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Die Fanauswahl: Liebe
Die Fanauswahl: I Like all of them!
I Like all of them!
Die Fanauswahl: Yes
Die Fanauswahl: Still wondering
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zanhar1 sagte …
I just saw a post where someone sagte that they hated Bellatrix because of something she did in a FANFICTION that they read! LOL what? There are other perfectly valid reasons to hate my husband, and that's what you're going with? I cannot lol. gepostet vor 13 Stunden
zanhar1 Kommentiert…
Worst part; they confessed to liking her before the fic. I weep. vor 13 Stunden
candylover246 Kommentiert…
.. Ok wow I don't even have a response for that vor 12 Stunden
Sparklefairy375 Kommentiert…
Hate a character because of a fanfiction? LOL this is the dumbest thing I've ever heard!! Fanfiction isn't official, stupid -_- vor 3 Stunden
EgoMouse sagte …
Today's my birthday. Gonna try be productive. Already drawn something for an art trade so off to a great start. gepostet vor einem Tag
Lelouchx Kommentiert…
link vor einem Tag
Zeppie Kommentiert…
Happiest of Birthdays Ego! :D link vor 11 Stunden
EgoMouse Kommentiert…
All these wonderful mice :') vor 10 Stunden
CielXlizzy19 sagte …
Going through all my old posts, Kommentare and antics.... God, I was extremely annoying. I don't know when the "le" and "ermedgahd" fazes died down, but I'm glad they did. Don't get me started on the "xD" and "=3=" faces, and ending every sentence with "//shot". Du lifers are war Heroes for putting up with that mess. gepostet vor einem Tag
zanhar1 Kommentiert…
Same tho but I'm sure there are new phrases that have come to replace 'epic fail' at least in my comments. vor einem Tag
CielXlizzy19 Kommentiert…
In a few years, we're all probably gonna regret "lit" and "wavy" and "sauce". I can't wait. vor einem Tag
PureHeroine Kommentiert…
I still write xD LOL vor einem Tag