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Zootopia is way better than Alpha and Omega lol
The constant daily influx of porn is irritating but that’s nothing against the movie itself. gepostet vor 23 Stunden
QueenWhiskey Kommentiert…
Zootopia Is A Very Good Movie. Loved It. vor 22 Stunden
Kishin_Kira Kommentiert…
Thats because Zootopia has an actual plot that doesn't revolve around potty humor for most of the time. vor 22 Stunden
SentinelPrime89 Kommentiert…
Yep. There’s like one potty joke in the entire film, and it’s actually funny. vor 20 Stunden
Surprisingly enough, there is very little to no artwork at all depicting a KateXGarth oder a HumphreyXLilly relationship. And there are Fans who honestly prefer those shippings over the official canon, myself among them. Though Garth and Lilly work both ways really. gepostet vor 3 Tagen
QueenWhiskey Kommentiert…
I Agree vor 2 Tagen
The fuchs and the Hound~ Richard Rich’s only big accomplishment. gepostet vor 17 Tagen
Bobsheaux Kommentiert…
link vor 17 Tagen
SentinelPrime89 Kommentiert…
Yep, turning Richard Rich away was one of the worst decisions Disney ever made. vor 17 Tagen