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Shukuya sagte …
just like the Anime big order if Du would
be gegeben a chance to ask something from
god what would Du ask? gepostet vor 9 Tagen
Hey Guyz at looooong last New Bungou stray Hunde movie is out......."Bungou Stray Hunde (Movie): Dead Apple"

if ur interested in watching it here is the link :


i hope u enjoy gepostet vor 16 Tagen
shadowlover3000 sagte …
Anybody else here been watching Anime for years and still can't decide on a favourite character because there're so many that're just so damn awesome? gepostet vor einem Monat
LenTao Kommentiert…
I absolutely agree with Du vor einem Monat
NagisaFurukawa- Kommentiert…
Same as well. vor einem Monat
Shukuya Kommentiert…
I think most of us can't decide vor 9 Tagen