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Note : All my Fans are amazing! Dont be upset if Du aren't here.You mean a lot so Du all will be in a Liste of my Awsome fans.😍 Liebe ya.
Also, Numbers mean nothing.

1. Luthorlex/ SparkleFanBoy/ Mrbiskit/ Windrises.

He is an awesome fanpoper and has a true herz of gold.
He is my best fanpoper friend and described me as his best friend which is an honour. He deserves fans😎

2. Jessowey.

Ok, this girl is so cool and kind. She is a giving person and is as sweet as sugar. 🍭 Who doesn't Liebe her? Her kind Kommentare and her wonderful posts mean so much, thanks Jessowey.


Ok, she is so funny! A true friend who I Liebe talking to.
She can't Fanpop much as she has school and I support her though all the mean bullies who hurt her. 🍎🍎🍎
CrazyRuby has a sweet personality which makes Du Liebe her

Here are some other quick names : HarleySkywalker,
193611, DisneyPrince88

Thank Du every fan. Liebe ya all. Xxx☆☆🍿
So for a long while now I've been into travel and wanderlust. For even longer, I have been obsessed with fictional characters. One Tag I got to thinking about where my Favoriten might go if they lived in our world/time period.

Regina Mills (Once Upon A Time)

For Regina I had a few thoughts. I think that she'd go somewhere romantic like France oder Italy oder possibly even Spain. In the end she strikes me as Mehr of an Italy type of woman. I feel like France would be too softly romantic for her if that makes sense. Personally I associate Italy with a Mehr passionately romantic vibe. I can see her...
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 Robotnik: Snooping as usual I see. *Talks faster* Snooping as usual *Slows down* I see.
Robotnik: Snooping as usual I see. *Talks faster* Snooping as usual *Slows down* I see.

Frank: A trailer?
Martha: What do we need a trailer for?
Sonic: Advertising.
Sean: Sonic is right. I want people to know about my operations.
Frank: What operations?
Guy: Our operations to defeat the N.V.A!
U.S Ponies: *Holding M16's with bayonets* Oorah!
Sean: No no, a different type of operation. Observe.

Song: link

Coming soon to this very club.

Sean: *Going 75 miles an Stunde with seven coaches*

Be sure to check out Trainz on the Thomas The Tank Engine club.

Victoria: *Double heading a freight train with...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
I could not believe my eyes when I saw this picture, Wird angezeigt Frank Sinatra playing as Dirty Harry instead of Clint Eastwood. It would be interesting to see what the movie would be like. Wouldn't it? Well thankfully, I found a clip. It was deleted from youtube, so I have to write it out for you.

Song (Start at 0:05): link

Bank Robber: *Laying on the ground, bleeding with a shotgun laying towards him*
Frank Sinatra: *Dancing towards his victim while holding his .44 anderthalbliterflasche, magnum as if it was a sword*
Bank Robber: *Tries to grab the shotgun*
Frank Sinatra: Ah ah.
Bank Robber: *Looks at Frank Sinatra*
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posted by Seanthehedgehog

 Robotnik: Snooping as usual I see. *Talks faster* Snooping as usual *Slows down* I see.
Robotnik: Snooping as usual I see. *Talks faster* Snooping as usual *Slows down* I see.

On May 27, 2016, a war was started Von a Hungarian named Gergely Szórád. He started this war on a website on the internet called Fanpop. He replaced an icon, using a picture that had Starlight Glimmer in it. Gergely also threatened to kill anyone that opposed the new Icon he created. This angered millions, and teilt, split the My Little pony fandom into two. The S.G. Bronies, (the bad guys), and the Anti S.G. Bronies, (the good guys.) This war also created a new law in April 12, 2018, all forms of entertainment...
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posted by Windrises
There are several high quality singers of both genders. My Favorit female singer is Helen Edgeworth (Helen von Drama).

You're likely wondering who Helen Edgeworth is. She's a singer who has a account on YouTube. She sings songs from Studio Ghibli films. Since Studio Ghibli is my Favorit animated films studio I'm a big Fan of Helen Edgeworth.

Helen Edgeworth does American versions of Japanese Studio Ghibli songs. She often writes her own versions of Studio Ghibli songs. Her lyrics are well written and good. Her version of The Wind Rises song is AMAZING. However the best thing about Helen Edegeworth is her voice. She has a eloquent and lovely sounding voice that Du need to hear.

