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Die Fanauswahl: 4.Ariel(Only slightly Mehr intelligant than Jasmine)
Die Fanauswahl: 1.Mulan(Intelligant)
Die Fanauswahl: Gorgeous
Die Fanauswahl: 1.Ariel
Die Fanauswahl: 6.Mulan
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Diazdiaz95 sagte …
Hi, I know it's been a while but I was wondering, do any of Du know how to make banners, like the one this club has, oder one of those crossover pictures with characters from different shows oder movies? What websites oder programs are used to make them? I've always wanted to make one of those but I don't know how oder where to make them. gepostet vor 16 Stunden
Sparklefairy375 Kommentiert…
Banner is usually created with Photoshop, with the size of 800px-100px vor 11 Stunden
euny Kommentiert…
Gimp is also a good option :) vor 5 Stunden
deedragongirl sagte …
I'm 16 going on 17 baby it's time to think! gepostet vor einem Tag
disnerdtobe Kommentiert…
Better beware be canny and careful, baby you're on the brink! vor 17 Stunden
disnerdtobe Kommentiert…
Happy birthday! Gosh you're so young. I wish I was still as young as Du are. vor 17 Stunden
deedragongirl Kommentiert…
^^ rofl, that was so random! vor 10 Stunden
KataraLover sagte …
Do any of Du know what gypsies are? I know in the Disney movie of The Hunchback of Notre dame that they're Romani people and they have prejudice against them and all that. However, for a LONG TIME I didn't know what a gypsy really was. When I asked my mom, she sagte it was someone who traveled from place to place without a home, so when something was stolen they were accused of being the ones who did it *continues to type in comments* gepostet vor einem Tag
ace2000 Kommentiert…
Yup. I read about them in a book that I can't seem to recall the Titel of :/ vor einem Tag
KataraLover Kommentiert…
So basically, what I had thought a gypsy was, was a drifter of some sort. I had no idea they were actually a racial group called Romani people. I've tried to look up what they are but it's hard to find a reliable Quelle and usually it's too long for me to take the time to read because of my school work I have to do and my ADHD. There are also very few Videos on Youtube that talk about what a gypsy is, so that's not much help So do any of Du know exactly what a gypsy is? I'm already aware that they're not just fortune tellers, palm readers, oder dancers. Any knowledge that Du guys have that can help me understand would be appreciated. vor einem Tag
wavesurf Kommentiert…
I've known that 'gypsies' was a racial and ethnic slur for the Roma people for quite a while. This isn't new, though. The Roma have been persecuted for a long time. There have been many ethnic genocides, and I remember that the Nazi's kiiled a whole lot of the Roma, along with the Jews, during the Holocaust. vor 19 Stunden