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Got a name 4 me?

Okay so I'm Schreiben this story called Dying Frost and there's these three triplets that are in my story. They are girls and have red hair and brown eyes, there from the evil tribe 'Fire Tribe' and they all three have very different personalities, the left handed triplet is very shy and quiet, she keeps to herself and knows many of the feuer people's secrets... No like she would ever tell she's VERY loyal. The right handed triplet is loud and strong, she's always trying to impress people, one of those stubborn people who thinks they have it figured out (BOY IS SHE WRONG). The last triplet, the amadectrix, Is very mysterious, she knows EVERYTHING and has a weird ability of Lesen people's minds, she is the kind of person that nobody quiet knows, she very dark...

 allicyn1234 posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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snootygirl50701 said:
Here are some names:

Sharia. Deland. Rosetta. Tyra
Fergie. Isaiah. Willdia. Alik
Lala. Marcia. Lira. Merabella
kayla. Hanna. Barbarian. Mercy.
Dylan. Aranica. Rossa. Sicilia

There are some names! I didn't know if Du wanted strange names so .....there!
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posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr 
I like Marabella, OH CHECK IT OUT HOW BOUT THIS!!!!!!
allicyn1234 posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
YEP, it will wear off in like... 20 Minuten though
allicyn1234 posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
okay,bye hypernesss and hello normal Alli
snootygirl50701 posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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