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This Alpha und Omega foto might contain stock-car, lagerwagen, stockcar, and autorennen.

alright, so i finally watched the official trailer to Alpha and Omega: The Big Fureeze, a.k.a: the most hyped-up chapter in the 3 new sequels made Von Splash Entertainment. like seriously, i can't even start to describe how hyped-up this sequel is. anyway, i go onto YouTube and found a way to watch the trailer. and that i've seen it, let me tell ya: it's pretty solid. we been waiting for almost a solid Jahr to watch the trailer of The Big Fureeze, and now that we've seen it, it does its job pretty well.
so, the trailer opens up with the narrator telling us that it's winter again, and the holidays...
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Claudette watched as Lien ran away, into the forest. She just couldn't bär his disappointed and sad expression as he turned away. "No... wait, hold on, Lien! Don't leave!" she shouted as she ran after him, Felin close behind her.

They were running after Lien for about five Minuten before they noticed him, ragged, and still, his eyes fixed on something ahead.

Claudette looked at him. "Lien? Are Du okay? What's wrong?" she asked.

"SHH! Hunters. Maybe they won't see us if we stay still." he said.

Too late. There was a loud BANG! and Claudette felt intense heat go through her, followed Von unbearable...
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"Mom! Hey. Me and Felin are gonna go on a walk through the woods. Harin sagte we were good, so as a present, we could go out for a while. Bye mom!" Claudette said.

Kate looked up. "Yeah. Be careful. Bye." She said, looking tired.

A few Minuten later...

Claudette stopped, and sat down. Felin and her had been walking away from camp for about ten Minuten now, so she had to rest. "Let's stop here, an maybe lie down? We could watch the stars together." she smiled.

The Weiter day...

Claudette woke up in her den, and when she looked around for Felin, she caught no sign of him. Where was he? Maybe he...
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I try making a point, of reviewing horrible, horrible stories, so others don't have to go though Lesen them. Though it probably dosen't work, Du guys probably read the shit anyway..

This one I TRUELLY hate everything about it.
It's worse then Lilly's opposite side.

The best way of describing this story.
Is saying its a wolf verison of FILLY FOOLING.
Sex is primary theme.
No real plot..

It's starts off joining a scene from Towards North with Blood (same writer). But it's turns into a incest between Kate and Lilly.
Though Von now, I guess that isn't overly serpriseing.
It happens a lot unfortantly,...
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scene from A&O 2
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