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posted by Irene3691
They go to the hospital with David. House fills some papers for the doctors and they come to his room to examine him and ask him questions. Greg and Lisa wait in silence until the other doctors get out of the room. ‘David, I think we should go and let Du rest, we can come to visit Du other day’
‘Yes, okay. I hope Du have better luck while you’re in London.’
‘Thanks.’ She approaches to House. ‘See Du David.’

They leave the hospital and go back to the hotel Von bus in silence. He sits on a chair in their room and turns on the TV. Lisa sits on the edge of the bed. ‘Has David ruined our vacation?’
‘Hmmm... I guess he hasn't...’
‘Okay... it would be a bit sad that our vacation and our “...” had been ruined in just one day.’
‘Don't worry. He doesn't have such a big power... HE CAN'T STOP OUR LOVE!!!’
She laughs but doesn’t expect him saying that. ‘You Liebe me, House?’
‘Oh, of course, I can't even think how I have lived without Du all these years!!’
‘Idiot.’ She chuckles and they smile at each other. He turns off the TV.
‘Well, Du wanna go for a walk?? Rent a DVD?? Eat something??’
‘We can go for a walk, rent a DVD, come here and eat something while we watch a movie.’
‘Good mixture.’

They get to the video club and start looking for a movie. House is staring at some DVDs. ‘What kind of movie do Du wanna see??’
‘Hmm a romantic one? That's not your type, right? We can see Moulin Rouge, Mr and Mrs Smith, Stuart Little...’
‘I'm willing to suffer for you. So, choose anyone Du like. oder choose two... we have enough time.’
‘Oh how nice...’ She smiles. ‘I feel like watching Moulin Rouge and... Du can choose the other one, I'm willing to suffer for Du too.’
‘Rambo!! No, I'm kidding... Hmm... well, let's choose Mr and Mrs Smith.’
‘It will be fun to see other people different from us fighting.’
‘Yeah, sure.’

When they pay, go back to the hotel. They bring some Essen and popcorns and eat while they watch the movie. When they finish eating, they put away the Essen trays and Cuddy lies on his shoulder with the popcorn bucket on her legs.
‘Is it a musical? Do Du like musicals?’
Cuddy looks at him. ‘Yes, Du don't? Du like music, Du like Filme but Du don't like musicals??’
‘It depends on the plot of the movie too. Let's try to watch it and see if it's worth seeing.’
‘It really is. It’s one of my favourite movies.’ Some time goes Von and the movie goes on. ‘Ohhh I Liebe this song... sniff sniff.’
‘Oh, my God, I think I'm gonna cry my eyes out!!’
‘Oh come on! She is dieing! How can't Du feel sad?? Insensitive man! Du never cry??’
‘Actually I make onions cry...' She stares at him. 'But if Du died my eyes would become dry... a bit... a little... slightly... barely... almost nothing...!!’
‘Oh thank you, it’s good to know that... You're so nice when Du want.’
‘Shut up before I regret of this!!’ The movie goes on and Greg hugs her until the it ends. ‘Hmm that was sad... Do we put the other movie?’
‘Yes, Brad Pitt is so hot!’ They put on the DVD and watch it.
‘Oh, God yes... Look at his biceps, look those sweet eyes....’ jokes House.
‘Yes... I think I'm fool because I prefer Du than Brad. Du also have... good biceps and sweetest eyes...’
‘Oh, that's so, so... nice of you.’
‘I'm nice, Du doubt it?’
‘Of course not!!!! You're the nicest person of... this room.’
‘Ha-ha. Nice...’
When some time goes Von and the movie ends, they get into bed. ‘Are Du tired?’
‘Actually no, I’m fine, and you?’ Cuddy asks back.
‘No, I’m fine too... There’s nothing to do, so... I guess we should go to sleep.’
‘Yes, it will be the best, because I have a headache...’ She looks at the ceiling and whistle.
They lie down. ‘Goodnight Greg.’
House kisses her cheek. ‘Goodnight.’

