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Riku114 sagte über Riku114
*curls up in a ball of sleep and pain* gepostet vor 9 Stunden
Riku114 Kommentiert…
My body is not happy with the amount of lifting and physical work I did at the Wildlife and Wetlands place on Sunday, combined with the poor sleep I got, combined with the extremely long Tag today XD vor 9 Stunden
TheLefteris24 Kommentiert…
Lack of sleep and physical work is quite a poor combination. An effective Sleep on the other hand can make all the difference !!!! vor 3 Stunden
Riku114 sagte über Riku114
People act like Im kidding when I talk about how - irl at least - I genuinely have a fear of girls my age. gepostet vor 16 Stunden
Riku114 Kommentiert…
Like I am initially very uncomfortable and avoidant of them until gegeben a reason to force myself to talk and realize they are okay. vor 16 Stunden
Riku114 sagte über Riku114
Riku114 Kommentiert…
LOKI HAS BEEN ON MY Favoriten Liste THIS LONG vor einem Tag
wantadog Kommentiert…
What Wanta sagte vor 17 Stunden
2ntyoneplts Kommentiert…
^ grrr vor 15 Stunden