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TheLefteris24 sagte …
I find it really nice that there are some people here who actually describe me as being friendly, kind, energetic oder even cute and huggable. It is pretty ironic since I usually give much different vibes to the people I meet offline with the only exception of my two closest friends. Believe it oder not, I always used to be seen as the distant, kinda cold and silent type. The reason for that being my anxiety and extreme shyness !!!! gepostet vor 20 Tagen
TheLefteris24 Kommentiert…
Certain events that happened through my childhood resulted in me getting even Mehr enclosed to myself. Through the years I have improved and saw notable changes in myself. I still can't say that I am much of a socializing person though. Of course, I try to do my best !!!! vor 20 Tagen
TheLefteris24 Kommentiert…
Anyway, my awkwardness can still give various impressions on people. Especially when I meet them for the first time. It is going to take me a while to adapt to their company. Once I do, my personality doesn't differ much from what most of Du see. I have been gegeben enough freedom here to be much Mehr closer in myself !!!! vor 20 Tagen
TheLefteris24 Kommentiert…
Not sure if anyone is going to notice but I felt the need to express myself regardless and write this here. Just wanted to say to all of Du who have told me your thoughts that I am impressed Von your perceivement of me and I really appreciate it. There might be a few sides of me that haven't been shown and honestly, I'm not even sure myself about them. I'm still being explored (lol) but Du people seem to have a basic understanding and that makes me glad. Same that I have found various members that I can relate too !!!! vor 20 Tagen
TheLefteris24 sagte …
Tfw everything goes alright for Du but deep down, there is a certain sorrow that has taken root. The Melancholy doesn't seem to go away and Du are not even sure why it exists in the first place. I was wondering, if anyone else could relate...? gepostet vor 23 Tagen
SilentForce Kommentiert…
This actually does sometimes happen to me. vor 7 Tagen
TheLefteris24 sagte …
I have been thinking for a while how it would be to have Kids of my own. It is far too early for me yet and I can't say I'm interested in general on that subject. It is a huge responsibility and I don't know if I will ever be up to the task. Judging from the experience of a few relatives, raising a Child is no simple feat. Seeing them being born into this World, being so fragile and annoying as Babys and having so many things to teach them as they grow up to be responsible themselves... gepostet vor 28 Tagen
TheLefteris24 Kommentiert…
Then again, there are times where I think how much joy could that bring to a person's life. Because there are the fun parts too. Right? Staying with them, playing, learning, beaming with pride when Du see them being content and happy as well as seeing yourself in them and knowing that they can be there for Du just like Du are. In general, being able to share all the Liebe that Du hold deep within. I believe an experience like that could make one a better person !!!! vor 28 Tagen
TheLefteris24 Kommentiert…
In the end, perhaps it should be better to say that it's not that I don't want to be a Parent but Mehr like, I don't know if I really deserve to be one. As I said, it is a huge responsibility and the thought of failing as one just terrifies me. I find those who get on with something like that really worthy of admiration !!!! vor 28 Tagen
SilentForce Kommentiert…
I honestly feel the same way about the subject of being a parent. vor 27 Tagen