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Die Fanauswahl: Spring Tag - BTS
Die Fanauswahl: Wake Me Up - B.A.P
Die Fanauswahl: Jennie (BLACKPINK)
Die Fanauswahl: Fake Liebe — BTS
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wowthingggg sagte …
Mnet <Ticket To K-POP> is looking for foreign girls who will come to Korea to learn K-POP.

This is a program where Du can experience the insgesamt K-POP culture
including not only dancing/singing, but also K-beauty, K-drama, etc.

Four weeks of K-POP Experience!
Free tuition! Free accommodation! Free Food! All free!
All foreign girls from all over the world
who Liebe K-pop are gegeben a welcome!
Check the information below for detailed qualification and guidelines for application ^^ gepostet vor 5 Stunden
wowthingggg Kommentiert…
Here is the Link! ▶ link▶ Qualification for Application Foreign girls from all over the world with full of Liebe for K-POP, talent and passion ※ born before March 2004 ※ foreigners who are staying in Korea but don’t have Korean citizenship are included ※ must apply not in group, only in individual ▶ Application Deadline Von 11:59 PM (*KST) on Feb. 22, 2019 (Fri) vor 5 Stunden
wowthingggg Kommentiert…
▶ How to Abschicken Von E-Mail 1. Film Videos below (1) Self-Introduction video (2) K-POP cover dance video (3) K-POP cover song(rap acceptable) video - Please tell us how much Du Liebe K-POP in your self-introduction video clip. - Each video should not exceed Mehr than 2 minutes. 2. Download the application form at (linkand fill it out. Please E-Mail the application form with the video to our official E-Mail address at ( vor 5 Stunden
wowthingggg Kommentiert…
※ If Du can read and write in English, please download and fill out the form of English version. ※ The Titel of mail and attached files should be in a form of ‘Name_Age_Nationality’. (e.g. Jane_22_US) ※ If video is not attached, your application can be canceled. ※ For Mehr details, please contact our official e-mail address. vor 5 Stunden
k-on1998 sagte …

Hi I made a club for the new group TXT.

They haven't debuted yet but still Zeigen them some Liebe <3 gepostet vor einem Monat
yui1234 Kommentiert…
Yes plz join~ vor 26 Tagen
Miraaa sagte …
Hey! I made a spot for ONEUS!
Feel free to Mitmachen (ɔ◔‿◔)ɔ ♥

link gepostet vor einem Monat
Miraaa Kommentiert…
link vor 26 Tagen