Weiter morning they wake up. It’s a bit early in London, but House decides to call Wilson Von phone, despite the fact that in New Jersey it’s 3 a.m and Cuddy insists he will be sleeping. When they get dressed, go to out of the hotel, to a phone box.
‘Hi there Jimmy!! How’s my favourite oncologist??’
Wilson Antwort the phone sleepy and a bit angry. ‘What time is this to call me...? House, Du knew I’d be sleeping...’
‘Yes, that was the funny thing...’
‘You always so nice... Well tell me about Du both, where are you??’
Cuddy takes the phone. ‘We’re good. We were in Rome some days but now we’re in London... having fun.’
House shouts so Wilson can hear him. ‘But don’t worry, we’ll be back soon!!’
‘London?? Having fun??’
‘Yes, we’re really good. We haven’t killed each other yet. We are... fine.’
‘That’s good, I guess... And, when are Du coming back? It’s just to know if I can keep Cuddy’s office...’
House approaches a bit Mehr to the phone. ‘I can hold her here a bit longer if Du need her office, Jimmy!’
‘Hey, my office is mine! And I don’t know, we’ll be back in... some days.’
Wilson remains thinking. ‘Fine... okay, now tell me what’s really happening.’
House looks at her and answer. ‘Happening?? Hmmm nothing extraordinary really... well, it’s not raining if Du mean that.’
‘What do Du mean, Wilson? Can’t we go on vacation without arguing?’
‘Hmmm, it’s not that, but... Rome, London... maybe Paris next?’
House takes the phone. ‘Yeah, Paris... babies’ country! Have Du gone mad, Wilson?’
‘It’s not so strange, we all know your special relationship...!
‘Our special relationship??’
Now it’s Cuddy who answers. ‘Oh yes, Du mean when he comes to my office, we fight while he looks at my arsch and criticizes my clothes and then I win?’
‘No exactly... Du know... Du have been a lot of days on holidays ALONE and I really don't think that anything has happened until now... Moreover after Rome the most logical thing would have been going back to New Jersey, not going to London... unless something between Du has happened.’
Wilson knows them too well, and Cuddy gets a bit nervous. ‘Oh come on Wilson, Greg and I are just workmates, friends...’
‘Since when he is Greg instead of House for you?’
Cuddy remains thinking for some Sekunden and looks at House. ‘Okay, Wilson you’ve caught us...’
‘Oh, really?? You... are Du dating?? Hohoho I knew it! It has taken Du a long time, uh?’
‘Wilson, shut up! With all time you've tried to match us... here we are... as Du wanted.’
House looks at her with his mouth open while she talks to Wilson.
‘As I wanted?? If Du didn’t want to have something Du wouldn't have started to date.’
‘Ha-ha good point Wilson... Hey James, we don't have Mehr coins, we’ll call Du later. Have nice dreams.’ They hang up the phone and she looks at House.
‘Good speech Lisa. Where is your evil skill to lie?? He caught us inmediately!!’
‘Sorry you're the expert... Well, now he knows it...’

To be continued...

Irene3691 ~ SandraCH91 ~ diego27rg
posted by cudambercam13
All these years Chase had been with Cameron. But she left him. He could surtainly understand why. But House didn't understand why Cameron left him. Sure House had the hots for Cuddy, but Cameron would have been different than Cuddy. Chase was now comparing House and Cuddys relationship. House had always sagte he had hots for Cuddy, but Cuddy never sagte anything about House, at least not to Chases knowledge. Maybe House wasnt right for Cuddy. Maybe Cameron wasnt right for Chase. Chase had thought about shacking up with Thirteen on multiple occasions. Maybe thats what he was supposed to do. But...
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posted by ToriH389
Lollipop Isues 4

