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Hearing Damage
CHAPTER 1–Damee’s Past.

December 24th, 2004

I smiled as I saw two faces in the mirror. One of them was mine and the other was of a woman who looked to be in her late twenties with dark brown hair and dark cerulean eyes. She was wearing a dark blue dress with diamond earrings and her face full of light make-up. In the mirror, I thought of her as a princess like in those fairytale stories.
The woman was my mom.
My mom breathed, squeezing my shoulders gently. "You look beautiful sweetie," she said.
"Thanks mom." I smiled a small smile, looking over at her. I was scared of my reflection,...
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posted by malmcd
I Believe

I believe the stars keep shining all through the
I believe if we just keep trying it will be alright.

I believe that someday we're gonna find our way.
And I believe in a beautiful day.

I believe in Liebhaber walking side Von side.
I believe that someday we'll be satisfied.
I believe the Engel listen god hears us pray.
And I believe in a beautiful day.
Yeah I believe it's gonna work out and be ok.

But not for me, and not for you.

I believe, I believe that all are wish's will come true.

I believe, I believe, I believe. ohh

I believe there's an answer waiting when the Tag is done.
I believe if...
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posted by malmcd
I'm Fine.
That is the number one biggest lie.
An average person tells for lies a Tag oder 1460 in a year,
A total of 87,600 Von the age of 60.
And the biggest one is I'm fine...

When someone says there fine don't believe them...
Because really inside there feeling...
On the verge of tears.
About to break down.
Ready to give up.
A burden.
About to fall apart at any moment.
Never good enough.

All these things run through the person's head but all they can come up with is I'm fine......
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Chapter 19- A stranger To Liebe

    Viva took a deep breath and closed her eye’s
    “I didn’t know she could sing?” sagte Desta to Eva whispering
    “Me ether?” She whispered back.

having trouble telling
how i feel
but i can dance, dance, dance
couldn't possibly tell you
how i mean
but i can dance, dance, dance

so when i trip on my feet
look at the beat
the words are
written in the sand
when i'm shaking my hips
look for the swing
the words are
written in the air

oh dance
i was a dancer all along
dance, dance, dance
words can never make up...
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posted by BooBooBear981
Within the furthest reaches of the herz lies those desires whose name one dares no speak. So seductive, so intoxicating, so indulgent, our most private passions burn at the molten core of our being, luring us to the very highest of ecstasy to the depths of despair. Through the ages, the words impassioned Liebhaber have transformed a virginal sheet of paper into a sanctuary for a restless heart. Each of the pages in this journal awaits the expression of your own desires- Unedited, Undiluted, Uninhibited.... Abandon yourself....

posted by Beyal8
Shadowing Eternity...

A special place for Du and me,
An undying bond to guide us free.
Loneliness blocking the day,
Our Liebe lighting the way..

Your gentle touch,
Your smiling face.
There is no corner,
No dark place..

Our passion flowing in the waves,
My herz stands still.
Awaiting your pace..

Your Liebe is my destiny,
your herz is like the soul of God..

Our love, withstanding time,
Diminishing doubt, in our mind.
There is no place I rather be…
Than in your herz and in your dreams...

posted by malmcd
If tears left scars then the world would know who Du truly are.
For your tears leave scars and it would Zeigen them how much you've cried and been crying.
It would Zeigen them your pain and sadness that Du always have tried to keep in
But one Tag Du just let it out for know reason...
Maybe it's because your friend turned on you?
Maybe it's because Du long for someone?
Maybe it's because the one Du want most is breaking Du but Du still Liebe him in the end?

Maybe it's all of those things...
oder maybe your just hurt and afraid that Du can never fix your self again...

If tears left scars the world would know how much pain your truly in.
They would see that your hurt in Mehr ways then one...
They would see the real you...
But until that Tag comes
I guess people will just have to hide it away...

Fierce & Liebe
Poem Girl
Mallory McDonald
posted by wolfcat343
Trace my face while it's a happy face
When my smile fades I wanna remember this day
Passion killed Von the comfort of time
I'm sorry if this makes Du cry, but I have to speak my mind

Suck the colours from my eyes
When they lose their sparkle and forget to shine
Remember all the times Du turned me down
I'm sorry if this hurts your herz but where's the spark, from the start?

