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posted by Irene3691
They go to the hospital with David. House fills some papers for the doctors and they come to his room to examine him and ask him questions. Greg and Lisa wait in silence until the other doctors get out of the room. ‘David, I think we should go and let Du rest, we can come to visit Du other day’
‘Yes, okay. I hope Du have better luck while you’re in London.’
‘Thanks.’ She approaches to House. ‘See Du David.’

They leave the hospital and go back to the hotel Von bus in silence. He sits on a chair in their room and turns on the TV. Lisa sits on the edge of the bed. ‘Has David ruined our vacation?’
‘Hmmm... I guess he hasn't...’
‘Okay... it would be a bit sad that our vacation and our “...” had been ruined in just one day.’
‘Don't worry. He doesn't have such a big power... HE CAN'T STOP OUR LOVE!!!’
She laughs but doesn’t expect him saying that. ‘You Liebe me, House?’
‘Oh, of course, I can't even think how I have lived without Du all these years!!’
‘Idiot.’ She chuckles and they smile at each other. He turns off the TV.
‘Well, Du wanna go for a walk?? Rent a DVD?? Eat something??’
‘We can go for a walk, rent a DVD, come here and eat something while we watch a movie.’
‘Good mixture.’

They get to the video club and start looking for a movie. House is staring at some DVDs. ‘What kind of movie do Du wanna see??’
‘Hmm a romantic one? That's not your type, right? We can see Moulin Rouge, Mr and Mrs Smith, Stuart Little...’
‘I'm willing to suffer for you. So, choose anyone Du like. oder choose two... we have enough time.’
‘Oh how nice...’ She smiles. ‘I feel like watching Moulin Rouge and... Du can choose the other one, I'm willing to suffer for Du too.’
‘Rambo!! No, I'm kidding... Hmm... well, let's choose Mr and Mrs Smith.’
‘It will be fun to see other people different from us fighting.’
‘Yeah, sure.’

When they pay, go back to the hotel. They bring some Essen and popcorns and eat while they watch the movie. When they finish eating, they put away the Essen trays and Cuddy lies on his shoulder with the popcorn bucket on her legs.
‘Is it a musical? Do Du like musicals?’
Cuddy looks at him. ‘Yes, Du don't? Du like music, Du like Filme but Du don't like musicals??’
‘It depends on the plot of the movie too. Let's try to watch it and see if it's worth seeing.’
‘It really is. It’s one of my favourite movies.’ Some time goes Von and the movie goes on. ‘Ohhh I Liebe this song... sniff sniff.’
‘Oh, my God, I think I'm gonna cry my eyes out!!’
‘Oh come on! She is dieing! How can't Du feel sad?? Insensitive man! Du never cry??’
‘Actually I make onions cry...' She stares at him. 'But if Du died my eyes would become dry... a bit... a little... slightly... barely... almost nothing...!!’
‘Oh thank you, it’s good to know that... You're so nice when Du want.’
‘Shut up before I regret of this!!’ The movie goes on and Greg hugs her until the it ends. ‘Hmm that was sad... Do we put the other movie?’
‘Yes, Brad Pitt is so hot!’ They put on the DVD and watch it.
‘Oh, God yes... Look at his biceps, look those sweet eyes....’ jokes House.
‘Yes... I think I'm fool because I prefer Du than Brad. Du also have... good biceps and sweetest eyes...’
‘Oh, that's so, so... nice of you.’
‘I'm nice, Du doubt it?’
‘Of course not!!!! You're the nicest person of... this room.’
‘Ha-ha. Nice...’
When some time goes Von and the movie ends, they get into bed. ‘Are Du tired?’
‘Actually no, I’m fine, and you?’ Cuddy asks back.
‘No, I’m fine too... There’s nothing to do, so... I guess we should go to sleep.’
‘Yes, it will be the best, because I have a headache...’ She looks at the ceiling and whistle.
They lie down. ‘Goodnight Greg.’
House kisses her cheek. ‘Goodnight.’

