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The continuation of the first one- link

~Yami no Matsuei~

February 5 — Chizuru Akamine
February 24, 1900 — Asato Tsuzuki
April 18, 1953 — Yutaka Watari
May 9 — Wakaba Kannuki
June 12 — Chief Konoe
July 25 — Yuma Fukiya
July 31 — Hajime Terazuma
September 17 — Saya Torii
October 18, 1980 — Hisoka Kurosaki
December 4, 1964 — Kazutaka Muraki
December 27 — Seiichiro Tatsumi


December 8, 1969 — Yawara Inokuma

~Yokoso Yoko~

December 12 — Yoko Tanaka


January 25 — Katsuya Johnouchi (Dub name: Joey Wheeler)
February 28 — Ryuji Otogi (Dub name: Duke Devlin)
March 1 — Ryouta...
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Jojo Fans around the world, Rejoice. Vento Aureo, the 5th part of the of the phenomenal saga Jojo's Bizarre Adventure will be having an adaptation that will start airing this October. News that Du can Bestätigen from link. Tweet that I translated (thanks Google translate) :
"◆ Special Feature !!!!!! ◆ Part 5 "JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Golden Wind" TV Animation Decision! ! Broadcast start in October 2018!
Main Staff & Character Visual Public! Cast announcement on July 5 (Thursday) and the first episode of the pre-screening event "Japan Premier" ☆ ☆"

David Production, which handled Animation duties for the Zurück four Anime installments, is returning once again for the 5th part.

Here is the link for link.

Von the way, I guess Du all know what does this mean. MORE MEME MATERIAL yey. *claps*
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goblin slayer
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tsure x dure children
Warning, this Artikel will have spoilers for the Manga of Ao No Exorcist/Blue Exorcist. If Du have not read the most recently released chapters in the Manga and want to avoid spoilers, I suggest Du don't read this article.

Okay, so now, Lewin Light is a very odd and mysterious character. We know where he's from and why he became an exorcist, but we still don't know his backstory, now, do we?
But, after examining the most Kürzlich chapters, I noticed a few things, and sorta tied them together.

At one point, Lewin himself states that he's not like normal people. He told Suguro that ever since...
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oben, nach oben 10 Anime Babes

Before giving Anime a chance I used to think it was impossible to find an attractive Anime guy . While I still think most Anime guys are rather plain, there are some exceptions that are total babes! There's also Mehr varieties of styles than I thought. I'll apologize in advance for my weird Kommentare haha.

10. Guts (Berserk)

Guts is without a doubt one of the most masculine (and bad ass) characters I've ever seen. He's really tall, has a great jawline,huge thighs, and a hot voice to go with all that manliness. Not to mention that I Liebe me some thick guys with impressive shoulder...
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Kira. In the Anime community, that word is most associated with killers, and are shown to be so with that name alone. However, only two of the most deadly antagonists in Anime have taken this name (As far as I know). Those two are Light Yagami AKA Kira from the thriller Anime Death Note, and Yoshikage Kira from the recently released action anime, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable. However, which of these Kira’s is the better Kira? Which one could defeat the other. Well, before we discuss that, let’s talk about the two for a moment, and see their abilities. Also, this list...
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This video is not mine. Credit goes to PrettyMissStudios on YouTube.
Heyo! So this is my first opinion piece aside from my oben, nach oben 10 list, but I felt like Tiger and Bunny needed some love. That being said, everything in this Artikel is strictly my opinion. Du don't have to agree with everything oder really anything I say. I'm always up for debating and if Du have things to add I'd Liebe to hear them!

Also, just as a heads up: I'll be using singular they/them pronouns for Nathan and she/her for Pao-Lin. They use he/him for Nathan in the show, but I just feel better using they/them.

I'll be going pretty in-depth on the show, and even though I'll say when I'm talking...
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taboo tattoo
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