Don't stop, don't stop
Nothing lasts forever soon all will be over
So let's laugh, talk, tickle and turn till the stars fall down
The stars fall down

Embrace my reflection for a little while
For if I am to Liebe I must try Liebe myself...
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posted by HiddenHearts100
Treasures we own..together:

When my hand is wrinkled so,
it's Du that I will still want Du know.
As my hair turns silver and gray
remember me as I was yesterday.
My long red hair blowing in the breeze,
we loved each other with ease.
Now in the park your hand I hold,
you keep me warm as it turns cold.
We sit on a bench and feed the birds,
not a single word needs to be heard.
Remembrances of years gone by,
we both smile...we both sigh.
Remembering our first glance,
and for hours how we danced.
The Blumen Du gave to me for no reason,
and the little things Du did every season,
made me a believer in true love....
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posted by anniewannie
_______________HEAVEN AND HELL_______________

I feel like there’s a monster inside my mind, clawing its sharp, black fingers at me and making me think that nothing will ever be the same again.
The voices are calling out to me – their voices screaming, like Wölfe howling when’s it’s a full moon, at me: “Give it a shot Annie!” “Your so-called Friends at school don’t care about Du anymore!” “Don’t Du want to feel that blood trickle down from your cuts?!” “What are Du waiting for?” I try not to listen Von covering my ears oder hiding under my blanket to keep those voices...
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posted by BeautifulBlaze
There is nothing to left to do.
I have no purpose.
Everybody left me for dead.
Everybody steps all over me.
They think I'am trash.
They laugh at me.
They create lies about me.
They tell me lies.
They call me names.
They want to kill me.
They hunt me down.
They hurt me.
They hurt my friends.
They hurt my family.
They take me as a slave.
They think of me as a roach.
My parents hate me.
They beat me to no end.
They destroy themselves.
My family see's me as god's first mistake.
One of my family memebers wanted to kill me.
They think I'am pure evil.
They find me as a disgrace.
School teachers don't even bother with me....
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A/N: This is a whole different story and so far, this is my fourth story but I haven't been able to finish my other ones. I may need help with them... :) Anyway, enjoy this chapter and please Kommentar on it!
I'd like to hear your voices in what Du think of the chapter! :)
Take Care & God Bless,

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posted by malmcd
Broken Smile's

We're all broken.
One way oder another.
Like a girl who seemed not to care what other people thought of her really does care.

She cares if people don't like her.
And that they talk about her behind her back.
She say's to herself each night,
"Sorry I'm not pretty enough for you."

No one would find that she was anorexic.
And that she's...
Still looking for help.

But no one came.

We're all broken.
One way oder another.
Like the girl who lives Weiter door doesn't she seem SO happy- She isn't.

She scared.
She get's abused each night.
She doesn't think she's strong enough to leave.
So she cry's herself to...
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Hearing Damage.

When you’re born into this world, it’s the best thing that your parents have ever thought right? Suddenly you’re the one having the attention with your family trying their best to take care of Du when your mother isn’t around.
But then...what if when you’re four years old your parents find out that your hearing is damaged and Du can’t hear? How would Du feel in the later years of your life?
Well that’s what’s happening to me this very moment.
My name is Damee Love. I was born in Florida March 14th, 1998 and I’m turning thirteen this year. I have a hearing...
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I just finished the book Shiver Von Maggie Stiefvater it was amazing! This is what it says on the back...

The Cold.
Grace has spent years watching the Wölfe in the woods behind her house. One yellow-eyed wolf- her wolf- watches back. He feels deeply familiar to her, but she doesn't know why.

The Heat.
Sam has lived two lives. As a wolf, he keeps silent company of the girl he loves. And then, for a short time each year, he is human, never daring to talk to Grace...until now.

The Shiver.
For Grace and Sam, Liebe has always been kept at a distance. But once it's shoken, it cannot be denied. Sam must...
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posted by anniewannie

In the beginning, that's the word everyone feels whenever they think of someone special.
Liebe is the word that brings people happiness.
It gives them life, meaning, hope and faith because one man and one woman, thinks that they're always going to be together.

