Fun lol. but Bill (the guy who is working with us on the AFSP project) wants to talk to me personally to foster Mehr programs with Pride groups, since LGBT+ are one of the populations with the highest rates of suicide. so, that has me excited!! there's just a lot of stuff going on that is just Rad in the academic sense!! vor 6 Stunden
lovebaltor Kommentiert…
oh man, i wish i had time to write personal stuff, but i'm glad you've been able to!! i'm hoping to get back to my stories over thanksgiving oder Weihnachten break :-) vor 6 Stunden
lovebaltor Kommentiert…
oh nice!! i recognized your Icon v briefly, because 2 of my roommates Liebe voltron, and i know what the galra look like. i've heard conflicting things about it, & i didn't get too hooked on it when i watched the first 2 seasons, so it's not my personal cup of tea. but i'm really liking Avatar so far!! i'm almost done with book 1, i just have 4 Mehr episodes to go. the last 4 we watched were really good, & i found my wife; the one bounty hunter chick because... Queen vor 6 Stunden
yorkshire_rose hat mir Props gegeben für my polls
�•☆•���•.☆ ♥ �•☆•���•�•☆•���•.☆ ♥ �•
❤░▄██▄██▄░♥✩(_(✩ full blessings
❤░▀█████▀░ ❤ (=’ :’)✩
❤░░░▀█▀░░░ ☾,(”)(”)★HAPPY WEEKEND gepostet vor einem Tag
yorkshire_rose Kommentiert…
And lovely week ahead too <3 vor einem Tag
lovebaltor hat mir Props gegeben für my answers
that sucks to hear yo :\ i'm glad that you're doing better though!! i know it can be hard to bounce back after stuff like that.

i've been doing alright. been p busy with school, and now i'm working on finding and applying for grad schools SO that has been... a time. but i'm making some cool strides in the projects i'm working on, so there's that!! hope things have been going well for Du as well :-)

i'm making slow but steady pace lmao. i'm about half-way through book 1? [...] gepostet vor einem Tag
lovebaltor Kommentiert…
i've only seen Ya Girl in the flashback of how Zuko got his scar, but i just pointed to her all, "there she is!!" to my friend, who i'm watching it with. i was lowkey bummed that i have to wait a bit to get to her though, ngl. but i'm excited to learn Mehr about her!! vor einem Tag