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*by Stephenie Meyer*

TWILIGHT - chapter 2 - OPEN BOOK

For the rest of the lunch Stunde I very carefully kept my eyes at my own table. I decided to honor the bargain I'd made with myself. Since he didn't look angry, I would go to Biology. My stomach did fightened little flips at the thought of sitting Weiter to him again.
I didn't really want to walk to class with Mike as usual - he seemed to be a beliebt target for the snowball snipers - but when we went to the door, everyone besides me groaned in unison. It was raining, washing all traces of the snow away in clear, icy ribbons down the side of...
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okay, i sagte that this bit is long but i've decided to teilt, split it up. I'll put this one on and some Mehr tomorrow.
this bit doesnt have a break so im just going to randomly stop. hope Du enjoy it.
p.s this story isnt mine all credit goes to steph meyer

The crowds built very quickly but no one ventured down the alleyway I had chosen. It was right Weiter to the clock tower and very dark.
The sun rose slowly and I just sat completely still watching it creep down the clock tower.
I spent my remaining time with Bella. The reason of my existence, cruelly taken before her time.
I chose the least painful...
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