But in the end, Liebe is nothing. Nothing compared to hatred oder hurt. Liebe only causes pain to those who want to be loved.
Liebe is breaking someone's herz whenever Du hear that person say, "I don't Liebe you."
Liebe brings tears to those who are broken.
Liebe always has something else with it.

Sometimes it brings pain.

All those things are what Liebe has brought. Though some people fight for their love, evillness came raging back until it overwhelmes Du with such force.

It's normal. It's life. It sometimes feels just right.

Liebe sometimes comes with a dream, but leaves with a nightmare.
 What I don't understand is how a person can tell Du so many lies and never feel bad about it.
What I don't understand is how a person can tell you so many lies and never feel bad about it.
 Falling in Liebe is like jumping off a really tall building. Your head tells you, "Idiot, you're going to DIE!" But your herz tells you, "Don't worry Pretty Girl Du can FLY."
Falling in love is like jumping off a really tall building. Your head tells you, "Idiot, you're going to DIE!" But your heart tells you, "Don't worry Pretty Girl you can FLY."
 Du can't make the same mistake twice, the Sekunde time. It's not a mistake, it's a CHOICE.
You can't make the same mistake twice, the second time. It's not a mistake, it's a CHOICE.
 Du should know Von now that when I smile and say "Yeah, I'm fine." It's a code for: "NO! I'm not OKAY and I feel like my world is CRASHING DOWN AROUND ME!"
You should know by now that when I smile and say "Yeah, I'm fine." It's a code for: "NO! I'm not OKAY and I feel like my world is CRASHING DOWN AROUND ME!"
 Eventually, Du stop caring. Eventually it stops being the most important thing in your life.
Eventually, you stop caring. Eventually it stops being the most important thing in your life.
posted by allicyn1234
I cant believe what Du sagte to me, last night we were alone.You threwyour hand up, baby Du gave up, Du gave up. I cant believe how Du looked at me with your James Dean glosy eyes. in your tightjeans, and your long hair, and your cigarette sained lies. Could we fix Du if Du broke? and is your schlagen, punsch line just a joke? I'll never talk again, oh boy youve let me speechless. You've left me speechless, so speecless... And i'll never Liebe again. Oh boy you've left me speechless, youve left me speechless, so spechless......I cant beleive how Du slurred at me, with your half wired broken jaw....
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    Alice could still fell the warm breeze glide across her skin and through her blonde streaked erdbeere red hair, making it fly every which way. She remembered looking over at he father with his warm brown eyes and brown hair a shade litter then his eyes. His nose big as every. She would always make fun of him for that nose. She remembered leaning in to give him a warm KISS on the check and saying, “I Liebe Du dad.” He looked down at her and said,”I Liebe Du two.” As he turned into the Weiter road, She gasp. He slams on the breaks but it’s to late. They were...
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posted by SongGirl50701
These are just some lyrics I collaborated in my fucked up head.^^ I hope Du guys enjoy because some are almost a full song anyways.

-------------------------------First few:

I never wanted to see Du this miserable,
but Du only return such hate into an adorable smile.
I always want to hear your laugh before I dare fall asleep.
All our emotions collide and travel into the deep sea of life.

Before I ever walked alone,
you would always be willing to travel beside me.
You've never sagte goodbye,
only a "see Du soon".
So as I'm walking,
the only thing that comes to my mind,
is you.

On days that I am home...
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posted by SongGirl50701
 What Is To Come
What Is To Come
The People

Chapter One- Anna

"Daddy, didn't Du say that Alice was a big dreamer?"
"Yes," the man nodded, "she crossed over the border line of dreams in fact. That's how much she loved dreaming."
"So she broke the rules?"
"Well I wouldn't say broke the rules," he smiled at his daughter as he tucked her in, "she just bent the rules."
"Am I able to do that daddy?"
"Why would Du want to do that, Anna?"
"Well, Daddy, I have my own world! It's really pretty and I was thinking that maybe I could visit it. Like Alice did, in real life too."
"Anna," he moved a tangle of her hair back from her face,...
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