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Have Du ever had an annoying problem which affects two devices and your main computer all at the same time? I can't Löschen songs oder Musik Videos from my iTunes library, iPod touch and iPad without them reappearing again after a few seconds! I've tried hiding the Musik videos, all they do reappear! It's driving me crazy! gepostet vor einem Tag
MissCinico Kommentiert…
Sounds familiar, iTunes is basically useless too me now and I've wasted so much money on it, but that same problem is happening with my apps seems like there's no way to fix it. vor einem Tag
PrincessAyeka12 Kommentiert…
Great news! My iPod sorted itself out through the sync. Everything that wasn't supposed to be on there has been removed and deleted from the library! Weird but true. I'm left with a strange thing though on my main computer on iTunes. Basically all of my hidden downloads have made copies of themselves and are present on the main library. According to my account they should be all hidden from sight. All the songs in my account have the unhide button option against them. I haven't touched any of them. It seems to have done it on it's own. What usually happens is when Du unhide something it disappears from the hidden section and goes to your library. For some reason these songs are both in the hidden section and on the library. Thinking about it that's the reason why I can't hide the songs. Because they're already there! vor einem Tag
deedragongirl Kommentiert…
I'm currently having no problem with that. vor einem Tag
Lavendergolden hat mir Props gegeben für my videos
Can Du check my Kürzlich article? Thank u. gepostet vor 15 Tagen
PrincessAyeka12 Kommentiert…
Yes I will. In return can Du check out and Kommentar on my three dancing Umfrage and three Wedding Umfrage please? In the Aladin and jasmin wedding poll, I wrote about everything that had happened to them before and after the marriage so far in the Kommentare section. vor 13 Tagen
disnerdtobe hat mir Props gegeben für my comments
For your support. gepostet vor 2 Monaten