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(In fanfics.If it's kanone I'm fine)

1.Well in my case I find it wrong When Du take two male characters who do NOT have Liebe between each other and draw graphic Fan art of them.

2.(If Du want Yaoi read/watch Shonen ai.Those are full of yaoi)If it's Shonen that means there is NO chance of yaoi,People take two guys and put them together.Example:Naruto and Sasuke I know Du think they Liebe each other but they don't at the most it's brotherly if even that.

3.When Du take brothers oder any relatives of all people and put them together it tends to make the haters hate more.What's with and incest?!

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nanatsu no taizai
seven deadly sins
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Those who have loved the art and stories but not got enough of it to enjoy, can rejoice now. Mangachrome is providing Manga online on The site is being promoted Von a mini community sharing same interests. This provides for a common place for all manga-fans to share their artefacts with others online and win applause. presents an unending Liste of latest Manga to enhance your excitement. Naruto latest series, Bleach, Claymore, History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi, Fairy Tail, Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, Mahou Sensei Negima, Skip Beat, and many more.

More importantly,...
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 Kodansha Comics revealed sketches (pictured at right) for Mashima's new Manga in April.
Kodansha Comics revealed sketches (pictured at right) for Mashima's new manga in April.
This year's 26th issue of Kodansha's Weekly Shōnen Magazine revealed on Wednesday that Hiro Mashima's new Manga is tentatively titled Eden's Zero. The Manga will have a simultaneous release starting from the first chapter in English, French, Chinese, Korean, and Thai. The issue also revealed a visual for the new manga, featuring a man with black hair and a bandage on his face.

North American publisher Kodansha Comics announced on Tuesday that the series' English release will be available on outlets such as Crunchyroll Manga, Comixology, and Kindle. In addition, the company gepostet the following...
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