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"Break Your Heart"

Whoa whoa

Now listen to me baby
Before I Liebe and leave you
They call me herz breaker
I don't wanna deceive you

If Du fall for me
I'm not easy to please
I might tear Du apart
Told Du from the start,
Baby from the start.

I'm only gonna break, break your, break, break your heart. [4x]

Whoa whoa

There's no point trying to hide it
No point trying to evade it
I know I got a problem
Problem with misbehaving


I'm only gonna break, break your, break, break your heart. [4x]

Whoa whoa [2x]

And I know karma's gonna get me back for being so cold
Like a big bad wolf I'm born to be bad and bad to the bone
If Du fall for me I'm only gonna tear Du apart
Told ya from the start.

I'm only gonna break, break your, break, break your heart. [4x]

Whoa whoa whoa.... [4x]
#5: Predaking (Transformers Prime)

Predaking is a force to be reckoned with. He transforms from predacon dragon to awesome robot! He could probably beat Upgraded Optimus and probably Megatron (In beast mode). Now a battle between Predaking and Grimlock would be awesome!

#4: Ultron (Marvel)

Built Von Henry Pym, Ultron is a robot who believes that the only way to protect humanity Von destroying it. His body is made from the unbreakable metal adamentium. No matter what, he keeps coming back, upgrading himself each time.

#3: Smaug (The Hobbit)

Smaug is a dragon who stahl, stola the Lonely Mountain from the dwarfs...
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posted by GDragon612
1) Look at see through glass and when someone is on the other side shout "OH MY GOD, I'M HIDEOUS!"
2) Call someone to tell them Du can't talk right now.
3) Point at someone and shout "You're one of them!" Run and pretend to trip. Crawl away slowly.
4) Buy a donut and complain that there's a hole in it.
5) Put Mayonnaise in a bowl, freeze it, and tell your friend it's ice cream.
6) Put up a "Lost Dog" poster with a picture of a cat on it.
7) Walk up to someone, hand them a potato, look them in the eyes and deadpan 'with great power, comes great responsibility.' Walk away.
8) In a public toilet, pass...
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Yeah Du know
*I have procrastinate
Lots of trouble
I have procrastinate
Lots of trouble
(da capo from asterisk)

Yeah it's pretty clear I ain't no kung fu (master)
I come here pretty often, I come often
Like I shouldn't do
For many reasons
Typing trödel, schrott, junk-e- in various places

I see Internet legends
We view it and we gasp
Come on now I'm not that good
Hawaiian kindness isn't the same as genius
And every character I'm typing from the bottom to the top
This just isn't my thing
(Can somebody get a mop?)

I have writer's block and I need a little help
Separating the wheat from the chaff
And now somebody can (sure anyone can)
Bite my fhiny metal aff

'Cuz Du know
*I have procrastinate
Lots of trouble
I have procrastinate
Lots of trouble
(da capo from asterisk)
Oh yeah yeah yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by -SkySplitter-
Disclaimer: I didn't make any of these. Credit goes to their original creators.

1. Q. What did Batman say to Robin before they got in the car?

A. Get in the car

2. A visibly exhausted and distressed man walks into a bar and orders a strong drink.

"Long day?" the bartender asks.

"No, all days are 24 hours long" the man replies, amazed at how uneducated the bartender is.

3. Q. What does an Eagle and a maulwurf have in common?

A. They both live underground. Apart from the Eagle.

4. A ente walks into a bar, the bartender says, "What'll it be?" The ente doesn't say anything because its a duck.

5. Q. What...
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posted by PeacefulCritic
I was thinking about doing the "giant spinne invasion." But being resist to the Gnomes were pretty bad. Let's just start the episode.*turns on Netflix*

The theme: of course it isn't bad at the same time it isn't that good. At some points it's catchy at others the lyrics gets a little too cliche.

