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Die Fanauswahl: Winter Princess
Die Fanauswahl: 2
Die Fanauswahl: Belle
Die Fanauswahl: Michael Jackson
Die Fanauswahl: Beat It (Michael Jackson)
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1 Fan Hat diese Frage beantwortet
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GDragon612 sagte …
Du know modern Talking yeah =D gepostet vor einem Monat
SilentForce Kommentiert…
Yup.They one of my Favorit duos <3 vor einem Monat
GDragon612 Kommentiert…
I Liebe modern talking too<3 vor einem Monat
JosepineJackson Kommentiert…
This just brings back so many memories for me, all that 80s music... I was a huge Fan of Modern Talking for some time years ago, that was an important time in my life because together with my first Musik obsession came the circumstances that made me finally start to grow up, long story actually. ❤️ vor einem Monat
SilentForce sagte …
I really wonder sometimes what the members of this club who aren't into the 80's,think about all the 80's stuff that I post in here lmao gepostet vor einem Monat
Karoii-chan Kommentiert…
*....So this is what the world was into before I was conceived!* xD vor einem Monat
SilentForce Kommentiert…
*so this is how hot 80's dudes were-wait,what?* vor einem Monat
Karoii-chan Kommentiert…
^ That, too. xD vor einem Monat
Karoii-chan Kommentiert…
Not conceived, really..... those things existed before my parents even met each other. xD vor einem Monat
Karoii-chan sagte …
The only reason why I haven't answered those 5 newest Umfrage is because I simply haven't seen those 5 shows yet. No hard feelings... xD gepostet vor 5 Monaten
Karoii-chan Kommentiert…
I mean 4! Sorry! That was so embarrassing. Ignore me, I think I'm drunk. xD vor 5 Monaten
SilentForce Kommentiert…
Girl,I only added 2 new polls,the other one was added Von Disneyprince XD vor 5 Monaten
SilentForce Kommentiert…
Pfffft...such a Crack Queen XD vor 5 Monaten