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:'( So sad and beautiful..
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Reason she became a medicat because of matey issues!
Knew Firepaw for like four months
Really liked him even though he barely spoke to her!
Really visited him from Starclan every time he dreamed , probably trying to make him realize he wanted her!
Was too young to be dead!
Left all worlds being a mary sue and saving Sandstorm out of misplaced 'selflessness'
More like Saltstorm!
When Firepaw came into Clan:
Mocked him as a 'kittypet'
Sided with Dustpaw, who obviously likes her way Mehr than Firepaw
When Fireheart became a warrior before her, she was jealous and resentful.
When he...
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 "Our little secret"
"Our little secret"
"Goodnight, Barley," sagte Ravenpaw.

"Sweet dreams," sagte Barley.

Ravenpaw drifted off into sleep. He found himself in a strange and dark place. Two glowing eyes were staring at him. A cat walked out that Ravenpaw reconized. That scar, that chip in his ear, that tabby pelt, it was Tigerstar!

"T-Tigerstar, w-what are yo-you doing here?" sagte Ravenpaw.

"Oh, Ravenpaw my Favorit apprentice," sagte Tigerstar,"Turns out our little secret got out, remember what I told you."

"Y-You told me that Du would kill me if I told," sagte Ravenpaw,"But I didn't tell Bluestar, Firestar did."

"Yes, but someone told Firestar," sagte Tigerstar," And he thought that if he ran away he would get away with it." He unsheathed his claws.

"Y-You can't really hurt me, this is a dream," sagte Ravenpaw.

"Oh, think again," sagte Tigerstar. He jumped on Ravenpaw and pinned him. "Our little secret," he whispered and bit Ravenpaw's neck.