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posted by Whirlwind586
I know that this sounds really frickin' ridiculous, but I saw an advertisement on this website about their new Zeigen on Comedy Central with some dude that sagte where I lived and what I liked. Normally I wouldn't care if they knew what my Favorit things are, but when they say they know what my location is then that is way too far.

I'm not a Facebook/Twitter person that lives an open book. I'm pretty paranoid about security, yet a comedy channel can still hack into my computer and look at my history. I'm afraid now that if I don't watch the latest episode of Tosh .0, they're gonna send people...
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1. We say things that aren't true to impress you

2. When we find out what Du like a guy to be like, we'll act like it when we're around you, always

3. We research periods and moodswings to know Mehr about it

4. We're just as shy as Du are about relationships

5. We sometimes suck our stomachs in so we look skinnier

6. We always dusche before a date

7. We wear different clothes different days to see what Du like best

8. We gel our hair way too much

9. Most of us try to lean oder look cool when you're around, and we pretend we can't see you

10. When you're gone, we binge out on Schokolade bars and soda...
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I lay on the gras, grass in the clearing of the woods. Trees rise above our heads and I can hear the trickle of water nearby.
'If someone finds us we're going to be sent to Prison,' Liiel says.
'We're safe, sicher here,' I tell him. 'We'll here The Stalkers coming.'
We have to speak in code, one that The Stalkers don't know. Prison is actually just a camp we would go to. It has a school and a yard and two dorms; girl's dorm and boy's dorm. The Stalkers are the people who send Du there. Staff members of the prison. Stalker is a good name for them. They've been stalking me for seven oder eight years now,...
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posted by nmdis
"World Of Chances"

You've got a face for a smile Du know
A shame Du waste it when you're breaking me slowly
But I've got a world of chances for you
I've got a world of chances for you,
I've got a world of chances,
Chances that you're burning through

I've got a paper and pen
I go to write Du goodbye and that's when I know
I've got a world of chances for you,
I've got a world of chances for you,
I've got a world of chances,
Chances that you're burning through

Oh, I'm going my own way
My faith has Lost its strength again
Oh, it's been too hard to say
We've fallen off the edge again
We're at...
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My wife, Tere, and I purchased a new car in December. Even though we had tickets to fly from California to Houston to visit her family for Christmas, we decided to drive to Texas to break in the new car. We packed the car and took off for a wonderful week with Grandma.

We had a wonderful time and stay to the last possible Minute visiting with Grandma. On the return trip we needed to get Home in a hurry, so we drove straight through — one person driving while the other one slept. After driving in a hard rain for several hours, we arrived Home late at night. We were tired and ready for a hot...
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posted by Bluekait
In the movie Scream, Randy sagte “There are certain rules that one must abide Von in order to successfully survive a horror movie”.

1. Du can never have sex. BIG NO-NO! BIG NO-NO! Sex equals death, okay?
2. Du can never drink oder do drugs. The sin factor! It’s a sin. It’s an extension of number one.
3. Never, ever, ever under any circumstances say, “I’ll be right back.” Because Du won’t be back.

In Scream 2, the rules for a horror sequel were:

1. The body count is always bigger.
2. The death scenes are always much Mehr elaborate, with Mehr blood and gore.
3. If Du want your films...
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posted by misscrazel
I ran into the bathroom. Dominic and Spencer were in the bright rosa doorway. 
Belinda was on the floor. Scarlet was watching Spencer. Spencer was crying. Wait. Spencer was crying. Wow. I think he's sick. Spencer's always smiling stupidly and talking about stupid things in a stupid voice. Not crying. Spencer has never cried. I'm his sister so I would know. I walked over. Spencer was hugging Dominic. My face flushed with anger. Spencer was my brother, not Dominic's. 
"Spencer," I said. "She's gonna like you." 
Spencer wiped away a tear. I got him a tissue and splashed water on his face. He was going to get detention. Oh well. He doesn't care anyway. 
Du can read it in the papers
In some places it comes in thirty-two flavors
But Du wouldn't tell no one
Your Favorit if Du could

From the White House to the alleys
From the President down to Long Tall Sally
Can't live with it but
You'll die without it, yes Du would

Senorita’s in the kitchen
She's a fistful of dynamite
You call 911 but you
Can't stop the fun tonight, it's alright

You can't start a feuer without a spark
But there's something that I guarantee
You can't hide when infection starts
Because Liebe is a social disease
Love is a social disease, uh-huh

Where Du look Du can find it
Try to run but...
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posted by Gmillsap02
At the end of series 3, Du never really find out what happens to Zuko's Mom, do you? well, I've got an idea, check this out:

Ozai wanted to be firelord, but Azulon wouldn't let him be Weiter in line, yadda yadda yadda, Iroh and Lu Ten, yadda yadda yadda, Ozai has to kill his first born son. But Ursa didn't like that so she planned a plan so that Ozai would be firelord and Zuko would live, but then Ursa was banished and I THINK that Ozai killed Azulon but who knows. So, Ursa is banished, and I don't really know where she's gone....but remember when Aang was in the spirit world and he had to talk to "The Face Stealer" (Can't remember the name-sorry) and he changes his face, Right? Well Du know that face oder a girl with long dark hair? Doen't she look alot like Ursa? If Du don't think so just have a look at how different Azula looked when she was crazy and cut her hair.

Think about it...I could be right!

So she of trapped in THE SPIRIT WORLD<--------
posted by childofaeolus
Hey so I invented this new kind of thing a while back and I've gotten a lot of people to do it with me. It's basically that if Du see an old oder pretty oder just special baum you'll just bow to it respectfully. Sometimes just give it a bit of your carbon dioxide oder some water. And try to plant a new baum somewhere every Monat oder so.