Helen Edgeworth currently has around 110 Fans so please help her get Mehr fans. She's 1 of my Favorit singers. Every Studio Ghibli Fan should check out her songs.
posted by deathding
Needless to say, 2016 was quite an...intriguing year, to say the least. Some good stuff happened, such as the birth of quite a few awesome Filme (Deadpool, Hardcore Henry, Ghostbusters, etc), as well as the usual advances in technology and disease prevention, which are ALWAYS appreciated. Hell, the Cubs FINALLY won the World Series in Baseball, which hasn't happened since 1908. That is HUGE! And on another note, The Loud House is one of the best Cartoons I've seen in quite a while. And to oben, nach oben it all off, another Pokemon generation has been released. So it wasn't all bad, right?

However, there...
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Hello, Zufällig club fans! The Garnet Umbreon here! Are Du bored? I am! Do Du like tribal drums, offbeat kicks, and animal chants mixed with modern-day electronic Musik from 128 - 150 BPM (beats per minute)? I do! Well, go ape to my favourite jungleterror songs!

It's a long Liste so let's get started!

Wiwek - Angry Birdz
Hasse De Moor & GLD - Work
Rae Sremmurd - Black Beatles (Noizekid Bootleg)
BSNO & Noizekid - Fuego
Dirtcaps - Baritone
Jack Ü (Diplo & Skrillex) ft. Kai - Mind (Wiwek Remix)
Getter - Rip n Dip (Wiwek Remix)
Wiwek & Yellow Claw ft. Lil Debbie - Pop It
Wiwek - Rebels
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posted by FloraorStella
Here's a guide on what to do now that America is fucked up. Although, to be honest, it would be as fucked up if Clinton was POTUS, as well. Neither of the candidates were very good to start with, unfortunately. Anyway, here's what Du should do.

1. Change Your Name to Jeff

So Du can go, "My name's Jeff," if anyone asks for your name.

2. Go to a Drive-through

To relieve yourself of all the stress. Order a milkshake while you're at it.

3. Cuss Out Everyone on Twitter

How satisfying is this, tbh?

4. Write a fanfiction on Trump and Clinton Rated R

Someone should do it.

If anyone's seriously considering...
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So recently I've been watch a lot of Bad Girls Club as it just returned, it's kind of been a guilty pleasure show. As many know I like the female villain characters so I was thinking; what if I just put 'em all in a house together BGC style. For those of Du who don't know, BGC is a Zeigen where they put 7 women ages 21 to 28 in a house together in hopes that the women can 'redeem each other'. But they usually just end up beating each other up lol. While some of the characters I chose are younger than 21 oder older than 28, I decided to go with it anyhow. I have Mehr than 7 Favorit characters...
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Beauty and talent don't always go hand and hand, but Natalie Wood was a perfect example of both. When I last made my Liste of "Most Beautiful Women That Ever Lived" I put Natalie at like number six oder something...Boy, was I stupid! I've been watching some of her Filme lately and I couldn't get over what a knock-out she was. She is definitely number one! She had such beautiful dark hair, big doe eyes, pretty lips, an adorable nose, a heavenly complexion, and a perfect body. I've been having her in my dreams lately...I've got a huge crush on her! The other night, I was dreaming about her and...
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posted by tamore
REMEMBER WHEN ...............

Clubs were called SPOTS ???!

users actually VOTED for BEST ANSWERS!! (WOW!)

PROFILES didn't have WALLS so Du had to talk through PROPS?

there were Mehr ADULTS and less KIDS?? (((THEY DONT KNOW ANYTHING THESE DAYS))) *exasperated sigh*

there were only THREE kinds of MEDALS? and earning them actually MEANT SOMETHING????

the F4 CARED about what WE had to SAY?!

Du could CHAT with your Friends through MEEBO! ??(INSTANT MESSAGING! ain't nothin that good anymore)

Du could still Abschicken SCREENCAPS to the Bilder section?! (now it's just useless!!!!(

the FONTS didn't SUCK?

Clubs were Mehr ACTIVE than they are now?!

there weren't so many ADS on all the pages???? (FUCK THAT CAPITALIST BULLSHIT!!! WE DONT WANT IT)

there was a five star, sterne RATING SYSTEM????? none of this "LIKE" bullshit!!!! this isn't FACEBOOK!!!!

