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 My car
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This Alpha und Omega foto might contain stock-car, lagerwagen, stockcar, and autorennen.

Its may fifth and its not in stores not mentioned on tv etc i'm starting to get frustrated and I can't take it the release dates extending. The release dates get later and later will be going to Weiter Jahr so i've heard when I wish these so called informants stop doing this to us I want proof I don't see proof i'm sick of hearing datum after datum after datum voice actors storylines that truly may not exist Du know that entertainment weekly trip has a plot actors and even a datum supposed to be read on the site so i investigated to find no such Artikel it angers me if this guy knew this why not...
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(A/N sorry for the delay but hopefully you'll forgive me so lets see what happens!)

"Lilly these past few days have been fun and I.... I think L like you." 

"Aww thanks I like Du to!!"said Lilly 

"No Lilly I mean I think I Liebe you."said Humphrey looking down.

"oh..... Ive been wanting to tell Du something to .....umm I kinda like Du to."said Lilly with a grin on her face.

"Really?!" sagte Humphrey as his eyes widened and a smile on his face.
"Yeah... So what do we do now?" asked Lilly. "I think we should keep walking and just have fun ya know?" 
Said Humphrey with a smile still on his face.
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Kate was getting ready for her datum with Humphrey. They had planned to snuggle up and watch horror Filme until they fell asleep in each others arms. Kate had just gotten out of the dusche and dried off. She had to smell good too, especially if Humphrey was going to "make the move" tonight. "Damn, I hope he does." Kate sagte to her reflection. She then noticed something about her reflection that made her uneasy. She noticed that when she smiled in the mirror, her reflection's was bigger, and the teeth were Mehr sharp looking. How could she have missed it? She had this mirror for years. Kate...
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 When I pushed her in da pool! LOL
When I pushed her in da pool! Lol
I woke up to find the girl of my dreams sleeping right beside me. I decided to go make coffee so she could sleep in and not be bothered. I tip-toed to the höhle, den and poured coffee in my mug. I like black coffee a lot for some reason. Anyway, I went out to my front porch and got today's paper. I saw Jon across the street. "Morning Jon!" I called. "Morning! Katie still asleep?" he replied. "Yep, she is knocked out. She probably won't wake up until later." I called back. Kate walked out and nuzzled Jon. "Hey Chris! How's Katie?" she called. "Good, still sleeping!" I called back. With that I waved...
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It took us a Tag and a have to reach the cave in which Mephistopheles was hurt. The pack would be pissed I was gone, but they could burn in hell. I had to see my friend before he left this plane of existance.
Kelly touched her nose to my shoulder as we stood at the entrance to the cave.
She had decided to come even though I told her she shouldnt, but she wouldnt listen.
I nodded, took a deep breath, and entered the cave.
I smelled awful, like decay, blood, and feces.
I shook my head and continued further into the cave.
He spotted me first as I failed to see him lying in a corner.
"Thou on high,dost...
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For the Sekunde time that night I was stunned into silence.
She blushed, "Im sorry, I shouldnt have sagte anything."
I took a deep breath, "No, its good to get your feelings out, I tried to hide them and its eating me from the inside."
I smiled at her, "I dont know your name, im sorry."
She blushed and looked down, "My name is Kelly."
"Pretty name to match a pretty girl." I smiled.
She laughed, "Thank you," she looked coyly at me.
"I dont know what it is about you, I mean just a Sekunde Vor I was all sad, but I dont know Du just make me smile."
She moved in a blur to my left, she moved pretty fast.
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Humphrey laid his ears back but still refused to move.
He looked at Kate, "You loved him?"
"It would be better to say that I still Liebe him, but I Liebe Du too and Du are my mate."
"Then why did Du never mention him in the last year, Du never spoke of him not once."
Once again his words cut deep, I had to get out of here.
Humphrey turned his head toward to the front of the cave and soon after Lilly and Garth came running in.
"Oh for fucks sake," I exlaimed.
"We heard shouting, whats happening," Garth said.
Humphrey turned back to me, "Alec is trying to leave."
"Oh my Lord, how is he even standing,...
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posted by katealphawolf
The time had come for him, he knew he had to tell Garth everything before it was too late. Tony summoned Garth to his den. "Son I've never told Du the whole story have I? It is time Du know." Tony lay down, his legs could no longer hold him up very long. Garth sat close to him.

"I want to tell Du the true story about what happened to your mother. Du were about 6 months old when we went hunting desperate to find Du Essen during a severe famine. We came across some caribou and one of them went mad, and while she was trying to protect me your mother was trampled to death, it was then I learned...
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Chapter 10: The Whole Truth

Humphrey was not dead, but was very close to it. Upon hearing the news that his parents were dead, his weakened herz began to give out. He couldn't think straight, his eyes started to get heavy, and soon enough, he blacked out.

Humphrey's thoughts swirled around in his head, small pieces of this great puzzle that they had been chasing lining themselves up, slowly Wird angezeigt the full truth of what exactly happened that fateful day.

The flashback began and Humphrey saw his parents, his brother, and his sister. He heard everything around him, the birds, the wind. He was...
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 Where Humphrey got shot
Where Humphrey got shot
Chapter 9: The Wounded Warrior

“Humphrey!” Kate shouted.

As soon as he felt the excruciating pain in his side, Humphrey’s jaw relaxed and the man crawled out from under him, cradling his injured arm. Humphrey staggered, but remained standing. His face showed an expression of surprise rather than pain.

He turned his head and looked at Kate who just stood in the cage, horrified Von what she saw. They held each other’s gaze for a moment and then Humphrey collapsed onto the ground.


Kenya heard the gunshot from inside the animal control car that she had been put in. As she watched her...
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