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Die Fanauswahl: Henry Christopher "Kit"
Henry Christopher &# 34; Kit&# 34;
Otto August Ferdinand
Die Fanauswahl: Florian
Die Fanauswahl: Tiana
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KataraLover sagte …
A few days Vor I saw the Power Rangers movie and I absolutely loved it! I loved the racial diversity, that a big budget superhero movie had a superhero with autism (the blue ranger) and another one that is a lesbian (the yellow ranger), the Schauspielen was great (Particularly Elizabeth Banks as Rita Repulsa), the costumes were awesome, the action was intense, the five main characters are both well-developed with their own arcs and have a STRONG chemistry *continues to type in comments* gepostet vor 5 Minuten
KataraLover Kommentiert…
The story was well-paced and very flowing in a way Du can understand, is Updates the Power Rangers in a way that makes it Mehr serious but also has its campiness and the balance is kept perfectly, and the characters are so likable! So what's wrong with it? Well, there are two problems and unfortunately one of them is a BIG problem. First of all, with the less important problem, Krispy Cream plays too much of a plot element in this movie. Talk about product placement! The other problem that is a pretty BIG problem is that they don't get into their Suits until the last third. I mean, the movie is great even before than but it's like if Batman didn't put his suit on until the last third of a movie. Plus it's called the POWER RANGERS! But there are gonna be sequels, so we'll likely see Mehr of them in their Suits later on. So check out the movie and judge for yourself. Vor 0 Minuten
JaDangerz sagte …
I just recently watched The Great maus Detective for the first time in years and I forgot how awesome it was. Vincent Price really knew how to voice a villain and sing like one. gepostet vor 21 Stunden
Mongoose09 Kommentiert…
One of the most underrated Disney movies!!! <3 It'd even possibly be in my oben, nach oben 10. I think Ratigan is up there with the best Disney villains. vor 5 Stunden
big smile
Starfox2000 sagte …
I've just watched the Beauty and the Beast remake, and what can I say? It was pretty good. Thought isn't a masterpiece as the animated film but it was a nice adaption. The Musik was nostalgic, the actors - with a few exception - were great, and I also liked we know a bit Mehr of Belle's and Beast's past. Though the movie had its weaknesses - but I don't want to waste word for them, they don't deserve it XD
Overall, it's oncewatchable, but the original is the BEST <3 gepostet vor einem Tag
wavesurf Kommentiert…
^Cool. Du came to the same conclusion I did. I only wanted to watch it, the once. I'm not a huge Fan of the original cartoon version, either, instead preferring other renditions/film retellings of B & the B over all of Disney's versions. To each their own. :D vor einem Tag
asteriamalfoy Kommentiert…
What versions of Beauty and the Beast do Du find superior? vor einem Tag
wavesurf Kommentiert…
^No problem. If you're willing to give them a try, please have fun! vor 9 Stunden