Short video: And it's about how there is only one gnome with a pure heart. And they are resist about any of the others that aren't pixies so of course stead of making a fairy has a past problem with the gnomes. And their greed getting in the way of their broke kingdom and wanting revenge. That'll be...
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Honorable Mentions:

Godzilla vs Gigan (1972)
Godzilla 2000 (1999)
Godzilla vs Megalon (1973)
Godzilla vs The Sea Monster (1966)

Number 10: Godzilla Against MechaGodzilla (2002)

Number 09: Godzilla vs Megagirus (2000)

Number 08: Godzilla vs SpaceGodzilla (1994)

Number 07: Godzilla vs Mothra (1992)

Number 06: Godzilla vs King Ghidorah (1991)

Number 05: Destroy All Monsters (1968)

Number 04: Godzilla, Mothra, and King Ghidorah: Giant Monsters All Out Attack (2001)

Number 03: Godzilla vs Destroyah (1995)

Number 02: Godzilla (2014)

Number 01: Godzilla, King of the Monsters! (1954)
Just one Mehr time before I go
I'll let Du know
And all this time I've been afraid,
Wouldn't let it show
Nobody can save me now, no
Nobody can save me now

Stars can only visible in the darkness,
Fear is ever changing and evolving
And I I I can poison these eyes
And I I I feel so alive

Nobody can save Du now
The king is down
It's do oder die!
Nobody can save Du now
Nowhere safe
It's the battle cry
It's the battle cry
Battle cry!
Nobody can save Du now
IT'S DO oder DIE


Nobody can save Du now
The king is down
It's do oder die!
Nobody can save Du now
Nowhere safe
It's the battle cry
It's the battle cry
Battle cry!
Nobody can save Du now
IT'S DO oder DIE

Just one Mehr time before I go
I'll let Du know
And all this time I've been afraid,
Wouldn't let it show
Nobody can save me now, no
Nobody can save me now
posted by misscrazel
I thought I could rule the world,
I thought I would impress the gods,
But I fell so quickly at your feet,
I sing this song for you,
Helpless I will sing for you,
And live with impressing the king,

No one will compare to you,
You have no competition,

But Du just won’t notice me,
Notice me,
I can change for you,

Please notice me,
I am begging you,
I’m in Liebe with you,
Notice me,
Please notice me,
I will give my herz to you,
I will give my life for you,
I swear to always Liebe you,
If Du would notice me,

I played a game when I was young,
I married had children,
I ruled the world,
I was the queen,
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posted by BlondLionEzel
Rant 2: Geewuners!

I'm baaack!

Here's something that annoys me: Geewuners!

If you're new to the concept, Geewuners are people who are Fans of Transformers G1 and think that everything is crap! Not all G1 Fans are Geewuners, as I like G1 myself. But the difference between me and Geewuners is that I like Armada, Beast Wars, Beast Wars 2, Beast Wars Neo, Beast Machines, Robots in Disguise, Cybertron, Energon, Bayformers, Prime, and Go!

I know that they want to keep their "Nostalgia", but come on, it's not just for you. Just ask the millions of people who watch and buy Micheal Bay's Transformers.

On a different note, people should open their minds to the Transformers 4 Dinobots. I know they're not G1 Dinobots, but their not supposed to be!

I just think that Geewuners should open their minds to other series.
posted by MineTurtle5
Pre-article note: This isn't mine. I found it in a copy of The Word For Today, and I thought that it would be good to re-post.

There's a story about a teacher who, to honour her students, gave each a ribbon that stated, 'Who I am makes a difference,' and asked them to pass it along to someone who'd made a difference in their lives. One kid gave his to a young executive who helped him plan his career. He in turn gave it to his boss, who was hard to get along with. He told him how much he'd been influenced Von his creativity, and asked him to give the ribbon to somebody he admired. That night the...
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posted by vampirer04
 Nepeta X Eridan
Nepeta X Eridan
:33< I Liebe a troll. I don't care if Du don't like me because I Liebe him!

He's the cutest SEA DWELLER!

No one can stop me from loving him!

Don't try to make me Liebe someone else!!

I choose who I wanna love, NOT YOU!!!!

His name is Eridan.

I call him Eri.

I want to be his matesprit!

Because, no one likes him :(

Plus I have a crush on him .

He has no one in his quadrents.

Nobody loves him. :(

BUT I DO! Hate me all Du want!

I Liebe him and that's FINAL!!!!