I guess it's just a fun and easy way to help out the environment and i'm trying to get the ball rolling. maybe I'll start a Facebook oder tumblr for it if it gets popular. Really i'd just like to know your thoughts.
posted by RayRaycutie
Hey guys its yo girl RayRaycutie!!!!!!! :P n im sick...
thats rite

the famous crazy arsch girl iz sick


here's the story!!!

my cuzin/friend Jatlin (luv lots) was talkn at lunch

rite in front of the monitor

and she wrote him up

and called him stupid


and i was laughng so hard

i choked

and threw up

and cried

yeah i did

and word got around fast

im never going to here the end of it

but still


i feel lik its a hangover!!!!


i want food

but i cnt get up

no energy 2 walk

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posted by hetaliaitaly
I should've, could've, would've;
Done something about that day,
If only I had known it ended this way.
I am not proud to tell you
How I stood there and watched;
He was so big and scary
Was all that I thought.

I couldn't, wouldn't, shouldn't,
get involved at all.
I say to myself;
It's none of my business;
As I turn and walk down the hall.

I hear on the news;
'bout this kid who had died
It tells of his woe;
The Tag of his suicide

They talk about how he locked himself
inside of his room
All to have shot himself to forget all the pain.

Now as I walk through my school
I hear the laughter
But see the fear
In their eyes...
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posted by chillyneon
So alot of people I know have gotten superglue on them (including me) so I'm going to make this Artikel for your help.

Super Glue on clothes = Throw away the clothes. The super glue burns it. Don't try to wash.

Super Glue on skin = Put skin in alcohol for about 1 min. Then, gently peel off glue.

Super Glue in eye = Wash out eye with warm water, then wait a little bit. If still irritated, go to the doctors.

Super Glue in ear = I don't know about this one................just go to the doctor.

So the thing is, when handling Super Glue, wear gloves oder something to cover up your skin. Also, wear goggles to keep Du eyes safe.
posted by akatsuki_lover9
it was a normal Tag in the akatsuki. Konan was practicing origami, Deidara was blowing things up behind the base, Tobi was bugging deidara. The rest of the members were sitting watching TV. Hidan and kakuzu were in one of their arguments again. “well I don't see why I can't do rituals in our room, I deserve rights too.”hidan sagte angrily. “you can't because Du always get blood all over everything!” kakuzu snapped. “i do not!” hidan yelled back. “besides, your the one who leaves money lying everywhere.” Pein turned to hidan and kakuzu and punched them both in the head. “will...
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posted by Lady_Rebel
People die everyday. There are people dying as I write this, as Du read it, in the future, and in the past. It’s the same across the globe. But what isn’t the same is how people bury the deceased. We in the U.S. generally bury our dead in the ground. People in Europe used to bury their dead in cairns. Every culture has a different means of putting the dead in their final resting place, but the culture whose method I am going to tell Du about is Ancient Egypt. Mehr specifically, he process of mummification. Mummification was a long and complicated process involving spells, knives, and...
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posted by Phyrasa_Fire
North, where the fires burn...
West, where the trio beckons...
East, Home for the spirits...
South, for freezing waters...

If Du say this at the oben, nach oben of a blurb for a book, would Du be interested enough to read on and then perhaps BUY the book?

I'm just wondering, coz I made this up and I thought it sounded cool, in a bookish way.

Also, what do they make Du think of?

What I mean is, if Du only read this, what would Du think the book was about?

Ignore my paragraphing, I know it isn't good.
posted by justingurl99
I have a dream of a scene between the green hills
Clouds pull away and the sunlight's revealed
People don't talk about keeping it real
It's understood that they actually will
And intoxicated and stimulated emcees
Staring in the trees, paranoid, are gone in the breeze
Watch them flee, hip-hop hits
Take a walk with me and what you'll see
Is a land where the sand is made up of crushed up wax
And the sky beyond Du is krylon blue
And everybody speaks in a dialect of rhyme
And emcees have left materialism behind them
Meanwhile I just grip my mic
And hope me and my team make it through alright
Because say what...
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posted by XxKeithHarkinxX
i was Lesen this Artikel called Ten things I want to tell teenage girls

and one of them is...Stop saying things like, “I don’t care what anyone thinks about me.” First of all, that’s not true. And Sekunde of all, if it is true, Du need a perspective shift. Your reputation matters – greatly. Du should care what people think of you. I MEAN MY GOD!

I don't care what other people think of me, and I’m doing great in life! when people start to care what other people think they care to much about their looks, and they forgot to be themselves! sorry I just HAD to say something.

I think every girl, oder anyone really, should be themselves not matter what!
posted by justingurl99
"One Word Can Change Your Life...


This is just one saying that i hope will bring joy to people. There are people out there who feel like they've Lost it all, like they've gone through so much pain they have nothing left to lose. people want to give up their LIFE just because of the pain.
Please listen to me. The pain should not win, it should lose. Du need to fight back, Du need to be able to throw the pain away in the trash!
Almost every single person in this world is going through some kind of pain. No matter how big oder small the pain is, we need to fight it!
Come and hold my hand everyone! We will fight it together!
posted by hetaliaitaly
There is one place that i would be i stare at Du then back at me life and death are just the same neither one need emotional pain through clouds and sees made of dreams been smashed against the time of streams dark and blue black and white neither one has no light being me and being Du has nothing to do with my mood i cant help being me i cant help being what peolpe see.

I dont care if Du stare people look everywhere i am never going to be black oder blue my herz is just as light as the two although i can here that sound its not really there but it is around i wont be who Du say to be because im happy young and free being me is being good im happy my life.