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Die Fanauswahl: Rapunzel from Rapunzel – Neu verföhnt
Die Fanauswahl: A Glow in the Darkness: A New Hope
Die Fanauswahl: I am loyal but not defined Von this trait.
Die Fanauswahl: Ariel
Die Fanauswahl: Ariel
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pleasepray sagte …
My former college roommate's mother just had a surgery in the UK to correct her scoliosis but it was botched up. Please pray for her safe, sicher recovery in the US. gepostet vor 17 Stunden
InMyCountry1 Kommentiert…
In my country praying is for the weak and only serves as a reminder of the incompetence of homo-sapiens in my country. vor 16 Stunden
deedragongirl Kommentiert…
psychopath vor 7 Stunden
Winxclubgirl202 sagte …
Marvel legend, Stan Lee has passed away at the age of 95
May he rest in peace gepostet vor einem Tag
Sparklefairy375 Kommentiert…
My deep condolences 🙏 vor einem Tag
BB2010 Kommentiert…
I'll miss his cameos vor einem Tag
MaidofOrleans Kommentiert…
I was so sad when I heard :( vor 7 Stunden
mhs1025 sagte …
I just watched Pearl Harbor, and I have to say, it was THE MOST beautiful Michael bucht filmed I watched! The story line was was well written, the Schauspielen was SO phenomenal that it almost felt like Du were in the action, the cast is an all-star cast, but it's a great all-star cast, the scenery was on point, and over all, the whole thing itself was terrific! *Continues in the comments* gepostet vor einem Tag
mhs1025 Kommentiert…
During the scene where Pearl Harbor gets attacked, I was on the verge of tears. I didn't actually cry until the very end. (As in when the credits started rolling.) Not only did the film itself make me cry, but I also cried because of what those boys had to go through. It made me realize how much impact can affect somebody. vor einem Tag
BB2010 Kommentiert…
I've never seen it because I'm not a big Fan of Michael bucht (I actually think he's really gross). I've seen a review of it Von Nostalgia Critic and the movie itself is actually very inaccurate. Not like Titanic inaccurate with the added romance, I mean Pocahontas with a bunch of made up stuff in it. Like the fact that the movie showed the Japanese attacking innocent people the Tag they attacked Pearl Harbor when really they were under strict orders not to do it. vor einem Tag
mhs1025 Kommentiert…
^ After rereading my comment, I should've sagte "They're always gonna add FICTIONAL stuff." My apologies for miswording it, but they're may have been some people in the military who couldn't swim. I'm not trying to start a fight, but that IS possible. vor 11 Stunden