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{edited, added some stuff, just an informal consideration of a few of the arguments that support the accusation}

"Bella schwan is a sociopath."

It’s an extreme statement, to be sure. However, it’s not one to be dismissed offhand, without consideration towards its arguments.

First, here are a couple definitions of the term sociopath.
-Random House Dictionary:
a person, as a psychopathic personality, whose behavior is antisocial and who lacks a sense of moral responsibility oder social conscience.
-American Heritage Dictionary of Cultural Literacy:
Someone whose social behavior is extremely abnormal....
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I would like to note that anne reis wrote the entire series before Meyer in case any idea's that anne stahl, stola it from stephanie __________________________________________________

1. The character louis thinks he deserves to be in hell....hmmmm sound familar to another vampire?Edward perhaps

2.Animal Blood can be drank Von Vampire but they prefer human blood in Interview with a Vampire AND Twilight soon followed this way

3. The Vampire skin dazzles humans apparently....Which is a lot like the sparkling skin that the cullens posess

4. There are immortal children in both of the books. The unnamed children...
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I have read all Bücher and seen the movies.
Most importantly, the fact that it’s Fantasy doesn’t excuse the themes and messages in the book. Fiction is merely a vehicle humans developed to communicate important lessons, values and philosophies. I am not claiming any of the implications I discuss were intentional on SMeyer’s part. Whether oder not the Autor oder readers are aware of it, though, the Twilight series communicates dangerous messages about what is acceptable oder admirable oder desirable.
Also, I highly recommend link. It’s long, but fascinating and deeper than the Bücher themselves....
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I'm just sayin' Bella is one of the worst role Models ever when it comes to love, sex and life choices and should not have allowed to be published in any shape oder form. I mean, when she's made the heroine of the story and marketted at teenage girls.

1. She's obsessively in Liebe with a control freak stalker.

Unfortunately it seems the vast majority of the Twilight fangirls are too with the very same freak.

2. She wants him so bad that she'll abandone everyone else she loves so that she could be with him. Even when it means she'll practically have to become a blood-drinking corpse.

(The movie 'Eclipse'...
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1. In Twilight, the "romance" as they call it is just there from the beginning. In Percy Jackson and the Olympians (We'll call it PJO), the Percy-Annabeth relationship was apparent from the start, but built up until the KISS in Battle of The Labryrinth and eventually their relationship began in The Last Olympian.
2. In Battle Of The Labryrinth, Percy ran into Greek mythology's equivilent to vampires: the empousai. These were ugly creatures who had flaming hair, one goat leg, one metal leg, fangs, were deadly poisonous, and usually disguised themselves as mean cheerleaders. In Twilight, the...
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OK, this is my very first Artikel - I have never written an Artikel for Fanpop before. It's a poor excuse if this turns out to be the poorest Artikel ever submitted, but I'm going to use it anyway... please go easy on me xD. This is LONG, so bär with me, I appreciate it!

I have been wondering for some time now about Bella's vulnerability, state of mind, and insgesamt mental well-being. New Moon, in the beginning, was my favourite book of the series, for two reasons: Jacob Black was instantly likeable and interesting, winning the Titel of my favourite character, but also the black hole that Bella...
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In which Dylan and Cole discuss Chinese food, sleeping and vampires. (The Twilight stuff happens around 1:23, if Du want to skip ahead. It's awesome.) xD
critical analysis
zack and cody
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We have a discussion on the Foren here about noteworthy things in twilight. I picked Angela, and now I realize that Jessica is noteworthy, too.

We'll start with Jessica!Hate. Besides Lauren, Jessica is probably the most hated human friend that Bella has. Reasons Twilighters give for this are 'Jessica is a brat', 'she ignores her in book two', 'she's too hyper', and 'i just don't like her'. Some of those are just ridiculous. 'Jessica is a brat'. How? How is Jessica a brat? Answer: She isn't. 'she ignores bella in book two' I'll elaborate on this one later, because it's pretty big. 'shes...
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I’ve read many lists pointing out Twilight “Plot Holes”, but Mehr often than not, the lists aren’t very valid at all. Half of them are usually just complaints, pointing out something they don’t like about Twilight (Example:” Why would Vampire go to high school?”, oder “Why does Bella have so many friends?”). The rest are just factually incorrect, oder can be logically theorized. These are usually followed Von “Stephenie Meyer obviously ditched history class”, oder “Hasn’t Stephenie ever heard of logic?”, oder my personal favorite, “I would know, I had a lesson about it...
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I've talked about some of the things that crossed my mind when Lesen Twilight in the past. Thoughts such as "when is Bella going to freak out about the Edward watching her sleep thing?" "Did that say sparkling? I've re-read that passage like, four times and it still seems to say sparkling" "Does Stephanie Meyer think deer is a vegetable? no, really does she? Does she think Du can call yourself a vegetarian if Du don't eat things like people oder those monkeys who know sign language?"
But those are valid thoughts that many people Lesen the Bücher also thought (well, maybe not specifically...
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Hi there! This is my first Artikel on the C.A.T spot, about my least Favorit character in twilight. Actually, my least Favorit character in history.

Bella Swan.

I seriously can't see why so many twilight Fans like her. She is sagte to be selfless, caring, understanding, and a good role model...when really she's the most selfish character in the whole book series.
Now then, here are several reasons why I dislike Bella.

1) Lack outside of Edward

Has Bella -even once- mentioned in any of the novels what she wanst to do with her life? (Besides wanting to be a vampire to be with Edward forever) Not...
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