Page 1
This is Lisa,(.) she is my friend. My mom and dad don't see her, so they say she is my imaginary friend. Lisa is a nice friend(.)
Page 2
Today I tried to plant a blume in the yard. I tried to plant it Von the Sandbox, but Lisa sagte that is where her daddy is sleeping, so I planted it in a cup of dirt.
Page 3
Lisa is at school with me today. I brot (Brought) her for Zeigen and tell, but Mrs. Monroe got mad, because she can't see her. Lisa got sad, so she hid the Chalkboard eraser.
Page 4
Yesterday was my birthday party. Mommy bought pizza, but no one came. Lisa sagte people came to the porch and...
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1. Write a new Artikel on this website
2.Draw a snow wolf
3.Go to the bibliothek
4. Call a friend and go on a walk with them
5. Have a dance party
6. Listen to Musik and "scream sing"
7. Clean your house (That might get boring though)
8. Paint Your room
9. Go to the park
10. Call a friend oder two and do the yoga challenge
11. Decorate the house
12. Watch YouTube
13. Watch Friends The TV Series
14. Go on Google and Suchen weird things
15. Learn to juggle
16. Go to an elevator and annoy Zufällig people (this could get Du kicked out but its super fun)
17. Go shopping
18. Go skating
19. Play a board game
20. Sleep!
21. Bake food
22. Exercise
23. Read
24. Hike
25. Garden
26. Sugar Cookies
27. life size Süßigkeiten land
28. Paint snow
posted by RKO22
Hey Guys this is Rkofan22 aka Michael Lui

I'm hear to tell u the truth about utubers like jerry travone Ryan higa and takeshotaction

I hear that They are all ducebags they do stuff like cheat there subs Von tricking them

And they also are racist saying stuff against asians likens saying fuck Asians they r the worst of the world who need to die which is bullshit

Asians are awesome

And they also Liebe to be haters and they also hacked my Facebook

Fuck them all and takeshotaction cheats on his girlfriend

Jerry travone abuses Hiskids and ryanhiga is succussful
posted by slenderman777
Hello. Please Listen to me, it's for you're own good. I feel compelled to warn Du of the danger that was recently unleashed upon the internet. I don't have much time left as it is, I feel that he draws near.

I like to surf the net, as do most people. Sometimes the internet gets boring though, and i find myself having nothing to do than go on the anonymous webcamming site known as "Omegle". I'm sure most of Du have heard of it, as it is notorious for having those perverts jerking their trödel, schrott, junk-e- on the webcam.

Well, I went into Omegle for the first time in forever, and well, I guess they have this...
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posted by Riku114
After taking a good long look over at the arguments and rioting that was going on yesterday as well as holding a bit of a conversation with Zeppie, I have to say something about this whole Uaan scenario. But before I say anything else I would like to address two things. Firstly, I am just as guilty as all of this as anyone else and in no way do I think I am better nor do I really have a place to even call anyone bad, so if I do (which I don’t think I will but in case) I take it back right now. Secondly, I still do not agree with Yumi at all. Just putting that last one out there. Oh I lied....
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posted by Dr6112002
~ being able to affirm others for who they are and not for what they can do oder what they can give.
~ being able to Liebe simply, so that others may simply live.
~ not excluding but including, for the good of all.
~ calling forth the other to see his/her mistakes.
~ being of service to others.
~ the art of giving.
~ not really blind. Du need eyes to see the other as other, to see the goodness and value of another person. Antoine de Saint-Exupery said, "It is only with the herz that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye."
~ not possessive oder dominating. Liebe says "I want you...
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posted by thetankmoment
 Cutie the Fennec fuchs
Cutie the Fennec Fox
I had a weird dream one of these nights. It was epic, too. So epic I had to make an Artikel of it. Mark my words: IT WILL HAPPEN AGAIN. Anyway. So I was Dixie from fuchs and the hound 2. G3 pinkie pie was there. She was transformed from G4 pinkie. She was telling us to complete these trials, because Cutie, my stuffed Fennec fox, told us the world was ending. First were these crabs. Blue one=easy, orange ones=medium, and Black ones=hard. Either I had to defeat 3 orange ones, oder my friend had to defeat 5 blue ones. My friend defeated 5 blue ones. It went on like that, until we saved the world! YAY!
 This pic of the dream
This pic of the dream
Hey it's Nick here aka Blondlionezel, and i will be a making a series expressing my opinions on different things.

Alright, I can already tell that I will be getting a lot of flames/trolls/bad people on the internet complaining about this. But remember this is just my opinion on this. Also, Pokemon and Digimon have their own pros and cons.

Let's start Von comparing Anime.

Pokemon: I definitely think that Pokemon is beating a dead horse with a dead horse. The story is always the same, Ash Ketchum (Satoshi) catching and training Pokemon. That's about it.

Digimon: Digimon always has something new to...
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