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Die Fanauswahl: The Best !
Die Fanauswahl: Nope. Straight as a line.
Die Fanauswahl: Aasha
Die Fanauswahl: Melissa McCarthy
Die Fanauswahl: Horror
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TheLefteris24 sagte …
I just had the oddest dream about Fanpop...

It involved spamming pictures of the same withered leaf, a horrifying laughter, a creeper who turned out to be a little kid who in turn turned out to be a well-known Meme and a positive quote from another unknown Member who made me feel better about the situation... Guess, that's what happens when I eat orangenmarmelade, marmelade biscuits just before I go to sleep... gepostet vor 2 Stunden
Rihanna312 Kommentiert…
omg, haha :D At least it was quite positive dream. I`ve had a dream where I went in a Kommentar war with someone on Facebook and I woke up so angry, because in the dream they weren`t getting the point of my comments. :D vor 50 Minuten
TheLefteris24 Kommentiert…
^ Well, the ending was quite positive indeed. That's for sure. Lol, yeah, I can understand that feeling !!!! vor 25 Minuten
springely sagte …
If Du ever get annoyed, look at me I'm self employed. gepostet vor 7 Stunden
DisneyPrince88 sagte …

Zootopia it’s a great masterpiece of a movie for kids and grown up to Zeigen that NO MATTER HOW PEOPLE JUDGE Du Du CAN BE WHOEVER oder WHATEVER Du WANT TO BE AND NEVER GIVE UP FOR WHAT Du BELIEVE gepostet vor 13 Stunden
Sparklefairy375 Kommentiert…
Agreed vor 11 Stunden