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SilentForce hat mir Props gegeben für my comments
Requisiten for being the only person on here who agrees with me that older Anime art styles are Mehr appealing gepostet vor einem Tag
BlindBandit92 hat mir Props gegeben für my comments
Du know what I take back what I sagte about cuteness. I like things that are stereotypically cute but I never perceive them as being cute. I am only view them as: "Interesting" "Cool" "Awesome". I don't believe I get the D'awww feeling of cuteness. Maybe that's why I disconnect with term/concept. If I see for example a few days ago. A sealion (I believe) was holding their trainer's hand after being rubbed on its stomach. I thought wow this is therapeautic to watch it as a gif. gepostet vor 4 Tagen
BlindBandit92 Kommentiert…
And i watched it over and over again because I like the camaraderie among them. I guess those things somewhat make me smile but I never see them as being cute so maybe its semantics plus disconnection? vor 4 Tagen
BlindBandit92 Kommentiert…
But it's not all cute things though. However. I don't know honestly. vor 4 Tagen
Shukuya hat mir Props gegeben für my comments
Thanks for the add
Wanna Mitmachen my club and inform me after
Your visit gepostet vor 5 Tagen