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Die Fanauswahl: ...can't buy me Liebe
... can&# 39; t buy me Liebe
.. that&# 39; s what I want
Die Fanauswahl: Paul McCartney
Die Fanauswahl: Paul
Die Fanauswahl: Lennon/McCartney
Lennon/ McCartney
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Rubyrings sagte …
Have Du ever noticed how in Help!, before the Beatles find out what the cult is up to, we sometimes see just two of them together, oder Ringo on his own. But once they do find out, all four Beatles are always together, unless John, Paul, and George are forcibly separated from Ringo, right up until the "very famous plan"? It's subtle, but in my opinion it says so much. It's one of my favourite things about the movie. gepostet vor 15 Tagen
Peaceandlove67 Kommentiert…
Wow! That's deep, actually. vor 15 Tagen
ktichenor Kommentiert…
Friends coming together to help each other, sums the Beatles up perfectly :) vor 15 Tagen
80smusiclover1 Kommentiert…
Totally! vor 15 Tagen
Rubyrings sagte …
How come none of us have been gegeben a "fanatic" badge for this club? We're the only ones who even use it! gepostet vor 23 Tagen
80smusiclover1 Kommentiert…
I've been wondering about that, too. We've contributed a lot of content, and yet, still no badge! This needs to be fixed. vor 23 Tagen
ktichenor Kommentiert…
I agree. I've gotten a dedicated badge but never gotten any higher. Doesn't seem fair to any of us. vor 23 Tagen
ktichenor Kommentiert…
I think as much as everyone has contributed I think we all deserve a badge vor 23 Tagen
Rubyrings Kommentiert…
We do deserve badges! The people they did give fanatic badges to don't contribute, and the people who keep the club going don't get anything! What can we do to fix it? vor 22 Tagen
ktichenor sagte …
I think the Beatles had the best harmonies. I just Liebe how their voices sounded together particularly in 'This Boy', 'Yes, It Is' and 'Because'. Such amazing voices! gepostet vor 28 Tagen
ChiliPepperLuv Kommentiert…
Yeah. Those songs wouldn't sound good with just one person singing. vor 28 Tagen
80smusiclover1 Kommentiert…
Well said! vor 27 Tagen