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It's because of episode 3 of season 7 that I'm DONE giving this unnecessary season a chance! *SPOILERS* NO ONE messes with Ana *END OF SPOILERS*! gepostet vor einem Monat
What the hell is with peoples SICK interest in sexualizing Angel? Not only is she an animal (and not an anthropomorphic one) but she is also a child! In human years she's gotta be like 14-years-old and apparently making her like a sex toy with fanart isn't sick? Angel – Jäger der Finsternis would never even act like this because she has too much self-respect to subject herself to this. So it's not only creepy on Mehr than just one level but it's really going against her character to where she's unrecognizable! gepostet vor einem Monat
cruella Kommentiert…
That’s just gross! I have never understood why people feel the need to sexualize any character, especially animal ones. I mean guess I can see the reasoning bit Mehr with ones like Lola oder Launchpad, as opposed to Angel. At least they’re both adult anthropomorphic Tiere that were designed to have nice bodies, still it does seem pretty disrespectful to they’re characters reducing them to sex objects. *continues* vor einem Monat
cruella Kommentiert…
^Exactly! Buying merchandise doesn’t make Du a fan. While, I do own some collectibles of my Favorit characters, I’ve also written fanfics and done fanart that keeps them in character and expands on their personalities, and their relationships. (I don’t think any Fan has explored the friendship of Scrooge and Minnie as much as I have). But being a true Fan of a character means liking the character for who they are, NOT turning them into an unrecognizable porn star. As KataraLover mentioned, if the Angel – Jäger der Finsternis in those pictures had even slightly different pelz color I would NOT know it was her. vor 29 Tagen
NemesisPrime92 Kommentiert…
First of all, it's not Halloween dumb shit, furries don't buy Suits for Halloween. They buy them to bring their characters to life and express themselves in them. The fanart is only disgusting in the eyes of those who are one sided and don't understand oder respect other people's preferences and hobbies. You've still failed to explain to me why you're lashing out on me over this because I Kommentiert on your picture on DeviantArt asking why Du used a baby Scamp to make a "puppy" version of Angel. Why Du mad? vor 29 Tagen
Renegade1765 hat mir Props gegeben für my comments
I saw your Kommentar on that fan-art. I don't think anyone got Elsa pregnant, because the artist just drew both of them like that, without giving any explanation on who the father is. My theory? The father is every man who masturbates to that image. gepostet vor einem Monat