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This Alpha und Omega foto might contain stock-car, lagerwagen, stockcar, and autorennen.

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2 hours went Von after Hutch found a female wolf in a military jeep, Winston, Kate, and Garth was the only ones that are woke up Winston:"so Hutch where did Du find her" Hutch:" I found her only several yards to the East where there was some other military vehicles like a deuce in a half and a tank but it was destroyed" Garth:"how do Du know shes alive and not one of them" Hutch:"because I felt her neck for a pulse a there was a pulse and also a normal heartbeat" as soon Hutch stop talking the wolf woke up wolf:"*yawn* oh I'm sorry I thought I was asleep in a jeep" Winston:" it's ok my friend...
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Chapter 9: Wedding Day
**Authors Note- Hey guys I hope Du are enjoying the story so far, and to those of Du who have taken the time to review I say thank Du :). Anyway, hope Du enjoy this chapter as much as the others**
    It had been two months since the accident and Hutch had made a full recovery. Except for a little bit of occasional back pain he felt like it had never happened. The scar had been completely covered up Von pelz and was now out of sight. He had been hunting several times since then, and always made sure it wouldn't happen again. But today, he hadn't been...
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Chapter 1: Married Life

Humphreys POV

This story started the night of when the movie ended

I'm so happy I cant sleep Kate is right Von my side my childhood crush is finally my wife.

she is so beautiful in the moonlight. I don't know what I was thinking, becoming a lone wolf. The only flaw with Kate Isn't even to do with her but her mum someone I've always feared I'm afraid to even look at Kate when she’s there.

Flash back

back in Idaho meeting Marcel and Paddy. To dancing in the Biker's/Wife's transporter, van To log rodeln, schlittenfahren down the mountain being chased Von a bear.

Back to reality:

Time to get to sleep zzzzzz....
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posted by MarvelousAlpha
A/N: I was gonna stop putting these Artikel from one of the other websites I have an account on to this one, but I decided not to. Oh and hi I'm Archangel Spirit Healer Edwards. Oh yeah sorry I wasn't actually new to Fan fiction. I just didn't want to get beliebt so fast. That's always annoying for me.

During Chapter 8. The rest of the gangs POV:

When Kate and Humphrey finished telling the story about why Alphas and Omega could be together now, Rose said, "Wow, you've been through a lot."

"Yea, but it was really fun!" Humphrey said.

Kate asked him, "Really? Du thought a human aiming a gun at you...
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*Contains Sexual Content*
Kate And I Were having Fun Going Outside And Taking Showers ETC. One Night Kate Was Tired and i Put Her Into My bett And She Was In Belief
"Good Night Kate" Then i Kisses Her On her face
(at 11:00 P.M)
I Layled Weiter To Kate And She woke Up wanna to see who it Was.
"Hey Katie It just me babe" *I Kisses Her And Touched Her G-Spot*
Kate Moans In Pressure " Oh Jhordan" Kate Moaned Replied
" Du Like That Katie babe?" I Asked Her
"Oh Yes Do it Some More" She sagte To Me
* I Licked Her G-Spot and it Tasted Pretty Good*
" Oh Jhordan I'm Gonna..."
*Kate Spilled Her Juices Out Her G-Spot*...
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Please note that this is my first one so bär with me. This story takes place right after the movie, but Kate,Humphrey, Lilly, and Garth didn't get married right after the Caribou stampede. Plus with a twist to it. Shakey and Janice, Mooch and Süßigkeiten (a minor female wolf in the movie, one of those Salty tried to flirt with) and Salty and Sweets (the other one) gets married. But I am mainly focusing on Kate's and Humphrey's marriage.

Today was the big day. Today was the Tag where all the hopes, dream and fantasies of one little grey wolf would come true.

Today was the Tag Humphrey would be married...
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“Here I am again in the police department” says Humphrey. Humphrey was arrested for gang activitie and he was sitting in a jail cell. He was let free and he went to his car and it’s a 2010 doge challenger convirtble and he drove off and went hom in his höhle, den sat kate she was waiting for Humphrey to come Home she was polishing her dual glocks and then Humphrey scared her and she jolted and pointed them at Humphrey and Humphrey sagte “Ah!” Kate growled at him and then went back to polishing them she was angry and she did not like it that Humphrey had snuck up on her
Over at Wolfiey and...
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Kate laughed. Lilly's new pup Alex was chasing her tail and whimpering. " she's so cute" Kate sagte to Lilly. "yeah. Mating season is great." Lilly replied. Kate stopped. she had never thought about mating before. "um. do Du know when mating season is?" "Kate don't Du know this? it's like right now." Lilly laughed. "I never thought I'd feel so..." she stopped. "so what?" Kate asked. "so... uh... it doesent matter. if your going to mate you'll feel it yourself." Kate nodded and left.
"hey Kate" Humphrey sagte when he walked into the cave door. "um Humphrey I need to talk to you." Humphrey sat...
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