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  • Female, 18 years old
  • New Mexico
  • Favorite TV Show: Madoka magica, Fullmetal alchemist, Serial experiments Lain, weeb trash
    Favorite Musician: Disturbed, bauhaus, godsmack, dawn of demise, joy division, the smiths, papa roach, backstreet boys
    Favorite Book or Author: yes
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Mauserfan1910 sagte über Zufällig
"White people in the haube calling me mayonnaise because I'm a spicy motherfucker" ~a white co worker who lives nowhere near the haube gepostet vor einem Tag
Mauserfan1910 sagte über Zufällig
My f-350 is broken down and my f-100 still has it's engine on a lift. I don't have a ride to work today. F U C K
Can anyone give me a lift to the Ernest Ranch?? gepostet vor 2 Tagen
Seanthehedgehog Kommentiert…
Don't ask me, I'm in New Jersey. Von the time I get there, your trucks'll probably be fixed. vor 2 Tagen
Mauserfan1910 Kommentiert…
It's just a vacuum leak honestly. I'll stop Von AutoZone after work and get a new hose vor 2 Tagen
Mauserfan1910 Kommentiert…
One of my co workers already picked me up. Of course his old Festiva smells like Marlboro black and cow shit, but sometimes Du take what Du can get vor 2 Tagen
springely Kommentiert…
Sure thing. Give me 9 hours ok. vor 2 Tagen
Mauserfan1910 sagte über Zufällig
I was at the traktor supply co today and I got to talking to the clerk. She's pregnant too so we talked a lot about that. I mentioned having a cat and she asked me if I was going to get rid of him when I have my baby. Of course not. I don't think people understand that there is a kind of understanding all mammals have and Katzen know what Babys are gepostet vor 5 Tagen
Mauserfan1910 Kommentiert…
Pregnancy is something we humans share with cats, cattle, dogs, mice, and it's pretty much exactly the same biological process regardless of species. Tiere have an instinct to know what a pregnant female looks like and to be gentle with Babys vor 5 Tagen
Zeppie Kommentiert…
^In general yeah, but Tiere such as small Hunde are known to Zeigen a lot of aggression towards Babys so they need to be introduced very carefully and slowly. Bigger Hunde don't tend to Zeigen that aggression. My oldest brother and his missus had a baby and brought him over to my house. I have two small Hunde and i've never seen them so vicious before :| They're better now, but yeah...small Hunde don't do well with youngins. vor 5 Tagen
wantadog Kommentiert…
The smaller a dog is, the Mehr concentrated evil is contained within it. vor 4 Tagen