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This Alpha und Omega foto might contain stock-car, lagerwagen, stockcar, and autorennen.

As Hutch and Kate lay in the Wal-Mart they waited 10 Minuten for the zombies to pass Hutch: "ok I think there gone". As they both stand up Kate:" ok we better get a Bewegen on" Hutch nodded, they both started walking to the way they came, when they got out of the town there was almost 20 zombies in there path Hutch:"well looks like we have to fight are way again" Kate:"yep" as they both got there weapons out Hutch took out 5 zombies and Kate took out 5 also Hutch:"ten more" Kate:"I got them" as she went to swing, schaukel at one of them the zombie knocked the weapon on the ground and pushed her down, now...
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Humphrey kept running and knocked over Kate. "Whats your problem?" Kate asked angrily. "THAT'S MY PROBLEM!" Humphrey cried, pointing to large bears that where approaching. "We can handle this" Kate assured. "We can?" Humphrey asked nervously. Unfortunately Kate's confidence was ruined when Mehr bears approached. No longer confident, Kate was becoming scared also. Humphrey thought fast. He tired telling a joke. Ok, so to bears are eating a clown and one says, dose this taste funny" Humphrey nervously laughing at his own, lame joke. The bears though him at a snowy wall. "A simple boo could have...
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**Authors Notice- This chapter mostly revolves around Hutch and reveals some other info that will be important later in the story**

*Hutch's POV*

I couldn't believe that Winston was actually allowing Blackjack to stay here. He knew too damn well my beef with the likes of outsiders, and here he was welcoming him. Winston was like a father to me, ever since my dad died he had taken me in like a son and treated me no different than he did Kate oder Lilly. But this, it probably would have hurt less if he would have sunk his claws into my back.

What was worse, was that he didn't even have the decency...
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I awoke to the shine of the sun hitting me in the eyes i rolled over and groaned "ugh", i opened my eyes to the warm spring morning, i sat up and rose from my bett looking around for any sign of another wolf, nothing i got up and put out the feuer which had kept me warm though the night, it was now back to the warmth of just the sun, i looked around and picked up all my stuff a flashlight, my lighter and some Essen that i left behind last night. I took one last look around to see if i could see anybody, still nothing *sigh* i began to walk towards the west again hoping i would find someone the...
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Autor note: this is how Jakob gets in the story. Its written from his point of veiw. Zmanz is jakob in the story. thats not his name and he isn't gay, just so Du know. This will be a very short chapter.

I was still on the stupid bus. Now that Dillon got off the asshole (Tony) was bugging the shit out of me! Finally after the one millionth mom, joke, and calling me gay, i got off the buss, and he chased after me! Shitt, Tony is too fast! I doged trees and ran into the forest, and he trapped me in a cave! He was about to tackle me and kill me when i fell in a tiny ditch, and it was bottomless! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Thud! he hit ground and passed out.
Sorry for that i need to make this longer aghoirotgieoirhoiafhoiIFAQOIGHOIRHOGIAEROIGTH
~Monday~ *Regular/my POV* as i lay with kate my Favorit person in the world i think what could i do on this beautiful monday. Then Kate says as if she were Lesen my thoughts "We could go see the clone me oder Jon oder Katealphawolf" and i replie "Great idea do Du know where he lives?" And she says "Sadly No but Du could find out on fanpop" and i went on Fanpop finding that Katealphawolf was online and i IMed him "where do Du live?" and he replied "@ 252 eastwood drive Montana" and i say out loud "Thats close we could drive there and it would take like an hour".

We went out side and i got...
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the Weiter morning:

mouchs pov

i woke up this morning thinking to myslef i'am so lonely if only i could find a mate like humphrey oder salty( salty is with janace)that wold make me so happy but i guess it would make any wolf happy so i decided to go for walk and see if i cold run into anyone but no luck i wasx about to give it up for the Tag when a wolf came up ramed into me and hid behind me whimpering "look out" wolf sagte and i turned around to see four Wölfe aprouch "hey step aside she's a traitor' sagte one of the Wölfe "what for" i sagte "well if Du must know she stahl, stola some of the Essen supplie...
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Early in the morning Humphrey got up and packed the bags and he looked at Kate and said, "Man she looks so peaceful to bad i have to disturb her rest and our sons sleep" and he shook Kate saying "Kate..Kate hun we need to get up oder we'll miss our flight" and she opened her eye and looked around and she got up half awake and they went to Jon's room nad he was peacefully sleeping with a few Zufällig word coming out of his mouth from his dream. Humphrey and Kate went into the küche and Kate wrote a note for Jon to read [THIS IS THE NOTE: Dear my Son Jonathan,
Your father and I are going to Idaho...
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My name is kate, i was born into a world of war, and hard survival, i was born into a world where unless someone makes things right, they'll never be right, i was born, in 2023.

HEEEY Du LOOK GREAT KATE, Du LOOK SO GREAT IT MAKES ME WISH I WAS YOU. garth sagte complimenting kate as the alphas and some omegas were gathering up getting ready to go on patroll. were on patroll at the oben, nach oben of the world today, candou exclaimed, there's Ansichten up there that'l put your imagination to shame hutch added,cmon man were late, were super late , were later than, erm? well i cant think a nothin, any way cmon...
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As we woke the Weiter morning and ate,I finally got to ask her the only Frage I had been thinking since we met.
"I've been meaning to ask you-"I started and was cut of Von Kelly's very exited voice,
"Would Du like to go... Lone-Wolf with me?" I sagte as I prepared myself for the Weiter words out of her mouth,
"Well... Yes I'll go Lone-Wolf with you."
"You will?"
"Thank you, I will never leave you, thats why I asked Du to come."She blushed at me saying this and began,
"And I will never lea-" She was cut of Von Joey which just walked in our den.
"What's happening guys?"
"Well... Me and Kelly are......
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A soundtrack blend I made a few months back.
Alpha und Omega
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Chapter 6: Refugees

By the time the sun fully rose into the sky, the entirety of the Western Pack had reached the borders of the Northern Pack. Kyle ran up to Claudette, confused at what her entire pack was doing in his territory.

“Claudette, Runt,” he said, “what are Du all doing here? Winston, Eve, and Tony arrived around thirty Minuten ago. They sagte something was going on in the valley, but they never sagte what.”

“We were ambushed Von humans,” Claudette explained. “It all happened so fast and there were too many of them. We had to get out of there.”

“We don’t have time to...
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