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Die Fanauswahl: Yes ❤️
Die Fanauswahl: True
Die Fanauswahl: I like any song done Von a Beatle
I like any song done Von a...
I like them, but not as much...
Die Fanauswahl: It was really sweet of them to help those other bands out
It was really sweet of them to...
I don&# 39; t know... Nobody can do...
Die Fanauswahl: john lennon
john lennon
Paul McCartney
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ktichenor sagte …
The Beatles are awesome! They're amazing actors, singers, songwriters, writers, activists, they're just wonderful talented people! They'll never be another group like them! gepostet vor 8 Tagen
80smusiclover1 Kommentiert…
Amen to that! vor 8 Tagen
yorkshire_rose Kommentiert…
I couldn't agree Mehr <3 vor 8 Tagen
Rubyrings Kommentiert…
All that, and they're gorgeous and incredibly sweet, too. Let it be known to everyone: the Beatles are perfection! vor 7 Tagen
ktichenor Kommentiert…
Absolutely! Could not have sagte that better myself! vor 7 Tagen
80smusiclover1 sagte …
Once a Beatles fan, always a Beatles fan! gepostet vor 10 Tagen
Rubyrings Kommentiert…
You're in it for life! Who could stop loving the Beatles, oder Liebe them any less, once they'd started? I know I just keep loving them Mehr and more! vor 10 Tagen
80smusiclover1 Kommentiert…
Exactly! My Liebe for them gets even stronger as each Tag passes. vor 10 Tagen
ktichenor Kommentiert…
Best group ever! :) vor 9 Tagen
Rubyrings sagte …
I found this image on Pinterest of a group of three female Beatles fans, all smiling and surrounded Von Beatles memorabilia, a very nice picture for a Beatles Fan to have... Only some idiot had to go and Kommentar below the pictures that these girls didn't have a chance with any of the Beatles! Am I overreacting, oder is that so rude and wrong? What right does this person have to tell us whether we're "good enough" for the Beatles oder not?! Even if we aren't, why shatter our dreams like that? gepostet vor einem Monat
80smusiclover1 Kommentiert…
I know, right?! That bastard is just another jealous hater who doesn't care about the Beatles at all. He needs to sod off and leave us alone! vor einem Monat
ktichenor Kommentiert…
He doesn't. He's just a hater that has to ruin everyone's fun and joy. But everybody knows that the Beatles have always been appreciative of their Fans and that's all that matters. vor einem Monat
80smusiclover1 Kommentiert…
That's for sure. vor einem Monat