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Die Fanauswahl: Madellaine
Die Fanauswahl: Miriam
Die Fanauswahl: Reboot
Die Fanauswahl: Yes
Die Fanauswahl: 8-Beautiful
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big smile
MissCinico sagte …
My new Artikel on some Esmeralda trivia!
Here's the link: link gepostet vor 4 Monaten
MissCinico sagte …
Does anyone have any opinion on what's their Favorit musical that's based on an animated movie?
I guess mine would have to be Hunchback of Notre Dame, but I just recently saw the Anastasia musical that was beautiful, so Hunchback and Anastasia are tied for first for me with Aladin being 2nd. gepostet vor 4 Monaten
harleenquinzel5 Kommentiert…
I haven't seen any:( Shame vor 4 Monaten
shanyuisboss sagte …
Anyone else in Liebe with everything that's been out about Anastasia the musical? It looks absolutely fantastic. The cast is just phenomenal, especially Christy Altomare who plays Anastasia. She is so genuine as an actress, and starts to tear up when she sings the songs. I wonder how the new villain is going to play out, I heard mixed things about him. Either way, I hope a cast recording comes out soon because I definitely won't be able to see it in New York. gepostet vor 7 Monaten
MissCinico Kommentiert…
I didn't even know about ti, it sounds amazing, I'll be sure to check it out. vor 6 Monaten