Weiter morning they wake up. It’s a bit early in London, but House decides to call Wilson Von phone, despite the fact that in New Jersey it’s 3 a.m and Cuddy insists he will be sleeping. When they get dressed, go to out of the hotel, to a phone box.
‘Hi there Jimmy!! How’s my favourite oncologist??’
Wilson Antwort the phone sleepy and a bit angry. ‘What time is this to call me...? House, Du knew I’d be sleeping...’
‘Yes, that was the funny thing...’
‘You always so nice... Well tell me about Du both, where are you??’
Cuddy takes the phone. ‘We’re good. We were in Rome some days but now we’re in London... having fun.’
House shouts so Wilson can hear him. ‘But don’t worry, we’ll be back soon!!’
‘London?? Having fun??’
‘Yes, we’re really good. We haven’t killed each other yet. We are... fine.’
‘That’s good, I guess... And, when are Du coming back? It’s just to know if I can keep Cuddy’s office...’
House approaches a bit Mehr to the phone. ‘I can hold her here a bit longer if Du need her office, Jimmy!’
‘Hey, my office is mine! And I don’t know, we’ll be back in... some days.’
Wilson remains thinking. ‘Fine... okay, now tell me what’s really happening.’
House looks at her and answer. ‘Happening?? Hmmm nothing extraordinary really... well, it’s not raining if Du mean that.’
‘What do Du mean, Wilson? Can’t we go on vacation without arguing?’
‘Hmmm, it’s not that, but... Rome, London... maybe Paris next?’
House takes the phone. ‘Yeah, Paris... babies’ country! Have Du gone mad, Wilson?’
‘It’s not so strange, we all know your special relationship...!
‘Our special relationship??’
Now it’s Cuddy who answers. ‘Oh yes, Du mean when he comes to my office, we fight while he looks at my arsch and criticizes my clothes and then I win?’
‘No exactly... Du know... Du have been a lot of days on holidays ALONE and I really don't think that anything has happened until now... Moreover after Rome the most logical thing would have been going back to New Jersey, not going to London... unless something between Du has happened.’
Wilson knows them too well, and Cuddy gets a bit nervous. ‘Oh come on Wilson, Greg and I are just workmates, friends...’
‘Since when he is Greg instead of House for you?’
Cuddy remains thinking for some Sekunden and looks at House. ‘Okay, Wilson you’ve caught us...’
‘Oh, really?? You... are Du dating?? Hohoho I knew it! It has taken Du a long time, uh?’
‘Wilson, shut up! With all time you've tried to match us... here we are... as Du wanted.’
House looks at her with his mouth open while she talks to Wilson.
‘As I wanted?? If Du didn’t want to have something Du wouldn't have started to date.’
‘Ha-ha good point Wilson... Hey James, we don't have Mehr coins, we’ll call Du later. Have nice dreams.’ They hang up the phone and she looks at House.
‘Good speech Lisa. Where is your evil skill to lie?? He caught us inmediately!!’
‘Sorry you're the expert... Well, now he knows it...’

To be continued...

Irene3691 ~ SandraCH91 ~ diego27rg
posted by Irene3691
The Weiter morning when Lisa gets out of her dorm to have a shower, she stumbles upon him and falls to the floor. ‘What the hell...’ She looks at him angrily. ‘What are Du doing sleeping here?’
‘Ssssh, shhhhh, ssshhhhhhhhh!!’ Whispers Greg because of the hangover. ‘Why do Du need to make so much noise?’
‘When I told Du to go to sleep, I meant to your dorm, not here.’
‘This was closer...’ He tries to stand up and Lisa helps him.
‘Oh... Du look horrible...’
‘Oh no... I can't go to class with this look!!’ He bites his fist mocking at her. ‘I'd better take a shower!’...
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posted by cudambercam13
"I'll have the meaty marinara pasta, nudeln and a diet pepsi." Cameron was at a pizza Hut A few Minuten away from the hospital. She missed the hospital and sometimes she even regretted going back to Chicago. But nothing was keeping her here now.
Cameron was so cought up in her thoughts that she was oblivious of the people around her. "Cameron?" She looked up and saw Thirteen hovering Von her table. "What are Du doing here? I heard Du were in Chicago." "I was. I guess I just missed it here. Come on; sit down."
Thirteen was a little shocked Von the invitation but she accepted. They sat and talked for...
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posted by HugeEgoSorry
House was seated at the end of his conference tabelle in the DDX room. Taub, Foreman and Thirteen were narrating all the conditions of their patient. He had his eyes closed with fingers on his forehead and his phone was on the tabelle in front of him.
House: Thirteen <the team stopped and looked at him> did anyone called up when I went down?
Thirteen: No
House opened his eyes, sighed and looked at his watch.
House: Taub…
Taub: I didn’t saw Cuddy in her office when I checked five Minuten ago.
House: She wasn’t still there? I went down myself but she also wasn’t there. Where the hell is she?...
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posted by peoplesuck
I know it's long for a prologue but it should not be over fifty pages. Then it gets even grittier. As always please read and review. =)

“And he should’ve been able to keep it in his pants. The most stoic people in the world can not conceal their panic after they have been traumatized. Blame the autonomic nervous system. Besides, Du never would have been able to hide it from me oder House. I am a psychiatrist and House pays way to much attention to you, notices every subtle nuance, every nervous twitch, every compulsion.”
“I always found that a bit…”
“I was going to say...
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posted by peoplesuck
Okay, hi, my name is obviously Lena. I have been writting a fanfic for two years now. It is a House fanfic, but it is very depressing and people die. Lot's of people. Also since we don't have lot of background stories on some of the characters I made some up that are probably really far off, but interesting and they serve to make a point. In the beginning the characters are a lot younger. Cuddy is 18. I know, no one could ever be a dean at 18, but the story covers a span of 33 years so I had to make them young. If Du would like me to Veröffentlichen it please comment. Thank you. =)
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posted by ToriH389
Lollipop Isues 11 

