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Die Fanauswahl: The incumbent
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Die Fanauswahl: A new banner
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Die Fanauswahl: Kate
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TimberHumphrey sagte …
so, Jeremy Jahns thought Guardians of the Galaxy 2 might be a better movie if you're drunk. which means: it's disappointing gepostet vor 2 Stunden
TimberHumphrey sagte …
keep the trailers for The Last Knight coming, Michael Bay. but there's no way you're gonna make me pumped for it. i just know it's gonna be another shitty sequel gepostet vor 18 Stunden
Alphawolfben Kommentiert…
That's your opinion but unlike u Myself and my family Liebe the bayverse films and this one looks great we've never seen Optimus turn evil like this before and we do have a bumblebee spin off coming Weiter Jahr done Von the guy who did kubo and if u don't like the bayverse go watch G1 oder Prime vor 15 Stunden
Chidori1334 Kommentiert…
Its gonna look terrible, especially Michael bucht announced 14 Mehr Filme which I hated bucht since he first announced TMNT when he WAS gonna turn the turtles into "aliens" but I was glad that got scrapped and sticked to the original origin of the turtles vor 10 Stunden
Alphawolfben Kommentiert…
That's wrong it was the writers room that came up with 14 movie ideas and this is suppose to be bays final film I know he sagte that about the third but one the bumblebee solo fiom Weiter Jahr is being done Von the guy who did kubo and also like it oder not Transformers isn't stopping it gets billions so you'll just have to live witht he fact there will be transfomers films every Jahr now vor 2 Stunden
TimberHumphrey Kommentiert…
i'm glad Du like these movies, Ben. trust me, i am. but it's just that every single time i walk into them, hoping for it to be good oder at least entertaining, i'm always let down. Age of Extinction was the final straw for me, and personally, i hated it. so i don't wanna offend anybody here. sorry if i do (it's just my opinion), like i said: i'm really glad people like these movies. i personally just can't do it anymore. i can't trust these Filme anymore. i've completely Lost hope vor 2 Stunden
TimberHumphrey sagte …
one of the things that made A&O 4 a solid sequel: it's character-driven. that means, instead of wasting its time on being stupid and obnoxious, it actually takes its time to tell a decent story, develop the characters, introduce great new characters (Daria) and it's not afraid to have darker and Mehr mature themes. is it perfect? hell no, it still has some problems here and there. but A&O 4 genuinely was something they cared about when they made it gepostet vor einem Tag