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JNTA1234 sagte …
A lot of people, including myself, have labelled Zurück princesses "unoriginal", "perfect", "self insert".etc. I'd like to formally apologize to Rapunzel, Merida etc. because no princess exemplifies these terms Mehr than Moana in my opinion. She is the most "cookie cutter" interchangeable uninspiring Disney protagonist since Simba from the Lion King. gepostet vor einem Tag
disnerdtobe Kommentiert…
whaaaat don't hate on simba :'( vor einem Tag
BB2010 Kommentiert…
I still like her though vor 21 Stunden
simrananime Kommentiert…
Moana was a fanservice. I might be the only one but I don't care about anyone from Lion King except Timon and Pumbaa xD vor 20 Stunden
wavesurf sagte …
I was just watching parts of The Black Cauldron, yesterday, and then I compared it to the trailer for Frozen II. It strikes me that I do not like the CGI much at all. The skin looks so plastic-like, and the "feel of a book coming alive" is totally absent. I just don't like CGI much, now. I liked the hand-drawn features, and--- aside from Tangled, the Series, none of that exists anymore... I just feel like less and less effort is being made to make a movie, especially a cartoon movie. gepostet vor 2 Tagen
BB2010 Kommentiert…
Tbh I feel like Dreamworks puts Mehr effort in their cgi Filme Von comparison to Disney. I like Pixar’s Animation too but they don’t always get it right. It really is a shame that 2D Animation is practically nonexistent in Filme now. At least in Spider-Man Into the Spider-Verse it had unique Animation that is normally not seen in movies, looking Mehr like a comic book than anything else and while some probably didn’t like the Animation Du can tell there was so much effort put into detail for each character and background. With cgi even if there’s a lot of detail put into the Animation and even if it does look beautiful, there’s no variety in it compared to 2D Animation vor einem Tag
MalloMar Kommentiert…
I read this and thought "It's been a while since I've seen The Black Cauldron, but I certainly don't remember seeing and CGI in it." Then I thought that maybe there's another Black Cauldron movie I don't know about? Anyway, after re-reading this, I learned that I'm stupid. -_- vor einem Tag
BB2010 Kommentiert…
One thing I really miss about 2D Filme is the creative art style. Like the watercolor backgrounds in Lilo and Stitch and James Baxter’s smooth Animation (and I mean smooooooth) vor 2 Stunden
Sparklefairy375 sagte …
I'm just turning 20 today 🎂🎊 Time flies xD gepostet vor 2 Tagen
deedragongirl Kommentiert…
tiffany88 Kommentiert…
Happy Birthday dear <3 vor 2 Tagen
MalloMar Kommentiert…
Happy birthday! vor einem Tag