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Die Fanauswahl: there were seven options so im adding an eighth one because fuck 7
Die Fanauswahl: yes
Die Fanauswahl: Wut.
Die Fanauswahl: Super Sonico
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BlueDopamine sagte …
88888888 gepostet vor 3 Monaten
2ntyOnePilots sagte …
It's kind of messed up
The only time I write
Is when I'm stressed oder sad
And turn out the light
I'm afraid I messed up
And I'm not worth my blisters
Because birthdays and Christmas
Are not on my wish list

I like happy songs
With titles that don't match at all
So spin the bottle in your brain
And match your weakness with a name

You're so cold
I've got to know
What made Du so
Scared to be alone?
I've got to know
Who chilled your bones
That wasn't me gepostet vor 4 Monaten
2ntyOnePilots Kommentiert…
When I feel Merida - Legende der Highlands And gather my words My speech I gripped Starts to slip and slur I don't want this black wolke anymore I don't want this dead doubt anymore Weighing me down Stressing me out I like happy songs With titles that don't match at all So spin the bottle in your brain And match your weakness with a name I like happy songs that sound nice Even with their words like dog bites Cutting through my hands 'Cause feeling is a rare thing for me On my ceiling [Chorus] I brought a messer to a gunfight I brought my words to a fistfight I brought my hell to Du And now the boys are back The boys are sad vor 4 Monaten
8theGreat Kommentiert…
OH MY GOODNESS thank Du for this glorious Waterparks spam vor 4 Monaten
8theGreat sagte …
So I guess a couple of weeks Vor someone reported one of the Videos I put here and it got taken down but since it was taken down I have no idea what it even was.

Now I'm just sitting here wondering what on Earth I gepostet that was so reprehensible. gepostet vor 5 Monaten
8theGreat Kommentiert…
Like most of it is just Musik and dumb Videos Prez has sent me. vor 5 Monaten
TheLefteris24 Kommentiert…
It has happened on my Club as well a few times. The reason for it was because those Videos were not available anymore. They got taken down as broken content. Well, to be Mehr precise I deleted them myself once I got the reports !!!! vor 4 Monaten
BlueDopamine Kommentiert…
I laughed so hard vor 3 Monaten