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posted by Seanthehedgehog
When Case cracker returned to the Pizzeria with Gordon and Sam, they told Jim about their success.

Jim: Alright, great job Du three. Now, time for lunch. I'm buying. Want any pizza?
Sam: I'll take mine with broccoli, and onions.
Case Cracker: I'd like some pineapple on mine.
Gordon: Get me sausage.
Jim: How many slices would Du like?
Sam: I'll take two.
Case Cracker: Two.
Gordon: Just one for me.
Jim: Okay. *Goes to order pizza*
Sam: We did great.
Case Cracker: A clean kill. No Mehr cop.

They enjoyed their pizza. Weiter day, Gordon was sleeping when Case cracker walked into his home.

Gordon: Case, what...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Video Game Troll

Starring Sean the hedgehog as Fox335
Mortomis as Kadillack
Other players in this match are real players, and are not portrayed Von any actors.

Today's game: Grand Theft Auto 5

Fox335: *Driving a Red Coquette through Blaine County*
Kadillack: Du know? This is the only good Grand Theft Auto game. Every other game has either bad graphics, oder terrible gameplay. Usually, it's both.
klk321: Yo, you're insulting the best video game franchise ever.
Fox335: No, the best game franchise ever is Gran Turismo. Du don't have to murder others just to win a race.
Audience: *Quietly laughing*...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog

Starring Tom Foolery as Otis
Master Sword as Chip
Snow Wonder as Elena
Heartsong as Casey
Cosmic regenbogen as Olson
Mortomis as Caddy
Blaze as Mitchell

A golf course was just constructed in Ponyville. Otis, and Chip were playing against each other.

Chip: Watch this. I'm gonna hit the ball with the 3 wood, and it's gonna hit the flag pole, and go right into the hole.
Otis: But we're already on the fairway, and you'll just hit the ball out of bounds.
Audience: *Laughing*
Chip: Just watch me! *Grabs 3 wood, and hits the ball*

The ball rocketed to the flagpole. It hit the pole, and fell into the hole....
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
 Pierce Hawkins
Pierce Hawkins
In San Franciscolt, the police were being notified about the bank robbers.

Police pony 36: *On phone* Right. We'll alert all of our units now. Thanks again. *Hangs up* We got news from LA everypony. Four bank robbers are coming here Von train. They just robbed a bank, and got on the train as fast as they could.
Police pony 94: We need to tell the commissioner.
Police pony 36: I'll notify him, and Du must tell Detective Hawkins about it.
Police pony 94: I will.

Detective Hawkins was a green earth pony with orange hooves. He was pulling over a pony in a station wagon for speeding when he heard...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Princess Celestia

Starring Celestia, Luna, Twilight, and Derpy as theirselves
Blaze as Jonathan (For this skit, he's bald.)
Cosmic regenbogen as Chrysler (For this skit, he has a mustache.)
Mortomis as Bryan
Saten Twist as Timothy
Double Scoop as Skeletor
Master Sword as Harry
Sophie Shimmer as Alexis
Astrel Sky as Jenny

Lots of ponies were gathering at the main hall in Celestia's castle.

Bryan: *With Harry* There seems to be a lot of ponies that want to compete in this event.
Harry: *Carrying a glass of champagne* Nonsense. Absolute nonsense. The worst part is that I got invited.
Audience: *Laughing*...
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posted by AquaMarine6663
Aqua Marine trotted away, bored. She suddenly stumbled across a gorge in the earth, and the ground was now stone. Down in the gorge, a waterfall thundered and a river ran far below. She sat down and looked behind her. “How far did I walk?” she murmured to herself. Suddenly, a messer like the one from earlier flew over her head and hit the rock Wand behind her with a clang. Aqua looked up, startled. “Today is your Tag to die, Aqua Marine.” She heard a voice say. She looked up at a ledge, where the voice came from. A grey earth pony with a black wild mane was standing there. “Who are...
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posted by Canada24
This may not be my greatest episode. But its all I got..

Saten: Guys what's with all the vines?
AppleJack: I don't know. But it'll soon take over all of ponyville considering how fast it's moving.
Satan: Yeah. Fast.. Just like in-
AppleJack: Okay! We get it! Your used in a car racing story.. Will Du ever shut up about it!?
Saten: We'll see..

Saten: Soo.. The whole Ponyville is being invaded Von huge vine like plants? And the princess's have been captured?
Twi: Yes.. Except for me.
Saten: *turns to AppleJack* Hey.. Remember how Du keep saying "only when hell freezes over".. Well.. I think this qualifies.....
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Trixie:Discort,I only made that stupid Pinkie Pie as a "great master" for only a short time.She does not know what is going to happen.
Discort:And what do Du want from me?
Trixie:I want Du to let her know who is the boss here.
Discort:But Du can do it already.
Trixie:Now,I say!
Discort:Okay,but don't cry to me later.
Trixie:Don't worry.I won't.
Discort:Okay.You asked for it.
Trixie:Don't try to change my mind.I now Du are still tuched from that friend of yours"Flutter Shy".She is Mehr weaker and stupid than anyone.
Discort:Don't Du dare to speak to her like that.
Trixie:And why?What are Du going to do about it?
Discort:I will never work with Du again.
Trixie:Okay.Turn your self to good.I don't need Du anymore.You know what?I didn't needed Du at the first place.
Discort:Very well then.*Leaves*

Discort:I am Von your side now.
Flutter Shy:How can we believe you?
Twilight:Prove it.
Discort:Okay.*proves it*
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 The three together in one picture. What's with the negativity?
The three together in one picture. What's with the negativity?
Alright! Moon-Dust12, if your'e Lesen this, you'll be impressed, because I've had it! First of all, Princess Luna being shipped with my OC Blazin' Blue was my idea, and a good one. Du don't like that he is shipped with her and has a daughter named Nightshade? That's your problem. But don't jump on my case oder my friend Moon-Dust12's case about it, just because I let him use my OC and nachtschatten in his Fan fiction! It's insanely rude, and if Du don't like it, don't Kommentar on it. I already took the heat on Google+, and that already left me PISSED OFF. But seeing how Moon-Dust12 also got attacked...
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