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We’re a Fan of statistics here at, so we’ve compiled a Liste of how many Twitter followers each member has, along with the number of people that they follow, the number of Tweets sent, and finally how many lists each member is in.

Ok, let’s start with the follower stats:

Harry Styles: 1,703,682
Zayn Malik: 1,292,938
Louis Tomlinson: 1,279,326
Liam Payne: 1,268,763
Niall Horan: 1,206,440

Well, there’s quite a clear leader here. Our Hazza is way out in front with 1.7 million followers. Wowzers! The rest are fairly equal behind from 2nd to 5th, but currently Niall is propping...
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Hey girl, I'm waitin' on ya, I'm waitin' on ya
Come on and let me sneak Du out
And have a celebration, a celebration
The Musik up, the window's down
Yeah, we'll be doing what we do
Just pretending that we're cool
And we know it too
Yeah, we'll keep doing what we do
Just pretending that we're cool
So tonight
Let's go crazy, crazy, crazy till we see the sun
I know we only met but let's pretend it's Liebe
And never, never, never stop for anyone
Tonight let's get some
And live while we're young
Woahhh oh oh oh
Woahhhh oh oh oh
And live while we're young
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"Babe,what's wrong?" Harry asked as Du sat on the other couch,staring at the tellie. Du shook your head,"Nothing" "You never act like this,babe. What's wrong?" Harry asked again. Du faced him,"You won't want to be with me if I tell you"
"What is it?" Harry asked. Du sighed,"I'm pregnant,Harry. I'm pregnant" Du roll your eyes,staring at the tellie again. Harry stood up,"Why are Du so moody about it!? IT'S GREAT!" Du stared into his green eyes,"Really? I thought Du would be mad!" "Of course not!" Harry bent down to your stomach,kissing it lightly

You waited in the restroom,waiting...
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posted by Alaa1999
I just gathered some facts from what i know and from Youtube and stuff , so if there is any mistakes please tell me :)

I hope this helps Du to get to know the Lads better :) , that's if u don't already know all these stuff =D

Below are the rest of the members Facts ^_^


1. His full name is Harry Edward Styles.

2.He was born on 1st February 1994.

3. His star, sterne sign is Aquarius.

4. His official twitter Nutzername is @Harry_Styles.

5. Harry came up with the name 'One Direction'.

6. He is the youngest member of One Direction....
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I became a bit inspired after Lesen a few of the things Zayn has sagte in the past. A few of these Zitate are very inspirational. Especially the one that says "Just close your eyes and enjoy the roller coaster that is life." So, I wrote this. Enjoy Xx

"Just shut the hell up! I can't take it anymore. Du just don't understand what I've been through Zayn. Why don't Du just pack your fucking bags and leave me alone?" I screamed. Zayn and I were fighting for about the millionth time. Our arguments mostly consisted of us screaming to each other, back and forth. I cant even remember what we were...
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posted by Irish-Snowflake
Full Name: Louis William Tomlinson
Nicknames: Lou, Boo bär oder Tommo
Date And Time Of Birth: 24/12/1991 1:47pm
Place Of Birth: Doncaster Royal Infermary
Age: 21 (In 2012)
Hometown: Doncaster, South Yorkshire
Blood Type: B
Favourite Movie: Grease
Favourite T.V Shows: One baum hügel And Skins
Favourite Restaurant: pizza Hut
Favourite Colour: Red
Fear: Growing Up
Favourite Food: pasta, nudeln
Favourite Drink: Milkshake and Yorshire Tea
Pet: Dog Name Ted
Shoe size: 9-10
Turn-ons: Fake glasses, fake tans
Turn-offs: PDAs, tattoos, farting and Cher Lloyd
Fun Fact: He owns boxers with ‘lubbly jubbly’ written...
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Said i’d never leave her cause her hands fit like my tshirt,Tongue tied over three words, cursed.
Running over thoughts that make my feet hurt,
Bodies intertwined with her lips

Now she’s feeling so low since she went solo
Hole in the middle of my herz like a polo
And it’s no joke to me
So we can we do it all over again

If you’re pretending from the start like this,
With a tight grip, then my kiss
Can mend your broken heart
I might miss everything Du sagte to me

And I can lend Du broken parts
That might fit like this
And I will give Du all my heart
So we can start it all over...
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One Direction GQ interview! JLS have their own range of condoms. Would Du create your own? Louis: We’re not going to go down that road.. Harry: Though we are all for safe, sicher sex. Louis: We’re all about femidoms. That’s the future. That’s an exclusive right there! Zayn: Why should we have to carry them? [laughs] Do Du get chatted up a lot on tour?

Liam: Honestly, because we’re taken from the venue to the hotel and whatever else Du don’t really see much in between. We don’t really go out, but this tour will be different because we’re all 18 now.. Niall: supermarkt sweep! So this...
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Rubbing his hands together, Liam shifted nervously in his seat. The boys sat in silence. “Maybe I should go up to her?” Liam suggested, earning a nod of approval off the boys. He bit his lip and stood up, glancing at each of the boys before jogging upstairs. Knocking lightly on the door, it swung open, creaking slightly. Surprised that it was actually unlocked, he stepped inside to see that the room was vacant. “Carter?” he whispered, but he received no response.

He ran back downstairs and entered the sitting room. “Guys, she’s not here.” He told them. Shrugging, the boys looked...
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It was now the Tag of the boys’ return. They couldn’t wait to come Home and see everybody. Liam had longed to see Carter’s sparkling eyes for quite a while now, but the fact that she may not remember him scared him slightly. The other boys were worried about that too, but all the wanted was to see her.

A lot has happened since that disastrous night out. The principal noticed that Carter was having a hard time at school and decided it would be best for her to stay Home until Liam came back, as it would be easier for her to settle in. She also gave Harry permission to stay off as well.

