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KataraLover sagte über Disney-Prinzessin
I just got back from seeing Toy Story 4 and my opinion on it will be an unpopular one. I know a lot of people Liebe it but I thought it was just average. The Animation is gorgeous, the "antagonist" is great, and it did have some good emotional moments. However, the characters felt out of character in A LOT of the movie, the characters we know and Liebe are barely even there, the new characters (Apart from the "antagonist") is either annoying oder unmemorable,
*Continues to type in comments* gepostet vor 8 Tagen
KataraLover Kommentiert…
I liked that Bo Peep was back and they gave her Mehr layers to her character but she also felt a bit of character in some parts to that point where it was annoying (I didn't even care much for her to begin with, though I do like her Mehr in this movie), it basically acted like the lessons from the past Filme meant nothing, there aren't that many jokes that are really that funny, Forky was pretty much pointless and his storyline added nothing (Other than Fragen on how in the world he was even alive), it repeats things done from the past three Filme (Which were done MUCH better in the past three movies), and really was an unnecessary film in general that didn't need to exist. The third movie was the PERFECT ending and this movie basically just disrespected that. vor 8 Tagen
KataraLover Kommentiert…
*SPOILERS* I also hated that Woody left the group because they were a family and should've stayed together. Plus, it just felt out of character for Woody. *END OF SPOILERS* Overall, it's not bad but it's not good either. It's just average in my opinion. vor 8 Tagen
Karamatsu Kommentiert…
agree with almost everything Du sagte ESPECIALLY the ending, that was so frustrating vor 2 Tagen
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