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10 years
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Chandler's nicknames throught all 10 seasons :)
Hope Du enjoy!!!!!!!

Smirky- gegeben Von Rachel
Kiddo- gegeben Von Mrs. Bing
Mr. Suity Man- gegeben Von Phoebe
Mr. Boss Man- gegeben Von Phoebe
Boss Man Bing- gegeben Von Phoebe
Mr. Caring Boss - gegeben Von Phoebe

Crazy Snake Man- gegeben Von himself
Bob- gegeben Von himself
Fat Boy- gegeben Von Monica
Squirmy- gegeben Von Susie
Tooshie- gegeben Von Ross
Best Bud- gegeben Von Joey
A Wank- gegeben Von himself
Chandy- gegeben Von himself

Bing-A-Ling- gegeben Von Janice
Puppy- gegeben Von Janice
Jack- gegeben Von Eddie
Dork- gegeben Von Margha

Duck- gegeben Von Treager
Clint- gegeben Von Rachel
Gene- gegeben Von Joey
Barney- Given...
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And so it began, in the famous Central Perk, in 1994
When 6 new Friends walked through the door
At first, it started when Rachel failed to say “I do”
And then to her dad, she complained she didn’t want to be a “shoe"

Each one of the 236 episodes never failed to spark laughter
Laughter that continued, for a long time after
So many life lessons can be learned from such a show
Even though Friends was on, now 20 years ago

For Mehr Weltraum in bed, use the “hug and roll” technique
and while looking at the “ugly, naked guy”, Du will most likely scream eeekk!
If having a girl, name her “Phoebe”,...
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full episode
warner bros.
full episode
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(We enter into Monica and Chandler's bedroom in their new house...both are in bett talking.)

Monica: I still cant believe we have this house! I Liebe Du soo much, I wish we could just lie here all day.
Chandler: Yeah me too..I wish I didn't have to go to work today.
(Babies start to cry)
Chandler: Ugh!
Monica: (Getting up) I got them, Du just get ready for work. (Kisses Chandler, and then walks out. Monica grabs them both Erica frist then Jack, walks down stairs to put them in their high chairs. She heats up their bottles. Chandler walks downstairs.)
Monica: OWW!! DAMN IT!!
Chandler: What, Whats...
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Ross loves Rachel:

Ross first fell for Rachel when she was a high school friend of Monica. But she thought he was geeky, which he was really, with his stupid moustache and his "music", (which resurfaces in episode ??). On prom night Rachel's datum Chip did not Zeigen up at first, and Jack Geller convinced his son, (who showed his feelings for Rachel when fumbling with her dress) to take her instead. Ross was all ready, with a tuxedo and a bunch of flowers, when Chip showed up and left with Rachel.

In episode 1.1 Rachel once again enters Ross's life after leaving her fiance at the altar. Ross feels...
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posted by ktgirl266
Hope Du like it :)
Please comment!!!

Cheech- gegeben Von Rachel
Aunt Phoebe - gegeben Von Ross

Vidal Buffay- gegeben Von Chandler
Wuss- gegeben Von Rachel
Blonde Girl- gegeben Von the Tatto Artist
Pheebs- gegeben Von Everyone
Scratchy Twin- gegeben Von Monica

Ice Woman- gegeben Von Herself
Cool Aunt Phoebe- gegeben Von Rachel

Vunda- gegeben Von Herself
Goodie-Goodie- gegeben Von Rachel
Blondie- gegeben Von a Stranger
Mrs. Nice Bucket- gegeben Von Herself
Baby-Doll- gegeben Von Gary
Pumpkin- gegeben Von Chandler
Regina Filange- gegeben Von Herself

Flaky- gegeben Von Rachel
Phyllis- gegeben Von Monica
Mrs. Crap Bag- gegeben Von Mike
Princess Consuela Bananahammock- gegeben Von Herself
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Monica's Geeky Older Brother- gegeben Von Himself
Mr. The-Glass-Is-Half-Empty- gegeben Von Chandler
Camper- gegeben Von Chandler
Little Naked Guy- gegeben Von Rachel
Bobo, the Sperm Guy- gegeben Von Susan
Buddy- gegeben Von Monica
Slugger- gegeben Von Mrs. Bing
Mother Kisser- gegeben Von Chandler
Anti-Paolo- gegeben Von Joey
Rossie- gegeben Von Himself
Mom- gegeben Von Susan
Monkey Boy- gegeben Von Rachel
Loser- gegeben Von Rachel
Rossy- gegeben Von Rachel

Mr. Back From the Orient- gegeben Von Rachel
Sweetums- gegeben Von Chandler
Scary Scientist Man- gegeben Von Phoebe
Amish Boy- gegeben Von Chandler
Gel Boy- gegeben Von Rachel
Bitterest Man In the Living...
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posted by ktgirl266
Rachel's Nicnkames during all 10 seasons of Friends :)
Hope Du like it!!!

Laundry Spaz- gegeben Von Herself
Laundry Virgin- gegeben Von Herself
Greeter Girl- gegeben Von Steve
Big Baby- gegeben Von Monica
Princess- gegeben Von Monica
Big Green Poker Machine- gegeben Von Ross
Aunt Rachel- gegeben Von Ross

Noisy Girl #2- gegeben Von Heckles
Mommy- gegeben Von Monica
Not So Blonde Girl- gegeben Von Tatto Artist
Leaf Blower- gegeben Von Phoebe
Tiger- gegeben Von Chandler
Princess Bubble Yum- gegeben Von Chandler

Mrs. My-Keg-Sucking-Boyfriend-Is-
Stealing-From-Me- gegeben Von Monica
Pumpkin- gegeben Von Monica
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posted by ktgirl266
All of Monica's nicknames during all 10 seasons!!
Hope Du like it :)

Wuss- gegeben Von Rachel
Monana- gegeben Von Herself

Noisy Girl #1- gegeben Von Heckles
Little Harmonica- gegeben Von Jack Geller
Smitten Kitten- gegeben Von Phoebe
Twinkie- gegeben Von Her Parents
Oat- gegeben Von Herself
Cheater, Cheater, Compulsive Eater- gegeben Von Ross
Tiny Little Woman- gegeben Von Herself

Big Fat Goalie- gegeben Von Her Old Hockey Team

Lucky Dog- gegeben Von Chandler
Mugsy- gegeben Von Chandler
Mom- gegeben Von Chandler
Martina- gegeben Von Chandler

Roomie- gegeben Von Chandler
Sweetums- gegeben Von Chandler
Tattle-Tail- gegeben Von Ross
Wily Minx- gegeben Von Phoebe
Big Faker- gegeben Von Chandler
Marcia- gegeben Von Phoebe
Man Trap- gegeben Von Chandler

Ms. Hot Shot Chef- gegeben Von Janice
Süßigkeiten Lady- gegeben Von Her Neighbors
O'Mally- gegeben Von Chandler
"Well I think it’s safe, sicher to say that our friendship is effectively ruined."

The words that started it all. I know some Fans might disallow it, but for me, it was the turning point where they had the realization that their friendship blossomed into something more. But a Frage still remains: was their relationship founded from a mere mistake of one drunken night? oder was that night destined to happen between these two people?

Let's go back a few episodes ago...

Most episodes I watched way before the London escapade showed Chandler and Monica in situations that gave us a hint that there was something...
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