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AquaMarine6663 sagte …
Can't wait to actually be able to draw shit on my tablet.
Hnnn- gepostet vor einem Monat
AquaMarine6663 sagte …
We👏need👏to👏start👏a👏new👏Soul Eater👏RP👏
😤😤👌👌👌💪💯💯😡 gepostet vor 2 Monaten
DisneyPrince88 Kommentiert…
Go for it vor 2 Monaten
AquaMarine6663 sagte …
So on G+, there's this 13 Jahr old chick that smokes pot and feels the need to private message me Schauspielen all loopy and crazy pretty much whenever she does.
Now I'm about 95% certain she's just Schauspielen that way after smoking just to seem cool and edgy since I've smoked shit strong enough to make me almost pass out every five Minuten and I was still able to get online and type a coherent sentence and mostly act the same, so can my friend that smokes whenever he does-
Stupid arsch kid. gepostet vor 2 Monaten
AquaMarine6663 Kommentiert…
Decided to complain about this here since there's less of a chance of someone seeing this post and then whining to their followers to block me since I smoke the Devil's grüner salat, salat every now and then. vor 2 Monaten
Windwakerguy430 Kommentiert…
Du go there to die oder make fun of Zuckerburg like everyone else vor 2 Monaten
AquaMarine6663 Kommentiert…
Yeah- vor 2 Monaten