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Die Fanauswahl: Don't have one
Don&# 39; t have one
Die Fanauswahl: Lilly
Die Fanauswahl: Garth (Anthro form)
Die Fanauswahl: Fleet
Die Fanauswahl: Humphrey
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TimberHumphrey sagte …
this has been a really sad moment for all us bronies: at the 2019 Toy Fair, Hasbro officially announced.... that S9 is the final season of FiM. which means.... it’ll end this Jahr :( gepostet vor 22 Stunden
Imagine7197 Kommentiert…
Ik! Im so sad!. Oh well. The Zeigen may end. But does the fandom really Have to? vor 10 Stunden
TimberHumphrey sagte …
it's official, folks: in 2 years from now, we're gonna be getting a brand-new MLP movie on the big screen! gepostet vor einem Tag
Imagine7197 Kommentiert…
Really? Sweet!!!! vor einem Tag
HumphreyWolfMan sagte …
I don't want to sound mean, but when anyone who makes a legally protected negative complaint toward any character in the A&O series, please remember that people are ALSO allowed to express their dislike toward such complaints too just so as long as it's legally protected speech. I sometimes see something mainly like "But he/she has a right to say that." but acts like nobody can express any legal disagreement toward such claim likely. I don't think that's right. gepostet vor 2 Tagen