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Die Fanauswahl: Bella Thorne
Die Fanauswahl: Demi Lovato
Die Fanauswahl: Tomboy and Girly Girl
Tomboy and Girly Girl
Masculine Girl, Feminine Guy
Die Fanauswahl: Batman
Die Fanauswahl: Thunderstorm
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Mauserfan1910 sagte …
Goddamn my emotions have been everywhere all day. What am I, pregnant? gepostet vor 12 Stunden
Mauserfan1910 sagte …
😂🔫 mood gepostet vor 18 Stunden
TheLefteris24 Kommentiert…
Is that a Watergun? I Liebe competitions myself. Would Liebe to join. Quite befitting of Summer !!!! vor 12 Stunden
Mauserfan1910 Kommentiert…
That depends on what phone Du have. Some display it as a water gun, others as a real gun vor 12 Stunden
Mauserfan1910 Kommentiert…
Still, I totally think we should just dress in our swimwear and squirt all over each other vor 12 Stunden
TheLefteris24 Kommentiert…
Let's just stick with the Watergun. That sounds great. I would totally be down for this !!!! vor 6 Stunden
DisneyPrince88 sagte …
I just watched the teaser trailer of the live action of DC Comics’ TITANS and to be honest it looks pretty good, not bad and not great either but it’s normally best to give a critical opinion when Du watch the first episode gepostet vor einem Tag
TheLefteris24 Kommentiert…
^ Well sagte !!!! vor 19 Stunden