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posted by jackluva06
The new season's almost her. start your countdown! I can't wait till It's out....Does anyone know When season three comes out on dvd? Please leave a response
posted by jballin37
So either way, no matter whether Desmond let's Charlie live oder die, he's going to die. But what was the other catch? It seems that the female pilot of the helicopter made it through alive, so did letting Charlie live have NO effect on the pilot's life?

Guess we'll find out Weiter week!
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posted by locke1up
Hey everybody, I'm Justin. I thought since this whole Tailsection Fanpop thing is pretty new, especially to me, I would propose a Umfrage to allow those of us who don't know each other to get acquainted. And the topic of the Umfrage is going to be, in my opinion, one of the most interesting mysteries currently being posed on the show: who is the mysterious Jacob? Let's here your thoughts and theories!

I would also just like to thank DocArtz for setting up this cool little community for all us nerds to congregate.