Cuddy's house
Cuddy-so....why are Du really here...
House-because...I wanted to see if those two would hit it off... And if I went Home than I could find them having sex.....
Cuddy-is that all....
House-no.....can I ask Du something without Du lying to me...
Cuddy-of course....
House-do Du like me.....like Mehr than a friend oder employee...
Cuddy-we both know our relationship is going somewhere ..... And yes....I have liked Du ever since that one Tag at college...
House-I thought Du forgot about that....
Cuddy-nope.....I remember every...
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posted by Irene3691
House and Cuddy go to their room to rest a bit before going to buy the tickets. She’s lying on the bett and House looks at her from the balcony, then he stands up, takes his shoes off, and lies Weiter to her. Cuddy feels him on her side and put her hand over his. House jokes. ‘I told you. Du won’t get sex from me...’
‘Any physical contact with Du means that I want sex?’
‘If Du were a different person no, but if we bär in mind that this person is you... YES!!’
‘Am I only sex for you?’
That Fragen really shocks Greg, and he remain in silence. Cuddy looks at him waiting for...
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posted by Irene3691
House turns to her with his eyes wide open. ‘Like... me?’ He’s shocked and it took him a few Sekunden come back to himself. ‘Perhaps I should tell that guy to do something like...’
‘Like...?’ Cuddy stares at him and smiles. ‘Say something to that stupid guy!!’
He chuckles. ‘Aren't Du gonna KISS her, Du stupid flack of bumfluf??’ He approaches to Lisa a little.
‘Yeah, twenty years of waiting... that guy is very slow...’
‘Well... a bit...’ House approaches Mehr and he is almost touching her lips with his.
‘Oh God Greg! Come on!’ Cuddy puts her arms around his neck...
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Im a 15 Jahr old theater girl. My life coulnt possibly CONTAIN Mehr drama. I used to come here to escape it. not anymore.

When i first joined fanpop, i had no idea about the "community" of people on here. I had never been part of an internet community in my life, and i was absolutley blown away Von the generosity, helpfulness, acceptance, kindness and good humor the all users seemed to eminate. I LOVED coming on because if i ever had a question, comment, Forum topic, article, pick oder anything, i knew it would be viewed with an open mind. No fights, only intelligent discussions about what really...
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posted by HugeEgoSorry
Foreman was standing beside the whiteboard in House’s office that same morning. Taub and Thirteen are both throwing possible diagnosis to him but not even one fits the patient’s condition. Chase came in with an LP result which came back negative.
Foreman: It’s not meningitis…
Chase: Obviously since LP was negative…
Foreman: Taub and Remy, get back to his apartment. Take anything if Du think that would explain his symptoms. This could be Legionellosis.
Chase: Du think this guy has the same condition Du had four years ago?
Foreman: Damn it! Just do it!
The three of them had their eyes...
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posted by huddy_aimee
It was a common occourence for legendary Gregory House to annoy her at work and at her Home in the middle of the night but what he was doing now was her last straw.
She had been sitting in her car patiently for the last 5 Minuten waiting for House to stop blocking her depature, from the hospital, Von riding his motorbike backwards and forwards behind her car. Her temper flared and she begain revving her car in rage.
People outside the hospital watched, some in shock at the Dean's way of dealing with this incident and others in amusement at the way her head of diagnostics managed to piss her...
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This fic is AU, but I'm still trying to keep within the parameters of the House universe.

Cuddy was in her office, thinking about the almost teilt, split personality of Dr. Gregory House when she heard the horrific scream. The scream was followed Von a loud commotion in the clinic. As Cuddy stood up from her schreibtisch slowly, she had learned that it was better to go slow than to pass out, she saw a blur run past her office. It had looked like some kind of feral man.

Cuddy walked out to the doors and opened them, seeing a small trail of blood leading out of the clinic. Just as she started out the doors, a...
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The surgery went off without a hitch and they both recovered wonderfully. One Tag after the surgery Wilson went in to visit Cuddy and she asked him if he would wheel her down the hall to see House, he was out of the clean room, his immune system no longer needed to be suppressed. It wasn’t attacking the liver, he took her down the hall and left her there with House alone.

