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Elena lay in her bed, but it had taken Stefan two hours to reassure her Damon was alright.
“I brought him to Ric’s loft” he had said. “If I would’ve brought him here Bonnie would’ve found him in no time. Du can go see him tomorrow. I promise”
“Where’s my phone?” she asked shaking. “I want to call him. I want to hear him say he’s okay"
Stefan gave Elena’s phone and she dialed Damon’s number. It went straight to voicemail. “He’s not picking up” Elena sagte scared. “Something happened”
Stefan took her Von her shoulders. “Elena, his phone is probably dead and...
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things we Lost in the feuer
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zonde vd zendtijd
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Poor poor Cas, stuck in a house of lunatics
One will make Du cry and one will cut your herz out for kicks
Better make it for a run and better make it quick
Or you’ll be stuck forever in this house of lunatics

No, I can’t be your savior
And I won’t be your slave
I’m not reaching my hand out
You’re not mine to save
You’re gonna want to go back to the water
You’re gonna wish Du would’ve drowned
‘Cause you’ll be breathing still
When they’ve buried Du in the ground

Poor poor Cas, stuck in a house of lunatics
One will make Du cry and one will cut your herz out for kicks
Better make...
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Elena was lying on the bett her eyes wide open. Alaric had called her to get up, but she wanted to stay in bed. All day. Maybe listen to some sad songs.
“Elena, get your arsch out of bed, you’ve got mail” Alaric shouted outside her room.
“It’s Sunday, I deserve one Tag of feeling miserable” Elena muttered. The latch went down and Alaric entered the room. He walked to the bett and sank down.
“I know you’re hurt” he started. “But Du can’t let him have this kind of power over you. Du can’t stop living, because he’s a jerk”
Elena wiped her eyes and sobbed. “You’re...
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Police cars were parked in front of the hospital in such way they wouldn’t block the ambulances driving in.
“I’m going in” sheriff Forbes said. She had been informed about who the target was and knowing Damon’s a vampire she decided it best to have a chat with him herself.
“What the hell?” Elena sagte from inside the car. “What are all these people doing here?”
“They don’t know about Damon” Stefan said. “They must think he’s just some lunatic who’s Lost it”
Elena saw how Liz put something in her inside pocket. “She has a stake” she sagte scared. “She’ll try...
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