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This HaleyDewit foto might contain attraktivität, berufung, hotness, anziehungskraft, schärfe, attraktivität und anziehungskraft, bustier, strumpfhosen, leotards, and trikots.

Cas rubbed his eyes and looked at his friends. “I understand you’re a little overwhelmed” he started. “But I would really like to sleep now”
“Yeah, okay, we can talk tomorrow” Meg sagte with a warning look at Dean.
Cas walked to the single bett and started to undress. Then he realized the amount of eyes staring at him. “Are Du all going to watch me sleep?”
“No, of course not” Sam sagte quickly. He put a hand on Claire’s shoulder. “We’ll take this young lady back home. Come on” he sagte Claire, but Claire pushed his hand away. She walked towards Cas.
“You killed my...
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Overal ter wereld sterven mensen aan Death Von Boredom.
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Charmed – Zauberhafte Hexen
hot 'n' cold
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I’m trying so hard to get through to you
I want to scream out, but it seems to be no use
I want Du to see the tears in which I’m drowning now
But all I can Zeigen Du is the desert of my lonely heart

You can say Du see me
You can say Du get me
But Du can’t really feel me

I am lost
Trying to find my way back to sanity
I am numb
My herz is breaking and yet I can’t feel anything
I am holding
Onto hope that someday I will be found
Can Du see me now?

You say Du understand, but I haven’t quite seen it yet
You say that things will change, but I am done holding my breath
I know I’ll always be your...
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Jeremy and Jenna were standing in Bonnies living room and Jeremy remembered the scene. “Bonnie, you’re freezing. What’s going on?” he asked deeply concerned. Bonnie looked him in the eyes and hers looked as cold as her body felt. “Look, Jeremy, the light’s off because it’s hurting my eyes, I’m wearing so many clothes because I’m freezing. And I’m covering my ears because I’m having a terrible headache and I just can’t take your lousy crap right now. So, I repeat, can Du get lost?” “Let me help you” Jeremy begged. “You can’t help me. I can only help myself”...
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