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It was now the Tag of the prom, and to be honest, Liam and the boys seemed to be Mehr excited than Carter. They spent the whole Tag talking about it.

Carter was somewhat worried about the event. What if Harry was there? Surely he would make it his business to ruin the night for her. And what about her hair and make-up? It’s not like the boys were going to be any good at it. It was times like these when she wished that her mum was still with her. She would know what to do.

Carter hopped into the dusche and washed her long brown hair thoroughly. She let the warm water relax her muscles before...
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posted by tigressissupper
I will never forget the time I tickled Harry Edward Styles. It all started at their consort in Jacksonville. They just Finnish there last song what makes Du beautiful Liam was about to make an announcement. "Today we are gonna do something we haven't done before" he says in the micro phone. "We are gonna let one Fan spend a couple of days with us" sagte Zayn. Everyone went nuts "pick me pick me" people scream. Harry says "we will use the spotlight to pick". "Yea" say Nail ask the spotlight picks a fan. It lands on me "OMG" I scream "Congrats Du get to spend a few days with one Direction" Louis...
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posted by fiestagirl12345
#Imagine: Du are sad. Du havent seen harry for 2 months. cause of touring and such. he called Du saying he was hopping on the plane heading back to the U.K. Du smile and hang up. the Weiter Tag Du get ready and get all beutiful. Eleanor and Danniel waiting to. Du guys were watching T.V whne breaking news appear. Du guys read. Du drop the soda on the floor. Du collpase. hearing the plane crashed. luckily some people lived. Du and elanor and dannil. drove to the air-port. some Fans crying and waiting to see the 5 beutiful lads walk out. Niall, Liam, Zayn, Louis walked out runnig to their...
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Harry ran his hands through his soft curls. He wanted to know why Carter left him. Was it too soon? Was he moving too fast? Did she not Liebe him back? He should never have done that. Why couldn’t his life be simple? Like in fairytales and films?

He raced down the stairs and dashed out the door. He sprinted down the driveway to be met Von a familiar face. “Will mate, what are Du doing here?” Harry inquired as Will climbed out of the car. “I just popped in to say hello. Why? Are Du busy? Because I can leave if Du want…” Will queried. Harry closed his eyes and took a deep breath....
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It was now the Tag of the boys’ departure, and the excitement around the house was overwhelming. Each of the boys were in their separate rooms, packing their clothes. Carter was helping Liam finish packing and he was currently going over everything she had to do while he was gone.

“Make sure Du don’t skip school! I know Harry has a reputation of doing it and I don’t want him to persuade Du to do it either!”

“Yes Liam.”

“And don’t be having Jake over all of the time. Harry’s still getting over Lucy and I don’t want Du being all lovey-dovey with Jake in front of him.”

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Whenever I close my eyes, I picture Du there
I’m looking out at the crowd, you’re everywhere
I’m watching Du from the stage yeah
You’re smile is on every face now
But every time Du wake up
You’re hearing me say

Baby, Du don’t have to worry
I’ll be coming back for you, back for you, back for you, you
Lately, I’ve been going crazy
So I'll be coming back for you, back for you, back for you, you

I’ve never been so into somebody before
And every time we both touch I only want more
So tell me nothing’s going to change yeah
And Du won’t ever walk away yeah
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Hey angel...
Do Du know the reasons why?
We look up to the sky?
Hey angel...
Do Du look at us and laugh
When we hold on to the past?
Hey angel...

Oh I wish I could be Mehr like you
Do Du wish Du could be Mehr like me?
Oh I wish I could be Mehr like you
Do Du wish Du could be Mehr like me?

Hey angel
Tell me, do Du ever try
To come to the other side?
Hey angel
Tell me, do Du ever cry
When we waste away our lives?

Oh I wish I could be Mehr like you
Do Du wish Du could be Mehr like me?
Oh I wish I could be Mehr like you
Oh I wish I could me more
I could be more, I could be more

Yeah I see Du at the bar
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 One Direction and the letter U
One Direction and the letter U
Liam-This letter's U,you know it's true.It starts some words there are Mehr than a few-ew-ew

Louis-U starts uh, and ugh up.U starts uden there's some in this cu-u-up.

Harry-Twenty-six letters are in the alphabet but we're here to sing about U.

All-U Du begin the word ukulele,U there's a UFO flying Von me.U and you're gone I feel so unhappy I Liebe U, Ooh-ooh
U,you know you're so useful,U for unique that's a unique gown,U check it out Elmo's upside-down.U,there's a unicorn dressed as a clown,letter U-u-u that's what makes Du so useful,Ooh-ooh
Harry-That's what makes Du so useful.

Zayn-Don't get...
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posted by rahulshingtee
Her mother doesn’t like that kind of dress
Everything she never had
She’s Wird angezeigt off
Driving too fast, moon is breaking through her hair
She sagte it was something that she won’t forget
Having no regrets is all that she really wants

I’m only getting older baby
And I’ve been thinking about Du lately
Does it ever drive Du crazy
Just how fast the night changes
Everything that you’ve ever dreamed of
Disappearing when Du wake up
But there’s nothing to be afraid of

Even when the night changes
It will never change me and you

Chasing her tonight, doubts are running ‘round her head
He’s waiting,...
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Too funny! One Direction member Harry Styles dressed up as Miley Cyrus for Halloween! Harry sported a costume that looked like Miley’s MTV VMAs style during her performance with Robin Thicke.

Harry wore tan colored shorts and brought a foam finger with him to a Halloween party! He even wore his hair in buns!

Also joining. Harry in the Halloween Foto below was his friend and hairstylist Lou Teasdale.
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