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Die Fanauswahl: greystripe friend of fireheart
greystripe friend of firehea- rt...
whitestorm a loyal relyiab- le...
Die Fanauswahl: sandstorm
silvers- tream daughter of...
Die Fanauswahl: sandstorm
goldenf- lower
Die Fanauswahl: Bluestar clan leader of thunderclan
Bluestar clan leader of...
silvers- tream daughter of...
Die Fanauswahl: barambleclaw
barambl- eclaw
Tigerclaw very strong but...
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big smile
PiggyLove sagte …
Du should consider adding a place where Du can write your own warrior cat Bücher and share it with others! gepostet vor 3 Monaten
Embershine Kommentiert…
Do Du have a name for a warrior cat in my book. (You added white with grey tail and very blue eyes on one of my polls) I wanted to find a name for her/him in my book. vor 2 Monaten
Embershine Kommentiert…
+Plus I totally agree! vor 2 Monaten
Mama1416 sagte …
Anyone interested in joining a Warrior Katzen rp on Kik? Desperate! gepostet vor 4 Monaten
Embershine Kommentiert…
Yes but I don't know how. Tell me how and I will vor 4 Monaten
Mama1416 Kommentiert…
Make a Kik then message me breebree947814 vor 4 Monaten
catlover1999 sagte …
i Liebe this series, i like the covers of the Bücher as well, on forest of secrets, fireheart/firestar's pelt is like emphasized and it's so beautiful, i consider him a really powerful leader, i mean he managed to kill scourge who in fact ripped all 9 lives from tigerstar at once. gepostet vor 6 Monaten