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Die Fanauswahl: Yes.
Die Fanauswahl: A Hard Days Night
Die Fanauswahl: Yellow Submarine
Die Fanauswahl: Both stereo and mono
Both stereo and mono
Die Fanauswahl: ...can't buy me Liebe
... can&# 39; t buy me Liebe
.. that&# 39; s what I want
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Rubyrings sagte …
I saw this post on Pinterest yesterday talking about Fans of bands - not any particular band, just bands in general - and it sagte something along the lines of, "One day, we'll take down the posters and Bewegen on, but we will never forget them". And I thought, "Maybe that's how Beatles Fans are different. Because maybe Du will take the posters down and Bewegen on one day, but I never will." gepostet vor 7 Tagen
ktichenor Kommentiert…
Well, I received my first Beatles poster when i seven and it's still on my Wand but even if it wasn't I could never Bewegen on from the Beatles. They're timeless, they're classic and amazing! After all these groups are gone the Beatles will always be remembered because they're just awesome! <3 vor 7 Tagen
Rubyrings Kommentiert…
That's right! I know I'm never taking down the posters oder moving on! vor 6 Tagen
ktichenor Kommentiert…
And we as Beatle Fans will be around for a long time! ^You sagte it Rubyrings, Beatles forever, and Beatles Fans forever! :) vor 50 Minuten
80smusiclover1 sagte …
Happy Birthday, sweet Ringo! I Liebe Du so much. *Hugs and kisses* gepostet vor 10 Tagen
ktichenor Kommentiert…
Happy birthday, Sir Ringo! Sending a million birthday wishes and hugs to you! <3 vor 9 Tagen
BingoPB Kommentiert…
Happy Birthday, Ringo! Seventy-eight. Wow! That's amazing! vor 9 Tagen
Rubyrings Kommentiert…
Happy brithday, Ringo my love! Have a birthday hug and a KISS on the nose from me <3 vor 9 Tagen
Rubyrings sagte …
I have good news and bad news. The good news is, I have heard tell that there is such a thing as Global Beatles Day! Yes! The bad news is, it's apparently June 25 and we missed it :( But we can be sure to remember for Weiter year! gepostet vor 14 Tagen
BingoPB Kommentiert…
Bummer! I had no idea there was such a thing. vor 14 Tagen
80smusiclover1 Kommentiert…
Me neither. :P vor 14 Tagen
beatlefan71 Kommentiert…
There's a global Beatles Day? I didn't know. My 11yr old nephew, and I joke all of the time about how there should be a Beatles day. And there is one? Cool!! 😁 vor 2 Tagen