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Die Fanauswahl: Donald Trump
Die Fanauswahl: Deadpool
Combo of Both
Die Fanauswahl: The bathroom song
The bathroom song
Anytime his ugly arsch was on...
Die Fanauswahl: Stinky
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Zach-Coley sagte …
I'm blind in my right eye! Okay! Guyz I wonder what caused it? Hmmmmmm?
XD gepostet vor 16 Stunden
QueenWhiskey Kommentiert…
Try Not Aiming At Your Face When Du Jerk Off! vor 13 Stunden
NemesisPrime92 Kommentiert…
That’s funny af xD vor einer Stunde
TimberHumphrey sagte …
let's be honest: the re-dubbing for the flashbacks in A&O 5 are fucking terrible! Du could tell both Kate Higgins and Ben Diskin really didn't wanna be there gepostet vor einem Tag
SentinelPrime89 sagte …
Zootopia is way better than Alpha and Omega lol
The constant daily influx of porn is irritating but that’s nothing against the movie itself. gepostet vor einem Tag
QueenWhiskey Kommentiert…
Zootopia Is A Very Good Movie. Loved It. vor einem Tag
Kishin_Kira Kommentiert…
Thats because Zootopia has an actual plot that doesn't revolve around potty humor for most of the time. vor einem Tag
SentinelPrime89 Kommentiert…
Yep. There’s like one potty joke in the entire film, and it’s actually funny. vor einem Tag