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House Season 1 Episode 19: Kids

Full Recap

At a swim meet, a 12-year old diver, Mary, goes onto the board and makes her dive, but when she comes up one of the bystanders has collapsed. At Cameron's apartment, House pays a visit to ask her back but she refuses. Before they can get into it further, House is paged – there's an outbreak at the clinic. He returns to find the place crowded with patients and doctors – Cuddy suspect meningitis at the pool center and dragoons him into service. Mary has a rash and a sore neck, and her parents are out of town. House suspects something and brings Foreman...
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House Season 1 Episode 13: Cursed

Full Recap

In a dusty attic, a young boy, Gabriel trips as he gets together with some other boys for a club. They start playing with an Ouija board and when asked who will die in a year, it "spells" out Gabe's name. A week oder so later, Gabe comes down with a fever then collapses. He's taken to the clinic where House suspects pneumonia, particularly since Gabe's parents are major donors to the clinic. Signs of a rash suggest something else and they suspect ticks oder any sexual activity. It soon becomes clear that the father is a bit of a control freak and the parents...
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At first I have to say that these are just my thoughts on what might happen to Thirteen in season 5. Most of these thoughts came to me at 4 o clock in the morning, so don´t expect something brilliant oder world-shaking. I don´t know how the brains of David ufer and the screenwriters are working and to be honest, I have no idea what is going to happen in autumn, but I Liebe making speculations and looking at different possibilities and thought it might be interesting for one oder two to read.


So, let´s start.
It´s easy to recognize that there are two possibilities.
1)Thirteen won´t get...
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