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Die Fanauswahl: Awful
Die Fanauswahl: Outcast
Die Fanauswahl: Luke
Die Fanauswahl: Luke
Die Fanauswahl: Rogue One: A star, sterne Wars Story
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Seanthehedgehog sagte …
If Du like legos, the star, sterne Wars collection has quite a variety of characters, and vehicles from most of the movies. Especially if you're playing one of the Lego star, sterne Wars video games. I recently saw an advertisement for a few sets based off of the new Solo movie, and I'd like to collect at least one of them. gepostet vor 2 Tagen
Seanthehedgehog sagte …
On May 15th, I'll start a new Fan fiction on this club. It will be called The Longest Day. It may even be the longest Fan fiction I ever wrote. gepostet vor 16 Tagen
kelseyjayne25 sagte …
how old is the Millenium falke, falcon anyways? how is it still flyable?!!!! gepostet vor 2 Monaten
Seanthehedgehog Kommentiert…
Anything can fly as long as Du take good care of it. vor 2 Monaten
Flickerflame Kommentiert…
I think it's meant to be comparable to a classic car which can still run even though it's decades old. vor 2 Monaten
Seanthehedgehog Kommentiert…
I'm thinking Mehr on the lines of a seaplane. When was the last time Du saw one of those flying? vor 2 Monaten