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"Let's play truth oder dare!"

Gale raised one of his eyebrows and looked at the excited looking Peeta with a disdainful look. "Truth oder dare? What are you, a twelve Jahr old girl?"

"Hey!" both Prim and Rue said, looking at Gale with death glares.

"Actually, I'd Liebe to play truth oder dare!" Katniss declared and sat down Weiter to a shirtless Finnick, trying to form a circle.

"Oh... yeah, me too!" Gale agreed immediately, looking at Katniss with a soft, loving expression.

Peeta snorted at him. "Dude, you're so pathetic."

Peeta then turned to sit Weiter to Katniss, shaking with excitement, and tried to make...
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 Rue's touching death scene.
Rue's touching death scene.
Deep in the meadow, under the willow
A bett of grass, a soft green pillow
Lay down your head, and close your sleepy eyes,
And when Du awake, the sun will rise.

Here it's safe, here it's warm,
Here the daisies guard Du from harm,
Here your dreams are sweet and tomorrow brings them true,
Here is the place where I Liebe you.

Deep in the meadow, hidden far away,
A mantel of leaves, A moonbeam ray, Forget your woes and let your troubles lay,
And when again it's morning, they'll wash away.

Here it's safe, here it's warm
Here the daisies guard Du from every harm
Here your dreams are sweet and tomorrow brings them true,
Here is the place where I Liebe you.
 'I remember when Du sang in the Musik assembly and the teacher said, 'Who knows 'The Valley Song''? and Du hand shot straight up!'
'I remember when you sang in the music assembly and the teacher said, 'Who knows 'The Valley Song''? and you hand shot straight up!'
Ok so this is an opinion/review of the ever so beliebt growing series of the hunger games. So I'll start with a little review and then will Liebe to hear other people's opinions as well as mine.

As Du know may know my Zurück review was on the Percy Jackson series. I loved that series and if you're into Fantasy that's a must read. This book was targeted at an older audience and I personally liked this book more. Not to say Percy Jackson wasn't for an older audience, I just think this will suit teens better than Percy did. If you're wondering whether oder not Du should read the series...
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Catching feuer Review

Yes, I know I am not no big magazine oder newspaper reviewer, but I'm a person with an opinion. So here is what I thought about Catching Fire.
Misterious. The science-fiction is this book makes Du really wonder, think, and Frage our world. Such, as what if in the future what is something drastic were to happen and we were put into 12 districts limited supplies, and most all what if the your children oder yourself had to go fight for your life. Well the Hunger Games brought that idea to life, and Catching feuer told us the aftermath of that idea. Even thought, Katniss won...
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