“Hey stranger” she sagte as she wheeled up to his bed

“Hey you”

They were about to start talking about “it” when Chase walked in “Hey what are Du doing in here?”

“Just visiting a friend,...
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posted by Evrythingmaters
This is to my beloved House md fans:
I just want to say a massive HAPPY Weihnachten to all Du guys. I hope Du have a wonderful time whatever your situation, and I wish Du the happiest and warmest feelings inside!
For us Hamerons this Jahr has been extra hard for us in terms of the journey of the show, and I know everone has their our own problems to deal with. But that is why I Liebe this spot so much, everyone is so nice, intelligent, supportive and I am so happy to be included in our awesome community. I know there have been fights but we have managed to recover from them and that shows how...
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Ok my adorable hameron friends!This is your present!Just a page full of hameron dedicated to you!
So here it goes:
Rose and Evrythingmaters are the biggest: Hameron,Hameron,Hameron,Hameron,Hameron,
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posted by HuddyCrazy1331
Chapter 3- Administrative Questions
(Cuddy’s POV)
Disclaimer: Sorry for not mentioning before but I don’t own House M.D oder any of its characters… sadly

Everything was surprisingly quiet today. House hadn’t come in to drop by, which made me feel somewhat empty… what the hell am I saying?! Why would I want this Tag to be ruined Von his constant bickering?! ‘Because the day’s never ruined when House is around’ sagte a voice inside my head. I tried to ignore it and got back to working when I heard the door open. ‘House?’ I happily thought as much as I wanted to deny it, only to be...
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posted by ToriH389
Lollipop Isues 12

•sorry I haven't wrote in a while but here's the Weiter chapter•

( the Weiter Tag )
* Cuddy is 3 months pregnant and is really hoping nothing will go wrong *

Cuddy-House wake up
Cuddy-I think something's wrong...
House-Lise...of corse your fat..your pregnant...
Cuddy-what kind of dream were Du having....
House-I don't dream...I sleep..
Cuddy-but Du just....never mind...
House-okay...I'm going back to sleep...
Cuddy-Greg I think something is wrong with the baby...

*House jumps out of bett and goes to Wilson's room*

House-Wilson....get up...
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posted by ToriH389
Lollipop Isues 10

( House finally got the courage to go to Cuddys room )
Cuddy-so how did it go with Liz.
House-I'm not here to talk about that...
Cuddy-so it went bad.
House-no..it was ocward....she made me relize some things...
Cuddy-and what might that be...
House-I....love you...
( Cuddy just stares at him in amazment... )
Cuddy-did Du drink to much.....
House-I'm serious...I really Liebe you...
Cuddy-Greg....don't do this.
House-Lise....I have to....
Cuddy-no Du don't.
House-yes....if I don't tell Du I Liebe Du then......I could never tell Du when the baby...
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posted by Irene3691
It's Weihnachten Eve and yet they have to work some hours in the hospital.     When they get Home after a hard Tag of work, they make their Weihnachten abendessen together and sit at the table. Some time later they finish eating. ‘Wow I'm full...’ Lisa says.
‘Yeah... Du look like a turkey in Thanks Giving...’
‘Your compliments are getting worse with time...’
‘I mean... like the most beautiful turkey in a farm...’
She chuckles. ‘That doesn't make me feel better...’
‘Fuck... well... I tried...’
‘You wanna eat something else?’
‘Nope... don't wanna know how...
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posted by Irene3691
House and Cuddy get to Michigan in the afternoon, and after leaving their suitcases at home, they go to buy some food. They have abendessen and sit together on the couch, where they talk and laugh until bett time.
‘Well... I think we should go to sleep... I mean... each of us to our respective rooms...’
She smiles. ‘Yes, it’s late.’ They go to their dorm’s doors. ‘Tomorrow I’m leaving early, so I won’t see until Sunday night...’
He nods. ‘Have fun with your family then.’
‘Thanks.’ She smiles and goes to her dorm to sleep.

In the morning Lisa gets up early and takes a shower....
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