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Die Fanauswahl: 15. Soul Eater
Die Fanauswahl: 28. Death Note
Die Fanauswahl: 1. Fairy Tail
Die Fanauswahl: Lucy Heartfilia (Fairy Tail)
Die Fanauswahl: Ciel Phantomhive ~ Black Butler
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MeiMisty sagte …
link gepostet vor 8 Stunden
AquaMarine6663 sagte …
Holy FUCK Vento Aureo is so good. Lesen the Manga was hard for me (mostly due to ADHD/Autism though), but the Anime has completely captivated me and I'm loving every Sekunde of it.
David Productions did a damn good job on this season of JoJo. I'm really happy. :3 gepostet vor einem Tag
AquaMarine6663 sagte …
I started rewatching Death Note a little while Vor and...yikes. Honestly, the Animation seemed a lot better when I first watched it.
Maybe it's just better animated in the Sekunde half when Near and Mello are introduced, but before that? A lot of it is actually lowkey funny to look at.

Still a great series though. gepostet vor 4 Tagen
Lavendergolden Kommentiert…
The animation.....well, it was good, and I did like it. The Sekunde half went a bit downhill. L's death ruined stuff. It is my fave series along witn Fma brotherhood. Death note has the best plot, twists, and suspense out of all animes. AND L......... vor 4 Tagen
AquaMarine6663 Kommentiert…
I sagte the animation. Not the Zeigen in general. Meaning yeah, watching L and Light battle their wits was cool and all, but it ruins the moment when Light's face is all the way up on his forehead for some reason oder L's eyes are on the side of his head. vor 4 Tagen