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Die Fanauswahl: Hell no!
Hell no!
Die Fanauswahl: Lilly X Pinecone
Lilly X Pinecone
Humphrey X Winston dressed as...
Die Fanauswahl: Tell him Du can't today but maybe tomorrow (what I did!)
Tell him Du can&# 39; t today but...
Log off, intending to pick...
Die Fanauswahl: Humphery
Die Fanauswahl: Shakey
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QueenWhiskey sagte …
From What I Hear Its Arguments Like Below That Kill This
Club. -_- gepostet vor einem Tag
ben15delas Kommentiert…
It's always been arguments I Lost somewhat Good Friends over stuff like this. vor einem Tag
HumphreyWolfMan Kommentiert…
Even though I did say troll, sadly some trolls are liked and are Mehr serious when arguing. If a troll goes around sending false information to me, maybe I need to say it's wrong. And I still needed to say what I sagte when he went in to Zeigen how dumb his behavior was. vor 30 Minuten
HumphreyWolfMan Kommentiert…
Also I guess the drama is over today. That's good. vor 30 Minuten
HumphreyWolfMan sagte …
*says the words* "Alpha and Omega" and "YouTube critics". "Oh no, let's talk about a certain person, stalk his comments, talk about it, directly reply to the person, and even start replying to an old post years ago." gepostet vor einem Tag
HumphreyWolfMan Kommentiert…
It's quite funny, no drama was happening on here. Then that guy comes in and starts it for the show. This is a fact. What a f***ing troll. vor einem Tag
Bobsheaux Kommentiert…
"Why can't he just let the guy have his opinion?" vor einem Tag
HumphreyWolfMan Kommentiert…
And if I did say my sentence right, ignore my meant comment. And I don't get what Du mean if Du were saying something else. I'm allowed to stand up for myself against false information. vor einem Tag
big smile
awsomegtax sagte …
I'm just going to quietly leave Bilder here. I remember when this movie first came out, and I had a best friend who used to get on here at the time. We contributed so much to this club. Either way, I still Liebe the film, but it took them too long to make a sequel, and Von that time... I was uninterested in the Filme sequels. Never seen any of them. But... I still Liebe the movie regardless! gepostet vor 2 Tagen
ben15delas Kommentiert…
2nd and 4rth are only sequels worth seeing. vor einem Tag
SentinelPrime89 Kommentiert…
2nd, 4th, maybe 7th. Rest of the sequels are a pass. vor einem Tag