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Irenenew sagte …
Keegan Allen: “Everyone will freak out because it’s so clearly in every episode,” he adds, laughing. “When it’s finally revealed, Du could literally go back to season 1 and knowing who it is, Du can be like, ‘Oh, wow. Whoa. This has been here all along, and I never noticed it,’ which is, I think, brilliant.” gepostet vor 2 Monaten
Irenenew Kommentiert…
What he sagte is driving me CRAZY!! This means uber-A is someone we know all along from season 1 right? Not a new person like CeCe was. vor 2 Monaten
big smile
drewjoana sagte …
Nia Peeples Spot:

link gepostet vor 7 Monaten
MultifandomLuvr sagte …
If anyone is enjoying "Dead of Summer" please Mitmachen the spot I made. I know it's not related to the Zeigen just the channel. Thank Du :) link gepostet vor 11 Monaten