Mark Knight O'Malley

Bei Fanpop seit April 2017

  • Male, 26 years old
  • Dublin, Ireland & Belfast, NI, United Kingdom
  • Favorite TV Show: BBC Merlin, House Of Anubis (UK), Doctor Who ...
    Favorite Movie: Too many to name them all. I also like star, sterne Wars & star, sterne Trek + Superman ...
    Favorite Musician: ABBA ... I like all sorts of music, from all decades, yet I'm a retro freak!
    Favorite Book or Author: The Divine Comedy, Romeo And Juliet & Agatha Christie
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Essence38154 hat mir Props gegeben für my answers
I raise a glass to Mark my best friend and to his amazing husband Seán. Cheers to your Liebe and to the wonderful journey from Belfast to Dublin :) gepostet vor 3 Stunden
Essence38154 hat mir Props gegeben für my comments
Congrats on the moving to Dublin :) hugs gepostet vor 4 Stunden
BJsRealm sagte …
Guess there's no Mehr point in hiding anything from my Fans & friends.For the last 3 weeks Seán & I we're both redecorating our new flat (or the appartment if Du prefer) in Dublin,Ireland.Seán has inherited the flat from his late great-aunt Fiona.We're planning to leave Belfast asap.An Englishman in Dublin!Sounds almost like a film title.Let's hope it's a romantic comedy.That's why I'm not as much on Fanpop as I used to be.We're moving to Dublin,IRL,EU.So,now Du all know. gepostet vor 13 Stunden
BJsRealm Kommentiert…
Don't worry, I'm gonna keep my British nationality. I have applied for the Irish nationality as soon as we got married, but the request was denied. I have to live in Ireland for 5 yrs to become a citizen. Then I'll have a dual nationality, both UK & IRL, just like my husband & I'll also become the EU citizen just like Seán once again, even after the Brexit! vor 13 Stunden
Essence38154 Kommentiert…
Thank Du for sharing your big news with us. I'm so happy for you, Seán and your cat Lucky moving to Dublin. Hugs vor 4 Stunden
BJsRealm Kommentiert…
^Thank you, my dear friend. Btw Du seem to forget Max, my husband's dog, NOT my ex LOL Max will also have to Bewegen to Dublin with us. There are several options still open, but that's up to me & Seán to make some compromises. I'll give Du a hint: one of those options is that we keep our flat in Belfast. Living in Dublin may not be the best possible solution for an Englishman like me after all. Don't get me wrong, I like Dublin, but the real Frage is would Dublin\ers like me! vor 2 Stunden