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Die Fanauswahl: Blonde
Die Fanauswahl: Yes
Die Fanauswahl: Rock and Rap Musik as Cultural Phenomena
Rock and Rap Musik as Cultural...
Women and Gender Studies
Die Fanauswahl: Meghan Ory
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LocalArtistist sagte …
I haven't been on this site in four years. Nothing really has changed about this site only the people using it. gepostet vor 5 Stunden
ShadowFan100 Kommentiert…
I've been here since 2011, maybe we've met before...? Does my Nutzername ring a bell? vor 5 Stunden
zanhar1 Kommentiert…
I'm still here for some reason. vor 5 Stunden
Riku114 Kommentiert…
Ah I recognize your Nutzername XD vor 2 Stunden
CatsLover8 sagte …
guys Du gotta always remember on the Zufällig club
never talk about religion oder else xD

link gepostet vor einem Tag
ShadowFan100 Kommentiert…
True, some people may not appreciate that. But I honestly don't mind at all. vor einem Tag
zanhar1 Kommentiert…
Du can put your umbrella away, I think we actually solved this one without getting at each other's throats. Religion in general is just a touchy subject though. vor einem Tag
flightFlora Kommentiert…
Blasphemy 🌋 vor 14 Stunden
Mauserfan1910 sagte …
I'm not going to say I hate Christians, but I am going to say I hate anyone who thinks Du should be subject to eternal torment because some dubious book with a sketchy past doesn't like your lifestyle.
How can Du believe that and still call yourself mentally sound? gepostet vor 2 Tagen
BlindBandit92 Kommentiert…
I don't care if Du don't believe in Christentum but I really do not appreciate the accusation Du just made. There are a decent amount of things in the bible I don't agree with because of xyz reasons but I still believe I am a Christian. I don't how Du can insult a large group generally because of different opinions that hardly aren't even that bad especially sagte person doesn't bother Du for it. vor 2 Tagen
BlindBandit92 Kommentiert…
^ vor einem Tag
ShadowFan100 Kommentiert…
And that's totally fine, Zanhart. Du believe what Du want and I'll do the same. And I honestly think this was the best thing for me. No one forced me into this, no pressure, no expectations,m. I made this decision on my own, and I couldn't be happier about it 😁. And, yeah, Westborro is just plain awful. I'm so grateful that I'll never meet them in person. vor 2 Stunden