( Cuddy has been discharged and is back to her normal life....except for she is still pregnant.. One calm morning Cuddy was at her schreibtisch signing some papers when House barged in.... )
Cuddy-what do Du want now..
House-nothing...I just came in here to see my Favorit boss..
Cuddy-go do some kind of work House....
House-I was wondering if we should Bewegen in together......
House-and I'm being serious.....
Cuddy-sure....I would Liebe to...but doesn't Wilson live there too.
House-ya..but him and Liz are at the other end of the apartment....
Cuddy-okay...when will we...
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posted by Irene3691
In the morning, Lisa wakes up early and goes to the room where Greg is sleeping, he opens his eyes slowly and sees her. Cuddy lies on bett Weiter to him. ‘How do Du feel?’
‘Better. I haven't slept very well, though...’
‘Does your leg hurt less?’
‘It hurts the same... but my body's starting to feel better...’
She nods. ‘That’s good. I’m so proud of you.’
‘I haven't done anything yet... this is just the beginning... I could disappoint Du tomorrow... I'm not as strong as Du may think.’
‘I know how Du are, I know that Du can do this, and I know why you’re doing this.’...
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posted by Irene3691
Some days pass Von and they have Endocrinology class, as usually, Greg is late.
‘Where have Du been?’
‘Fell asleep.’
‘Hugged to my panties? oder Du went to bett late thinking an evil plan to screw with me?
‘Both of them!!!’ He sticks his tongue out at her and the teacher warns them.
‘…and Mr House and Miss Cuddy will do the assignment together. As Du like so much chattering ...’ He smiles. ‘Every couple must hand in this assignment before the end of the week.’
‘Oh, God... why have Du forsaken me?’ Says House.
‘This is not fun for me either...’
‘How can't this be fun,...
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posted by Irene3691
Weiter morning Lisa gets up at lunch time and goes straight to have a shower, she doesn’t even know if he has come back yet and she doesn’t want to go to his room just in case they ended up at his bed. When she goes out of the bathroom, she bumps into him who is waiting near the door to have his shower.
‘Morning... well, afternoon.’
She doesn’t know what to say.
‘Hey... Du can have your shower, I’ve finished. Nice party Von the way.’
‘Yeah, it was nice.’
Lisa doesn’t look at him and goes to her dorm to read a book. He doesn’t know what she did last night, he was... a little...
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Okay this is my Sekunde chapter to the Our Lives story and it is very explicit and may not be worth viewing to some people but there has to be a little bad before I get to the good trust me it will have a happy ending. Please read and let me know what Du think. Thanks

Chapter 2: Searching

    Mac had the full police department in Princeton out searching everywhere for Stella and Lisa. Many people who were at the hotel where they had been attacked at were questioned but no one had any information that would help in the search. Mac was starting to get very frustrated and worried....
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posted by zubeerfaan
a/n sorry for my spelling i an from iceland soo..

Cuddy and wilson were still halfasleep . as the
were walking people kept looking at
them and giving them funny looks .

House kept giggling and cuddy and Wilson were
getting innoyed

“WHAT!!?? “ cuddy finally snapped

“umm Cuddles Du have a little something there”
house sagte as she pointed on cuddies face

“HOUSE what did Du do” Wilson sagte as he started
to wake up and saw the moustache on cuddies face

Cuddy walked as quickly as she could to the

nearest bathroom and started rubbing it off.

House and Wilson went to the bathroom to and
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posted by iluvhousemd
A poem I wrote while I was bored. It's about House and his pain. How his pain keeps him from dealing with his problems.

Pain: A House poem.

Pain, It distracts me,
It keeps me from being angry,
It blocks out problems I don’t want to face
Scars vanish without a trace

Pain, It makes me forget
All of my regrets
About those I pushed away
When I really wanted them to stay

Pain, It takes away my fears
Like, if I will be alone the rest of my years
Left here to drown
In all of my secret tears

On pain I am now dependant,
Though it is my assailant
I am as addicted to the pain
As I am to drugs I use to make it no longer remain

Thanks for reading!!! Plz comment!!!
posted by Chandlerfan
Here's chapter 1 of my first Wilteen fanfic! Obviously, they haven't had a lot of scenes together yet so I couldn't play on their reactions to each other like in Huddy fanfics etc but I gave it a shot! Enjoy! =D

The days went Von slowly and painfully for a certain Dr James Wilson since the passing of his girlfriend, Dr Amber Volakis, dubbed CTB Von House. He loved her so much and couldn’t find it in his herz to let the memory go. She broke his pattern. She was the first person he loved because of who she was, well, she certainly wasn’t needy. She didn’t need someone Von her side, but she...
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