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Logan wants us to call him!!!!
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Rising star, sterne Cymphonique, who might look familiar to our readers, guest stars in this week’s Big Time Rush episode, “Big Time Girl Group.” She took time out from juggling TV (she’s going to star, sterne in her very own Nickelodeon Zeigen later this year) and Musik (debut album on Sony coming soon) to tell us all about it!

Read on to find out which guys have on-set rap battles, and watch a sneak peek of this week’s episode!

Hey Cymphonique! Tell us about your character on this week’s episode of Big Time Rush!
Cymphonique: Hi! My character’s name is Kat, and she’s the fierce leader of her...
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Katelyn: Hey, Logan! I’ve missed Du so much! *Runs up and bär hugs Logan*
Logan: Uh. . . I only went back to the apartment to grab my towel. Um. . . *Looks around pool area* Aren’t Du supposed to be with Kendall? I mean, Du are his girlfriend.
*Katelyn giggles* Katelyn: Oh, Kendall, schmendall! YOU’RE SOOO much cuter than he’ll ever be.
*Logan stops to think* Logan thinking: This is SOOO akward. Where is Kendall?!?!?!
*Katelyn grabs Logan’s arm and shakes it* Katelyn: Hey, look over there! Isn’t that your photographer friend, Marcos? Maybe he’ll take our picture for us! What do...
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