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rachel713 sagte …
right?? we compared the price of flying to glasgow vs taking the train, and the train was only like 10 pounds cheaper, and took like 5 times as long?? so weird.
aww that's fun! :D i did shakespeare too! what are your Favorit shakespeare works?? those courses sound great honestly, especially the ones about feminism and all. gepostet vor 2 Tagen
rachel713 sagte …
lmao duh, cardiff, i'm a dumbass :P i will have to see if there's anything interesting happening nearby, i'll let Du know ;) <3
hmm yeah, it's true that traveling can be expensive. especially trains seem to be super expensive here, which is surprising to me for some reason.
true. i don't always do my homework if i'm being honest but i do fine in my courses :P got any Favorit ones so far?? gepostet vor 3 Tagen
rachel713 sagte …
i have?? yikes!! well, it's been fun :) i might travel around a bit Mehr if i find good cons to go to! are Du near any big cities besides birmingham (as i might want to go to some cons in places like liverpool oder manchester etc)?
aww realy? edinburgh was wonderful!! and no, we went to bath in the summer, sadly :( it was nice tho!
that's great! ahh, cornwall, i'm so hyped! i wanna see king arthur's schloss (tintagel oder whatever it's called)
i'm studying english lit too!! that's so cool! gepostet vor 4 Tagen