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Die Fanauswahl: Homura Akemi (Puella Magi Madoka Magica)
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Canada24 sagte …
There was a docomentary on Slenderman..

I had no idea Pipe Pepper was so disturbing.. I thought all he did was entertain rats.. Not that he was a mysterious being, that saved a town from a plague of rats with his magical music.. But when the citizens refuse to pay for this service, he retaliates Von using his instrument's magical power on their children, leading them away as he had the rats. And the childrun where never heard from again.. gepostet vor 13 Stunden
Mauserfan1910 sagte …
Fuck all Du hündin asses Du know why? Not a single one of Du dumb arsch motherfuckers had the fucking respect to fucking tell me Du didn't like the PNDOT I do this shit for Du motherfuckers because I thought Du found it funny but I fucking guess not. Du motherfuckers just let me keep doing it like some fucking retarded hündin who doesn't know any better, and I got treated like that as a kid because my hündin arsch teachers thought I was gepostet vor 22 Stunden
Mauserfan1910 Kommentiert…
I'll just fucking stop posting, see if I care, fuck you, no Mehr PNDOT I didn't realize Du had less fucking respect for me than motherfucking crazedsitcomfan vor 22 Stunden
zanhar1 Kommentiert…
@sean Why am I the only annoying thing? Like I sagte to Riku on her original post; why don't Du just tell me instead of just insulting me? I'm honestly in the same boot as Mauser (hopefully I'm not one of the people she was addressing). This is why I sagte I was going to stop. Like thanks man, really nice to know that out of everyone involved in the only annoying one. I was also cool with you. I know exactly how Mauser is feeling right now. Tbh I thought we were done with this thing? Honestly I am. I think a break from this club is long overdue; even when I think I'm having a good time, apparently I'm not. Can't I have one thing that makes me happy without someone killing my vibe? vor 3 Stunden
zanhar1 Kommentiert…
Tl;dr everyone stop trash talking behind people's backs! If Du think something is annoying be upfront about it and talk to the person oder people involved! Idk why that's so hard; especially if Du like the person! If they're good Friends they'll understand and tone it down. Zeppie I grant leeway to because we talked this over. But everyone else... :/ And apologies to Mauser if it looked like I was talking shit; I kind of assumed the Wand post would be enough since everyone looks at that. And I tried to word it as lightly as I could. If that didn't work; sorry for making Du fell how I do, man. vor 3 Stunden
springely sagte …
Mud digger
We keep the mud Von the pound
The tires stay roaring when we riding through the town
Mud digger
And I keep a bad truck around
Big truck, tall suspension 40 inches from the ground. gepostet vor einem Tag