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Die Fanauswahl: Garth x Lilly
Garth x Lilly
Humphrey x Kate
Die Fanauswahl: Kate
Die Fanauswahl: Hayden Panettiere
Hayden Panettiere
Kate Higgins
Die Fanauswahl: Dennis Hopper (though it was his final film)
Dennis Hopper (though it was...
Bill Lader
Die Fanauswahl: Christina Ricci
Christina Ricci
Kate Higgins
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TimberHumphrey sagte …
R.I.P Jerry Lewis gepostet vor 13 Stunden
Chidori1334 Kommentiert…
Can't believe were losing Mehr legends now a days vor 12 Stunden
TimberHumphrey sagte …
"did Du just talk to me?"
"wait! Du can speak bear?"
"no dummy. you're speaking human"

1) i think the right reaction would be: "OH MY FUCKING GOD!! THAT'S A TALKING POLAR BEAR!!"
2) what the fuck does "speak human" mean? does he know other languages like French, Italian, Chinese, Russian oder something? and how did he get that trait? since he and his grandpa have the same trait, then why the fuck doesn't his DAD have it too? how did they get that fucking trait? .....
just..... UGH!! gepostet vor einem Tag
TimberHumphrey sagte …
man, the A&O game is terrible! never mind the poor graphics, but all the game is, it's just 4 mini-games that are way too easy to win, making the whole entire game feel BORING gepostet vor einem Tag
QueenWhiskey Kommentiert…
I didn't really bother trying to get it. vor einem Tag
Chidori1334 Kommentiert…
Even getting achievements too vor einem Tag