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spiderpig spinne pig he dos whatever a spiderpig does can he swing, schaukel from a web no he cant cause hes a pig look out here come a spinne pig
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I knew this Tag would come. I mean, Homer may not be the smartest guy I have served (as a customer), but he still has that little bit of a brain cell in there that was telling him 'Something isn't right here...'. I know. I must be the worst friend in the world, sleep'in with his wife. And I'm sorry. I was going through a phase; a horrible, sexy phase. I'm just a stupid, selfish, old basterd who only does things for his own pleasure. Of course, I didn't WANT this to happen, oor predict it would either. Sooo... yeah.That takes a load of ' This is all your fault!' off my back. And, come to mention it, she WAS drunk, so... yeah. Not my fault!

My name is Moe Syzlak, and this is my side to it.

Ps; Sorry that had to be so cheesy
Pss;Anyone wanna free flaming Moe?
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Below is a Liste of the regular voice actors (and regular guest stars) on The Simpsons, and the voices they do. Voices provided Von guest stars are in a separate Liste here.

Homer Simpson's voice is provided Von Dan Castellaneta. Dan also does the voices of several other regular characters (see below). Julie Kavner provides the voice for Marge, Yeardley Smith does Lisa and Nancy Cartwright does the voice of Bart. All of these have done voices for other characters on the show.

There are several other regular voice artists as well. These include Hank Azaria, Harry Shearer, Russi Taylor, Pamela Hayden,...
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