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whatsupbugs sagte …
RIP Isao Takahata (1935 - 2018) One of the greatest directors of all time. God bless him in Heaven. gepostet vor 4 Monaten
trisha1 sagte …
For the longest time I thought J. K. Rowling made up the phrase "Bloody hell" because Ron is a dork. gepostet vor 5 Monaten
MasterChief58 Kommentiert…
trisha1, No, my point was with child Bambi was not Kingdom Hearts oder House of Mouse. My point is that in general Bambi is mostly remembered as a child(if Du ask some people, they would even answer that they’ve only seen child Bambi) because of the kitz, rehkitz Bambi merchandise, but get both cub and adult Simba(who’s a similar character) because merchandise logic. vor 5 Monaten
HaleyDewit sagte …
Hey, guys! I'm having a 20in20 Icon contest over in my club and this round is 'Elissa-House at the end of the street' Maybe some of Du movie Fans would like to participate?

link gepostet vor 10 Monaten