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Die Fanauswahl: Mulan
Die Fanauswahl: tiffany88
Die Fanauswahl: Belle
Die Fanauswahl: Prince Charming
Die Fanauswahl: Mother's dress in original rosa with different shaded big bow
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SarahCorine sagte …
Guys, can I ask for advice? Let's just say a princess might break up with her prince but she just doesn't know because she still cares for him but it just feels like Liebe is fading. Fighting for literally just silly reasons. Idk. Hey Poca broke up with Smith and that was just brutal. gepostet vor einer Stunde
connor3 sagte …
I don't know if anyone here is still watching Once Upon A Time, but I Liebe the twist they did with princesses this season. SPOILERS!!!! This time they twisted Rapunzel story Von connecting it to the Aschenputtel tale, which is the main focus of this season. In the latest episodes it was revealed, that Rapunzel was in fact Lady Tremaine - Cinderella's stepmother. gepostet vor 4 Stunden
connor3 Kommentiert…
In Once, Rapunzel had her daughters, Anastasia and Drizella, before she was locked in the tower. When Gothel prisoned her, she spend around six years in the tower and her husband believed her to be dead, and so he remarried to Cinderella's mother. When she returns, Rapunzel is devastated to find out this, especially because Drizella, who was younger sister, didn't remember her and was Mehr close to Ella's mother. The reason she became ultimately the wicked stepmother, is because once when Anastasia and Aschenputtel fell into water, their father saved Ella, and for Anastasia it was too late. She couldn't forgive him he saved Ella over their real daughter, and after his death she blamed Aschenputtel for it. The whole story is really interesting and I can't wait to find out how it will be resolved. Personally, I think in the real Once's fashion, Rapunzel will be redeemed in the end. vor 4 Stunden
SarahCorine Kommentiert…
Definitely a spoiler. I haven't seen it yet LOL but I don't mind spoilers. That's actually a really interesting twist. It sounds good. vor einer Stunde
deedragongirl sagte …
The Royal Wedding 2018 will be on May 19! Congratulations to Prince Harry and Megan Markle. gepostet vor 16 Stunden
Sparklefairy375 Kommentiert…
Congrats for them! vor 15 Stunden
MissCinico Kommentiert…
I don't know why, but it's always so exciting when the royal family has a big event like this. vor 7 Stunden