Hey guys!!! I made this just pelz fun!! I actually wrote this WHOLE thing on paper! XD XD!! Hope Du enjoyed!!
posted by Weasel1999
V The Bedroom
When Ember finally found a bedroom it was well worth the wait. A gorgeous raised four poster filled the centre of the room. The hangings were made up of crimson and indigo velvet square patches and the wood was jet black with intricate carvings of dragons, princesses and magical palaces climbing up and down the posts. The bedclothes were of dusky rosa silk and embroidered with beautiful jewels of the most wonderful colours imaginable. Reds and purples green and blues, they shone and sparkled dazzling in splendour.
The walls were hung with beautiful portraits, satin scarfs and tapestries...
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In a time, in a place
In a world, they forgot
Lives the herz of me
A part that just won't die
Just a boy, not a man
Sent to war, in a land
They sagte we'd fight for their freedom
But I felt like a hired hand

Sometimes I have to find my way
Sometimes I have to get away

Take me back, Tokyo Road
Take me back, Tokyo Road

Working hard, for a pass
Got the night, make it last
It was a night to remember
All my life I would never forget
In a bar, breathing smoke
Snorting whiskey, drinking coke
It was a time when no one would die
And there wasn't a care

Sometimes I wish it was that way
‘Cause sometimes I have to get away...
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(Crank it up, oh)
I like that, ah

Th-th-this beat is hypnotic
I wanna ride like a shofa
Sound of sonic’s
Controlling me just like a robot
I go bionic so D-D-DJ put it on
I’m losing logic and cruising deeper in the zone

(It’s so cinematic
G-got me froze up)
G-got me froze up
(This psychopathic
Beat it something
I need a dose of)
I need a dose of
(I’m systematically
Moving every single bone)
Moving every single bone
(There’s no mechanic
That can understand what I’m on)

Let’s crank it up (Crank it up)
Till the walls cave in
Just crank it up (Crank it up)
Put that record on spin...
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posted by Kyssmig
One snowy night, Sherlock Holmes was in his house sitting Von a fire. All of a sudden a snowball came crashing through his window, breaking it.
Holmes got up and looked out the window just in time to see three neighborhood kids who were brothers run around a corner. Their names were John Crimson, Mark Crimson and Paul Crimson.
The Weiter Tag Holmes got a note on his door that read '? Crimson. He broke your window.'

Which of the three Crimson brothers should Sherlock Holmes Frage about the incident?
posted by akatsuki_lover9
chapter 1
It was a normal Tag for flippy. Breakfast, newspaper. He got his mail from the mailbox. Nothing new, nothing great. Then one letter caught his eye. It sagte on the front in bold letters “You Have Been Called To Serve In The Hunger Games.” flippy dreaded this day. “called to serve again?” he thought. “figures, a war hero having to serve again, I might as well read the rest of this letter. He opened it up, expecting the worst. “please god, not Vietnam.” he prayed. He was surprised at what was written. It didn't seem war-like at all. “Dear tribute, Du have been chosen...
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posted by klaine_forever
One their was a goat named Jeff. He was born in the 1930's, the good ol' days. Once he was out for a sunday stroll and he stumbled apon an acorn. It was a bit odd looking, he couldn't but his finger on what it was with this acorn. He touched it and POOF! It turned into a Weltraum aged looking glass cube. It was perfectly square and clear, but it had a blue-ish tinge to it that made it visible. He took it back to his cottage and put it on the küche table. He made himself some cheese and biscuits and sat himself down Weiter to the cube. He read his 'goats weekly' and enjoyed his cheese and crackers,...
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posted by kitty190123
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This is really stupid but I was feeling bored...
posted by akatsuki_lover9
1.awake and alive Von skillet
2.one Tag too late Von skillet
3.it's not me it's Du Von skillet
4.don't wake me Von skillet
5.hero Von skillet
6.monster Von skillet
7.animal i have become Von three days grace
8.inside the feuer Von disturbed
9.down with the sickness Von disturbed
10.fight back Von raptile
11.neva eva Von raptile
12.boogie woogie woo Von icp
13.homies Von icp
14.hokus pokus Von icp
15.last resort Von papa roach
16.bleed it out Von linkin park
17. crawling Von linkin park
18.breaking the habit Von linkin park
19.new divide Von likin park
20.falling in the black Von skillet
21.numb Von linkin park
22.should've when you...
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